The best rest is not sleep, but.
The best rest is not sleep, but.
May we all maintain a high-quality rest and rekindle our passion for life.


Cervantes said:

"the bowstring cannot be kept tight all the time. People are weak and cannot be supported without a bit of proper looseness."

I agree with you.

everyone has unspeakable pressure to walk the world.

or rush hard to work, day and night upside down, or rush forward, shorten sleep, forget to have a good rest and adjust yourself.

do not realize that if a string is too tight, it will slowly lose its strength.

if a person is in a state of exhaustion for a long time, he will gradually lose his fighting spirit and fail to reach his goals and dreams.

the best way to grow up is to go all out and have a good rest.

an ineffective rest will only make you tired as you rest.

have seen the itinerary of a netizen:

on weekdays, she is very busy, looking forward to the early arrival of the weekend, thinking of taking a rest and rejuvenating herself.

so, every Friday after work, she retaliates to herself:

watching movies, going to Taobao, browsing on mobile phones. It was not until 2: 00 in the morning that I reluctantly put down my phone and went to bed.

the next day, when she slept until three poles in the sun, she got up, ate something casually, and continued the pace of life the day before.

she thought that she had been relaxed and rested, and that she would be full of energy for a week's work on Monday.

until a turnaround came, making her realize how much she misunderstood "rest".

on Sunday, she discussed marketing plans with a friend. When she got home in the evening, she was busy and compiled a very long outline of the interview.

this extraordinarily well-planned weekend brought her a complete recovery.

when the new week came, she was energetic and quickly entered the state of work.

it turns out that the best way to rest on weekends is not to spend two days in bed, but to maintain a healthy routine and change your brain circuit to keep yourself busy.

think of the words of the British writer Albert: "nothing needs a holiday more than a person who has just had a holiday."

the wrong way to take a vacation will only make people feel more empty and tired, as if they need another holiday to cushion, but they will fall into the next endless cycle.

ineffective rest, it is true that the more rest, the more tired.

according to medical research, fatigue is divided into three types:

manual workers, mental workers, people who worry too much.

different kinds of fatigue need different ways of rest.

for manual workers, a "static" rest can quickly replenish their physical energy and quickly metabolize the acid waste accumulated in the body.

for mental workers, it is not through "stillness" to restore physical fitness, but to change things to relax the brain nerves.

for those who worry too much, they need to let go of their inner burden and think less in order to live a more comfortable life.

the really effective rest is a targeted combination of work and rest, so that you can relax physically and psychologically, so as to eliminate fatigue and refresh yourself.

Real fatigue comes from brain fatigue

brain science research from Yale University has found that even if our bodies are in a state of rest, the brain's energy consumption continues.

this is because there is a "preset pattern network (DMN)" in the brain.

this network is controlled by a restless, constantly moving area of the brain and accounts for 60% of the brain's energy consumption. 80%.

you think you are in a daze, but in fact, your inner thoughts are rushing crazily, unwilling to the things of the past, and full of unease about the things in the future, which always come to mind, causing the brain to accumulate more and more fatigue, which is difficult to relieve.

there is a hot topic on the Internet: "what is the root cause of a person's tiredness?"

there is a high praise answer is like this: "it is not a problem of ability, not a problem of appearance, but a failure to deal with the relationship with yourself."

what makes people feel tired is often not physical hard work, but inner conflicts and emotional internal friction.

if this conflict and internal friction are not properly resolved, even if you take a static rest such as sleep, inner distractions will occur frequently in the DMN area, causing the brain to be unable to rest.

as stated in the book efficient rest Law:

"some people may have achieved great success, with both money, knowledge and high social status, but none of these can return their inner rest.


even if they take a luxury trip on a private jet and spend thousands of dollars on SPA, they will still feel that there is something inside that has not been cured.

if the heart is not healed, no matter how much vacation and entertainment are meaningless.

only by healing the heart and fundamentally alleviating and reducing the unnecessary energy consumption of the brain, can we get rid of the state of brain fatigue and get a really efficient rest.

liberate the mind and body and mind before

is the top rest

"Don't just enjoy a short period of liberation, we pursue a state that can continue to be happy even after returning to daily life."

only by finding a way to really relax your body and mind and liberate your head and heart, can you return full of blood.

under the heavy pressure of work and life, how can we relax and rest?

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in his book, Koga Guliang puts forward practical suggestions to teach us to shape a "heart that is not easy to tire."

using mindfulness breathing

related studies have shown that the activity of the main parts of DMN can be inhibited by mindfulness meditation to avoid the consumption of brain energy by distractions.

the specific way is to sit in a chair, straighten your back, relax your abdomen, put your hands on your thighs and close your eyes.

then use consciousness to pay attention to the feelings of the body, perceive the contact between the body and the environment, and pay attention to the feelings related to breathing.

once distractions emerge, you don't have to be hard on yourself, just put your attention back to breathing.

A seemingly simple method, a few minutes a day can give the brain a full rest and relieve fatigue.

get rid of "monkey thinking"

do you also have a lot of thoughts and thoughts in your mind, a thought tossing back and forth, torturing yourself to exhaustion?

this state of mind filled with all kinds of thoughts is the "monkey mind", which is noisy in the mind like a group of monkeys, so that the brain can not get a rest.

from the onlooker's point of view, you will find that all distractions are just passers-by who visit the brain and do not live in the brain.

in this way, you can relax yourself and create a free space for your brain and heart.

with a "compassionate heart"

A large part of our troubles come from interpersonal relationships. When you meet someone you hate, you will inevitably have negative emotions such as disgust, jealousy, anger and so on.

these emotions can make our hearts and brains restless.

the efficient rest method points out that we can change our way of thinking and cultivate compassion.

that means to cultivate love, love and tolerance, and positive emotions from the heart.

when people have a compassionate heart, their hearts will become more relaxed.

A person with peace of mind is not tied to things, not confined to heart, not trapped in emotion.

the more compassionate one is, the more thoroughly one lives.

try to treat disagreeable people and disgusted things with a peaceful and kind heart, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the world has changed and your mood has changed.

have a good sleep and exercise properly

Shakespeare once said: "all living things can not do without the adjustment of sleep."

Sleeping is an instinct and an ability. It is even more necessary for people who are lack of sleep and lack of physical strength.

resist the temptation of electronic products, leave all kinds of clutter and go to bed on time in order to start a new day.

besides sleeping, exercise is also a good way to rest. When the motor center starts to work, the thought center enters a state of rest, thus releasing the pressure on the brain.

proper exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also eliminate negative emotions and save the tired spirit and soul.

Zhu Guangqian said, "the smarter you are, the more you know how to rest."

rest is never the only way to sleep. Really smart people know how to take the initiative to plan their rest, just like planning their work.

start mindfulness from breathing, reconcile with emotions, and calm the impetuous body and mind.

take good care of your heart so that you can deal with the chaos of the world calmly.

jump out of the monkey mind and break the infinite cycle of inner anxiety, fear and worry.

only by mastering the sovereignty of thinking can you control life.

give birth to a compassionate heart, tolerate, forgive, feel happiness, be grateful for all things, and cherish the beauty of the world with the most innocent heart.

sleep when it's time to sleep, exercise when it's time to exercise, learn to adjust the rhythm of life, relax to a certain extent, the road of life will be smoother and smoother.

, may we all maintain a high-quality rest and rekindle our passion for life.