The man who loves you to the bone will not always say I love you, but these three words
The man who loves you to the bone will not always say I love you, but these three words
Life is short, true love is rare, cherish the person who loves you to the bone.


"if you love someone, you will never change." The sight of my heart has long been attracted by the beauty of your personality; the soul I inspired has long sought sustenance for the beauty of your spirit; from admiration to admiration, from admiration to love, and from love to love, I propose from love to love, but it is full of sincerity. "

this is a marriage proposal letter written by talented scholar Wu Wenzao to Bing Xin. The true feelings between the lines are all moving.

in this life, how lucky it is to meet such a man who misses you deeply and loves you to the bone.

he may not always say I love you, but he will put you well, take good care of you, and often say these three words to you.

"Don't worry, I'm here"

psychologist John Gottman once said:

"the key to the success of a relationship is not in a candlelight dinner or on a romantic beach, but in caring about each other and caring for the small moments of life."


No matter how excited your heart is when you are young, it is not worth the warm care of years. The best feeling is that he is always there when you need it.

also like this sentence: "Don't worry, I'm here."

A man who loves you to the bone will often say this to you, simple but reliable, sincere and honest.

when you are tired and tired, he gives you a shoulder to lean on; when you wake up in a dream, he holds you in his arms; when you are in a panic, he takes care of your aftermath.

he won't always make romantic confessions to you, saying "I love you", but he patted you on the back and said, "I'm here", which makes you feel more at ease.

he lets you know that there is no need to be strong in life when it is difficult, and there is no need to endure grievances. He will always be by your side, help you shelter from the wind and rain, dispel the haze, fully support you with action, and be your strong backing.

the rest of your life is long. May you have the privilege of meeting such a responsible, sense of security-worthy man who is worth trusting for the rest of your life.

"nothing, I'll wait for you"

some people say that wait is the greatest word in the world. It costs time and does not have any progress bar.

Yes, those who are willing to wait for you will love you so much that they will be ready to spend their whole life for you.

my friend Sookie told me that her husband never complained that he often had to travel and work overtime. No matter how far he went or how late he came home, he always gently said on the phone, "it's all right. I'll wait for you."

her happiest moment is when she comes home from work and opens the door. There is a bright light reserved for her, a steaming meal waiting for her to eat, and a man who loves her very much, waiting for her to come back.

between lovers, it is easy to say "I love you", but it takes more courage to say "I wait for you".

he uses his waiting to send you an expectation, so that you are not afraid of the road ahead, not afraid of the future, and when you are tired of walking and the wind and rain outside, he is still a warm harbor for you to land for the rest of your life.

"nothing, I'll wait for you" is a love that sticks to it wholeheartedly, a stability that the dust settles down, and a belief that never leaves or gives up.

believe you, love you, so wait for you.

if there is such a person around you who has been waiting for you, remember to go home early and don't keep him waiting too long.

"you take a break, I will do it"

there is a saying in the Art of Love:

Majestic and colorful, purple dresses for girls are absolutely indispensable. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

"if a lady tells us that she loves flowers, but we find that she always forgets to water them, we won't believe what she says."

as you get older, the expectation of love becomes simpler and simpler: it is enough for someone to be distressed.

when he is on the road, he sympathizes with your hard day, and when he is busy at home, he takes pity on your hard work.

he will take the initiative to hit you when you are busy in the kitchen; when you beat your waist when you mop the floor, he will reach out and take the mop in your hand; when you come back late, he has already put the child to sleep.

the most valuable love is proved by action.

whether he is doing housework or taking care of the children, he will not stay out of it, but often say, "you take a break, I will".

when two people live their lives, they must take care of each other, cherish each other, and work together towards the life they like, so that they can live a happier life.

Love does not need to be so vigorous, as long as someone knows that you are warm and cold, it is not easy to love you, no matter how long the time is, it will be with you leisurely.

Hugo once said:

"the best thing in life is to be sure that someone loves you."

this is the most ordinary possession and the most precious happiness.

May there be one person around you for the rest of your life:

accompany you to watch all the fireworks in the world, no matter when he is there;

No matter how far or late you come home, always leave the light waiting for you to return.

hand in hand with the wind and rain for the rest of my life, tired let you rest.

Life is short and true love is rare. Cherish the one who loves you to the bone.