The happiness of your life is hidden in your bowl.
The happiness of your life is hidden in your bowl.
Between a bowl of chopsticks, no matter how hard the time is, it becomes soft.



Bowl is clean and blessed.

these four words are the wisdom of life that gourmet Mr. Cai Lan learned from food. He used these four words as the name of one of his books.

Mr. Cai Lan wrote in his book:

"with awe of life and gratitude for food, we can walk through this life calmly and gracefully.


trifles are often found in the true chapter.

there is a porridge and a rice in the bowl, there is the smell of fireworks in the bowl, and the blessings of one's life are also hidden in the bowl.

Zhu Zi said, "one porridge and one rice is hard-won; half silk and half wisp, it is difficult to keep thinking."

every dish is hard to come by. From sowing, raising seedlings to harvesting, they all experienced hard work and absorbed the weather and geographical location from spring to autumn.

eating well and being kind to food is not only an awe of food, but also a gratitude to the world.

every time the Nebula Master eats, he pays special attention to not wasting even a small grain of rice.

when he was a child, there was a couplet hanging in the hall of his home, which he always remembered.

the couplet reads: "cherish food and clothing, not for the sake of wealth and fortune."

not to cherish money, but to cherish happiness.

writer Lin Qingxuan talks about his grandmother. She never has leftovers in her bowl, drinks all the soup on her plate, and even picks up and eats the rice grains that fall on the table.

as a matter of fact, his grandmother's family is not poor, but the old man insists that one has to cherish food.

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many people do not understand the food savings of their elders and feel that now that they are well-off, they should not be stingy and poor in clothing, food, housing and transportation.

this is not the case. People only know from experience that happiness is hard to come by.

avoid extravagance and waste, with a grateful state of mind, seriously treat the life of food, clothing, housing and transportation, in order to take good care of every bit of happiness.

only in this way can happiness last and last.

see upbringing in the bowl

there used to be a restaurant recruiting staff. The manager invited the applicants to dinner.

in the course of eating, some people only eat food that is close to them, while others stretch their hands to pick up food in front of others.

some people don't make a sound when they eat; some people eat loudly.

some people put a lot of rice into the bowl, but don't eat much; some people eat nothing left.

the next day, the restaurant announced the list of employees. When an unselected person questioned what the screening criteria were, the manager explained:

"small bowls, great learning. The way a man eats, hides his appearance. When a person only cares about himself at the dinner table, he will not take into account the feelings of others in other ways.


etiquette master Hansen said:

"A good observer can know your parents' living background and your educational background with only one meal."

eating is a very common thing, but it is like a mirror, reflecting the temperament of the diner and his upbringing in every word and deed.

people who eat each other are generous, courteous and considerate of others, so it is difficult not to have both sides, and the road of life is getting wider and wider.

see the outlook on life in the bowl

Liang Shiqiu told a story:

A relative of his family is an old man, poor and greedy.

one snowy night, the old man's son came home from work and brought his father a pear. The old man was overjoyed and ate it halfway through it.

suddenly put on his coat and took the bowl, rushed out the door and disappeared into the snow.

more than an hour later, the old man came back with a small bowl. It turned out that he wanted to eat shredded pears with shredded pears.

the careful selection of ingredients, not just three meals a day, not aggrieved their own heart and stomach, we can see a person's love for life.

as Cai Lan said:

"when a person wants to eat, don't be too mean to yourself. If you cook delicious food and enjoy it, your life will be full."

the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people. The temperature of life is just above the table. A person's attitude towards food is also his attitude towards life.

those who eat well must be happy.

they treat every ingredient meticulously and show respect and love for life in the process of eating every meal.

when the thousand sails have passed and the scenery has been seen, many people gradually understand that the original taste of life is in three meals a day.

A bowl of rice and a plate of side dishes all share human nature, and hide the philosophy of life and the happiness of the world.

Happiness is very simple.

between a bowl of chopsticks, no matter how hard it is, it becomes soft.

Life used to be so interesting.

making good use of the firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea in the bowl to make life interesting and interesting is the greatest blessing.