The higher the level, the farther away from these four things.
The higher the level, the farther away from these four things.
In the second half of life, you should learn to do subtraction.


Modern people often say "break up".

A hundred years of life, it is not that the more the better, too many external things are easy to drag down.

when people reach middle age, do some subtraction appropriately, give up when they can, and leave when they leave.

the higher the level of people, the more away from these four things.

habitual complaints

complaining is not only the arsenic of oneself, but also the poison of others.

A person who often talks about complaints will not only lack the will to fight, but will also extinguish the enthusiasm of others.

so the higher the level, the less complaining.

Lin Huiyin loved architecture from an early age, but when he studied abroad, he accidentally did not enter the architecture department of Pennsylvania.

missing out on his favorite subject is a huge blow to Lin Huiyin.

but Lin Huiyin did not complain. Since she could not become an architecture student, she chose to sit in.

come to the architecture department to attend classes on time every day, rain or shine for four years.

after graduation, she and her husband Liang Sicheng traveled to 15 provinces to inspect ancient Chinese architecture and realize their lifelong ideal.

Bill Gates said: life is never fair, get used to it and never complain.

complaining is a bad psychological hint. The more you complain, the easier it is to go downhill.

keep a good state of mind, life can get out of the predicament smoothly.

an excuse for being lazy

the pace of modern society is getting faster and faster, but many people do not suffer from procrastination to varying degrees.

it was said in the past: what is done today is done today.

say now: what happens today will be discussed tomorrow.

I got a fitness card, went there a few times, and then threw it away.

said he wanted to get up early, but he gave up after a few days.

the ancients said, "treat laziness with diligence and be proud with prudence."


laziness is a human instinct, but the higher the level, the more able to overcome it.

Zeng Guofan is saying: "diligent" kung fu, the first expensive to get up early, the second expensive to have constant.

Zeng Guofan himself got up at dawn and began to read and work, and made the same request to his nephew.

he thinks that if a person fails to get up early, he will waste most of the day.

the second is perseverance, one thing must be persisted in order to achieve something in the end.

fishing for three days and drying the net for two days, you can only accomplish nothing in the end.

this is true for individuals, especially for a family.

since ancient times, the family instructions of celebrities have put diligence in the first place.

nothing is difficult to work hard in the world. Diligence is not only the way to build a family, but also the upward road of life.

desire beyond reason

Advertising on a certain platform has been controversial these days.

encourage a migrant worker who is not well-off to borrow money to upgrade himself in order to save face.

people with low incomes are encouraged to overdraw their lives tomorrow to meet their immediate desires.

it is even more frightening to inculcate young people with such ideas.

nowadays many young people are of the moonlight clan and have almost no habit of saving money.

even every platform has loans and holes.

can only tear down the east wall to make up for the west wall, let oneself be on the run.

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the ancients said: he who is contented is rich.

the desire for life is endless. If you have to look forward to Shu, you can only drag yourself into the abyss without restraint.

knowing how to be contented is the way to be good.

eat as much as you can.

Don't make your face swollen and fat, the enjoyment in advance and the consumption in advance are all at the cost of overdrawing the future.

if you can't control your desire, you can only sink constantly, and finally get lost in it and be eaten back by it.

false friends

in life, friends are relatives of their own choice.

although he is not related by blood, getting along with each other day and night has a greater impact on himself than on his family.

some people go out to work and get along with their friends day and night.

those who are close to Zhu are red, and those who are close to ink are black. What kind of friends a person chooses is, to a large extent, what kind of fate he chooses.

so you must be very careful in choosing your friends.

Su Shi was appreciated by the emperor in the capital at that time, and often invited friends to accompany him in and out of restaurants and teahouses.

but then he was demoted, and these former friends disappeared one by one, lest he should have anything to do with Su Shi.

Li Bai spent a lot of money in Yangzhou and was surrounded by countless friends.

when his daughter is gone and falls ill in Yangzhou, there is no one around him.

if friends gather with meat and wine, they will disperse with meat and wine.

it is not until middle age that people begin to understand that they do not need too many friends and have three or two bosom friends.

the road knows horsepower, but it takes time to see the hearts of the people.

those friends who never give up on you in the years must be cherished.

High mountains and flowing rivers, Boyazi period.

those friends who talk to each other and know you know you must cherish them.

and those friends who are hypocritical or even fall into the hole, it is better to stay away as soon as possible.

learn to subtract in the second half of life.

superfluous complaints, lazy excuses, excessive desires and false friends should be given up as soon as possible.

only by living a simpler life can we travel light and move to a higher level in life.

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