The more hypocritical a person is, the more he likes to talk about three sentences and never make a deep acquaintance.
The more hypocritical a person is, the more he likes to talk about three sentences and never make a deep acquaintance.
Communicate with sincere people, the sun will become warmer.


there are always some hypocritical people around us in our life, they are always inconsistent with each other and behind our backs.

Tagore once said, "A hypocritical man is worse than the devil."

the more hypocritical a person is, the more he likes to say such things.

say flattery

see someone say this about hypocritical people on the Internet:

when you stand in the sun, hypocritical people curry favor with you; when you are shrouded in shadows, hypocritical people stay away from you.

hypocritical people often end up without a bosom friend.

once, my colleague Ah Qiang told me about his last job: Ah Qiang has a colleague, Ah Yong, who is not only a colleague but also a friend.

in the eyes of outsiders, their relationship is very good, and so does Ah Qiang.

A Qiang worked on a project with Ah Yong at that time, and A Qiang disagreed with his boss on a decision.

A Qiang is more experienced than his boss, always adheres to his own opinions and refuses to take a step backwards.

A Yong nodded beside him and echoed no matter what his boss said. Even said: "I also think so, so that we can achieve the desired effect."

seeing that his opinion was not taken, Ah Qiang finally gave up working on the project.

the boss immediately decided to hand it over to Ah Yong, who gladly accepted it when he saw that his goal had been achieved.

A Qiang saw through Ah Yong's face, began to stay away from Ah Yong, and was no longer willing to associate with him.

I couldn't stand such colleagues and superiors, so finally A Qiang quit his job and found his present job.

when I heard that other people knew about it, they were no longer happy to get along with Ah Yong.

I have to say that hypocritical people tend to curry favor with and flatter their superiors.

such people only care about their own interests and are often very selfish.

their flattering attitude will eventually lose both their jobs and their friends.

hypocritical people often suffer the consequences, and it is not worth us to associate with such people, nor is it worth our deep acquaintance.

We should make friends who are sincere and upright.

say things beyond your ability

there are always some people who like to talk big around us, enjoying our envy and admiration to satisfy their vanity.

such people are very hypocritical, try to be strong in front of others, and try to please everyone.

they often like to say things that are beyond their ability, even if they cannot do so.

my friend Xiao Fei talked about her previous experience: Xiao Fei's boyfriend Ajie always talks big when he is in love with Xiao Fei.

"it's so easy, it's all right with me."

"Don't worry about the little things. I'll take care of it for you in a minute."

at this time, Xiao Fei thought Ah Jie was very good.

when Xiao Fei looked at Ajie with admiration and admiration, he felt that his heart was filled with a sense of achievement and his vanity was satisfied.

once, the light bulb of Xiao Fei's house was broken. Xiao Fei asked Ah Jie to go to her house to fix it. Ah Jie promised to talk about minor problems and go as soon as he was done.

as a result, several days passed, and Ajie didn't go to her house to change the light bulb.

Xiao Fei urged Ajie many times, but Ajie always changed the subject.

finally, Xiao Fei helplessly invited the master to change the light bulb.

A Jie has said such big words many times.

when Xiao Fei asks him for help, Ajie always finds an excuse to prevaricate, always bringing disappointment to Xiao Fei.

after enough disappointment, it's time to leave.

as expected, Xiao Fei finally broke up with Ajie.

there are always some people in life who like to say things beyond their abilities and use lies to get close to others.

but lies will always be exposed one day, and when that day comes, people around them will see their true abilities and stay away from such people.

in life, when we interact with others, when we meet people who often brag but don't do practical things, we don't have to have in-depth contacts.

those who do not say much and are unknown to help us are more worthy of our deep acquaintance.

talk about shirking responsibility

when adults talk and do things, they need to bear the corresponding responsibility.

but hypocritical people often like to pass the buck to others and build a perfect image for themselves.

Ru Li, a partner and college classmate of mine, and I worked with the task given to us by the counselor: to write a planning plan for the activity organization.

on the day the project was handed in, I had something else to rush over, so I asked Ruli to give it to the counselor herself.

later, the counselor talked to us and said that because we did not submit the plan in time, our activities were cancelled and everyone's efforts were in vain.

hearing that the situation was so serious, Ruli said hurriedly, "teacher, I had something to go that day. I told her to hand it over to you on time." I don't know why, but she didn't hand it in in the end. "

hearing her say this, I looked at her in surprise: "how can you say that?" It was me that day. "

before I finished, Ruli hurriedly put in a gag.

she tried her best to pass the buck and put all the blame on myself. Although the counselor did not believe it, she no longer blamed her.

after leaving from the counselor, I asked Ruli how she could do this.

Ruli said apologetically and said proudly:

"Sorry, I don't want to be scolded by the counselor, and I don't want to make a bad impression on the counselor. I also want to compete for the position of counselor assistant."

I chuckled and walked away.

I know that it is impossible to associate with such a hypocritical and vain person.

instead of arguing with hypocritical people, it is better to stay away from such hypocritical faces.

because hypocritical people often like to pass the buck, take it for granted, and have no guilt.

Lu Xun said:

"A sincere, enthusiastic person who fights for the light cannot be held responsible without hard work."

I would also like to say that a person who pretends to be hypocritical and fights for his interests cannot shirk his responsibility without being lazy.

in the big circle of communication, hypocritical people are very common.

communicate with sincere people, the sun will become warmer.

and communicate with hypocritical people, life will become complicated.

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in life, the more hypocritical people are, the more they like to say these words.

I hope none of your friends are hypocritical.

when you meet a hypocritical person, never make a deep acquaintance.