The best way to end a relationship
The best way to end a relationship
Not trapped in the heart, not confused in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past.

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there are always some people in life that you can't forget and can't give up.

when the relationship weakens and the lover is far away, some people are resentful and unwilling to let go.

Yang Jiang once wrote in her book:

"No matter what the relationship is, if the relationship is exhausted, the fate will come to an end."

do not find right or wrong, politely exit, flower or flower, tree or tree, from then on the landscape, never meet again.

the best way to end a relationship is not to pester, blame, or miss.

No entanglement, put down gracefully

like a sentence very much: "everything in the past is a preface."

this is the way life is. Some people come and some people leave. The best way to treat a relationship is not to look back and not to make do with it in the future.

those who have met and experienced are not only gifts, but also prefaces.

writer Yan Geling was a dancer in the art troupe when she was young. she fell in love with a handsome man.

she writes a love letter almost every day, bringing her passionate feelings to the pen.

however, after meeting a beautiful and mature woman, the other party is in love with someone else.

he ostentatiously handed over 160 love letters written to him by Yan Geling to that woman.

then Yan Geling was abandoned.

Yan Geling, who was badly hurt, had no entanglement or hatred, she just left quietly.

before leaving, she wrote Zhuo Wenjun's "White head Yin" in her notes:

"Zhu Xian cut off, lack of clear mirror, morning dew, Fang rest, white head Yin, injury parting, try to add food do not read concubine, brocade soup, and your long formula!"

she never came back after that.

even if the man wanted to say "sorry" to Yan Geling after many years, Yan Geling never saw him again.

the reality is sometimes very cruel, not every love is what people want.

watching quietly and reading from a distance, we will not keep each other in this life or nostalgia in the afterlife.

No entanglement is the best way to remember a relationship.

No accusation, a decent farewell

there is a saying in the Book of releasing wives in the Tang Dynasty unearthed in Dunhuang:

"May my wife re-comb her temples and sweep her eyebrows after her separation, and skillfully show her slim posture to select the master of senior officials. To resolve grievances and resolve knots, do not hate each other. One parting and two forgiveness will make each one happy. "

husband and wife are separated from each other, there is no life-and-death curse attack, there is no deep-seated revenge calculation.

Yes, it's just the blessing of finding a good couple as soon as possible, and the wish that my wife will live forever.

the ancients' tolerance and release of emotion, warmth and romance make people feel tender and peaceful.

in Mr. Jin Yong's "the Sculpture Heroes", many people indulge in the love between Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu, but few people notice the same beautiful and affectionate Lujiazhuang daughter-Lu unparalleled.

she and Yang Guo experienced the same life and death and felt sorry for each other. From the moment she fell in love with him, Lu knew that there was no room for others in her eyes.

even though she knew that Yang Guo already had something in her heart, and even if she had a lot of sorrow in her heart, she still put away her unruly capriciousness and fulfilled Yang Guo.

from the day she knelt down with Yang Guo, she can only be the "matchless sister" of her beloved, and Yang Guo can only be the "Brother Yang" buried in her heart.

"Love is voluntary, things have no regrets" is Lu's unparalleled attitude towards this relationship, sober withdrawal, but also her willing choice.

preserves each other's affection and achieves one's own decency.

not all feelings can come to the end, and not all the endings can be satisfied. only without talking about debt can we meet.

some people say that in a relationship, no one is right or wrong, even if we don't keep our Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) promise, even if we don't hold hands and grow old together, we still hope each other will be well for the rest of our lives.

when we get along, we devote ourselves wholeheartedly, when we leave, we do not complain, we do not regret, we cherish what we have, and we are grateful for each other.

not blaming is the best interpretation of feelings.

No nostalgia, gentle fulfillment

Feng Zikai said: "do not be trapped in the heart, do not be confused with feelings, do not fear the future, do not think about the past." So, very good. "

think of the story of my best friend Qiu ran.

Qiu ran broke up with her boyfriend. It should be said that the man broke up without warning.

they are college classmates. For four years, they are as sweet as honey.

so when her boyfriend broke up, Qiu ran was completely confused.

she couldn't figure out why her boyfriend left abruptly. Just a day ago, they were discussing the style of the future wedding dress and the details of the wedding.

she dialed her boyfriend's phone, and a strange and cold voice came from the phone: "it's already this time, what are you still doing here?"

Qiu ran suddenly understood that she hung up the phone and deleted all his contact information.

I asked her, "did you give up so easily?"

she was silent for a long time, and then said softly, "if you don't love, why keep thinking about it?"

in the days that followed, this unforgettable relationship seemed to have never appeared in the autumn world.

she will make an appointment with her friends and travel every week.Go to the gym for a workout.

A few months later, I saw her again, and she became both delicate and beautiful.

Qiu ran did not struggle in the lost love, but cut off the love and put it down decisively.

"give time to let bygones be bygones."

if you can't extricate yourself from indulging in pain, you will only make yourself depressed and sad.

as Nietzsche said, "not entangling the past is not cowardice, but a kind of wisdom."

A smart woman will not indulge in it because of a deteriorating love, but make herself a cup of unrequited water.

choose to let go, in order to let go of ourselves, do not think about the past, but also to achieve a better us.

even if you walk alone, you should be brilliant along the way.

MiyazakiHayao said:

"Life is a train, which passes through many stations, and it is very difficult for anyone to accompany us from beginning to end. When the person who accompanies you chooses to get off on the way, be grateful and wave goodbye even though you are reluctant to give up. "

sometimes, loss is not sadness, but a kind of beauty.

epiphany without obsession, calm without confusion, joys and sorrows with the wind, flowers blossom and fall, Enron and peace, with the present.

in the movie "Love at Sunset", there is a line: "if you don't pester the past, then memories should be such a beautiful thing."

there must be someone who will accompany us to start a new period of beauty, and there must be someone who will let us hug and let us feel the heartbeat again.

do not miss, is the best sublimation of feelings.

Life is a trade-off. When we choose to end a relationship, we exit politely and give ourselves back to ourselves and others to others.

whether it is an unforgettable memory or a long-lasting past, it has become fleeting, scattered in the vicissitudes of life.

time does not speak, time does not live.

the past has become a memory, but we are still warm forward.