The eaves of the soul (good text in depth)
The eaves of the soul (good text in depth)
Those who treat this world gently will be warmly embraced by the world.


read a story:

A group of tourists are visiting an old house with great interest.

the house is exquisitely designed, but the eaves are very large.

what is even more strange is that a small house has been built under the eaves.

tourists stopped to watch and began to guess the use of the room.

while everyone was arguing, the guide pointed to the room and explained:

this is for the tramps passing by to protect themselves from the wind and rain and rest for the night.

some tourists are still puzzled:

"since the owner of the house is kind-hearted, why not just invite someone in? why build a house here and do too much?


the guide replied:

"inviting people in directly makes people feel uneasy and undeserved. The owner of the house did this in order to protect the dignity of the homeless.


the tourists were dumb and felt a kind of kindness and warmth handed down from ancient times.

in real life, not everyone has enough financial resources to build a roof for others.

but this does not hinder us to prop up a clear sky for others in our hearts.

to be the eaves of other people's hearts, while protecting others from the wind and rain, but also quietly protecting themselves.

du Fu wrote a song "the Cottage was broken by the Autumn Wind", in which he wrote about his suffering.

in his life, he has blown the coldest wind and been caught in the coldest rain, and his whole life is the bitterness of capitalization.

as an adult, he has not been able to get any decent official position, and his life is very tight.

because of the high price of rice, the whole family had to starve, and the youngest son under the age of one died of hunger.

because he could not afford the house price, he had to move again and again, and finally he had a small hut with the help of his friends.

but du Fu is always kind and not full of malice to the world because of his own experience.

when du Fu saw the old woman skinny with hunger, he felt compassionate. He not only brought her vegetable porridge, but also told her to come back to beat dates during the day to avoid falling down at night.

later, du Fu moved out of here and lent his house to his friend Wu Nanqing.

as soon as Wu Nanqing came, she built a high fence around the hut. The life of the old woman became more and more difficult because she couldn't get a date.

when du Fu found out, he specially wrote a letter to Wu Nanqing, telling others about the difficulties.

after reading the letter, Wu Nanqing was so ashamed that she immediately removed the fence and apologized to the old woman herself.

A few months later, Wu Nanqing also left here. Before leaving, he left the hut and jujube trees to the old woman according to du Fu's wishes.

kind people always want to hold an umbrella for others because they have been in the rain.

just like du Fu, because he had been hungry, he could not see that others were starving and had no fixed abode.

writer Luo Dali once said: "A person's heart is only as big as a fist, but the heart of a kind person can hold the whole world."

A kind person always pretends to be someone else in his heart.

when others need help, he has already built a roof for others in his heart.

I have read a sentence: "when everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella, the umbrella you hold for others will be turned into a roof for shelter from the rain in the future."

sometimes, a small act of kindness will one day help us solve our problems and tide over the difficulties.

Su Shi was a general judge in Fengxiang Prefecture for the first time as an official.

at that time, a new guard in Fengxiang House was called Chen Xiliang, who had a good reputation, but he did not like Su Shi very much.

in his opinion, Su Shi is a useless scholar.

until one year, a great drought struck Shaanxi, many crops failed, and the Li people endured famine.

once, when Su Shi and Chen Taishou were patrolling outside the city, they saw the people who starved to death by the side of the road. Su Shi wailed and buried him with tears in his eyes.

, Su Shi actively organized charity fund-raising and used it to build a house for 30 or 40 orphans and raised them himself.

Chen Taishou saw these good deeds, and his view of Su Shi changed a lot.

Su Shi has done many earth-shaking good deeds in his life, and has practiced small good deeds everywhere in his life.

his good deeds are seen and remembered by others, and they are also turned into "protective umbrellas" on the way of others' lives.

where he is hungry and cold, there are always people who bring him light food.

there is no fixed abode, and there are always scholars to build a place for him;

when he is in trouble, there are always officials to help him, even if he is to blame.

because of the reward brought by kindness, Su Shi spent the most difficult days in his life with peace of mind and happiness.

Sartre once said: "others are hell, others are heaven."

what you do to others today is what they will do to you later.

when you go through a disaster, only kindness can help you through the most difficult road.

kindness is the best way for a person to leave himself.

some people say:

"pattern is a person's personality and bearing, if there is no goodness, there will be no real big pattern.


kindness, in essence, is the appearance of a person's pattern.

the larger the pattern, the more people know how to be kind to others and face things with their own responsibilities rather than interests.

there is an old artist in Henan, named Wang Kuan. Before he retired, he was a famous actor in the Henan opera circle, which is a household name in Henan and even the whole country.

but after retiring, instead of enjoying his twilight years, he chose to give up his status as a national first-class actor and sing in a teahouse.

this is not a whim, but a firm choice that he has adhered to for many years.

there is only one reason for him to do so, and that is to provide for orphans adopted from their hometown for food, clothing, reading and learning.

later, the deeds of teacher Wang Kuan were reported by many media, which brought him a lot of honor.

but in the face of the trophy won, teacher Wang Kuan only said:

what I care about is not these honors, but when I see the children in my hometown, I have a responsibility.

when he learned about the current situation of their lives, Lao she deeply felt that he should contribute.

so he laid down a lot of work at hand and actively ran for the blind.

he helps talented blind people buy musical instruments, organize orchestras, rehearse programs, contact performers and get paid.

for the blind with no talent, Lao she entrusted people everywhere and placed them in rubber factories, leather factories, and printing plants.

later, with his help, the lives of these blind people have been greatly improved.

the real big pattern is that when others need their own help, they are willing to reach out to help them, thinking of the responsibility on their shoulders, not their gains and losses.

in the movie Clockwork Orange, it is said: "goodness is born from the heart, and kindness is chosen by people."

people with a large pattern will take the initiative to follow the good.

it is precisely because of the existence of such beautiful people that our lives are never afraid of wind and rain and never lack of sunshine and warmth.

think of a group of classic questions and answers:

there is a man who, after working hard for most of his life, is still very poor. He was so angry that he went to confront the Zen master.

the Zen master said, "because you haven't learned to give."

the man asked, "but I am penniless. What can I give to others?"

the Zen master replied:

"A person can give seven things to others even if he has nothing.

words and deeds, words of praise and comfort; heart-giving, frank treatment of others;

give eyes, give well-intentioned eyes; practice, help others with actions;

seat Shi, humble seat; Fang Shi, be tolerant of others. "

those who do not know how to give are isolated from others and will never be able to get rid of their fate.

A person who is always altruistic, even if he falls to the bottom, there will be unlimited opportunities to come uninvited to help him out of trouble.

as the writer Leng Ying said: "your kindness and kindness to others will be realized by yourself in the end."

he who holds the lamp for others will be illuminated by the light of others sooner or later.

to be the eaves of other people's houses, others will not let wind and rain fall on his head.

A kind soul can always reap unexpected warmth while illuminating others.

those who treat this world gently will be warmly embraced by the world.



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