The best investment in a lifetime, a rich marriage.
The best investment in a lifetime, a rich marriage.
Love is not only the cornerstone of family and marriage, but also a good medicine to nourish each other.

once heard a saying:

"Marriage is a book, the first chapter is about poems, and the rest is plain prose."

everyone enters the hall of marriage with a vision of happiness.

however, the state after marriage is different.

your attitude towards marriage determines your happiness.

Love needs to be raised poorly, and it is only when the feelings that have gone through the wind and rain come into marriage that they have immunity.

but marriage must be well-nourished and inject a steady stream of vitality into trivial life in order to reach a white head.

the best investment in life is to enrich your marriage.

A rich marriage with no lack of places

on Weibo, a topic

# the moment I want a divorce #

rushed into the hot search, which triggered 150 million discussions in a short time.

A story in the comment area is very gripping:

"after marriage, he often lives in a different place, but he is single without being widowed.

one person goes to the hospital, one person watches a movie, one person supports a family.

when the child had a fever in the middle of the night, he couldn't get through.

I was holding Da Bao and the sleepy Xiao Bao. When I couldn't get a taxi by the side of the road, I suddenly wanted to give up. "

the saddest thing in a relationship is that you are not there when I need you.

in the fast-paced life, many people ignore the importance of companionship in marriage.

once heard the word "top couple":

one or both of the husband and wife are as busy as a spinning top and can't give each other any time alone.

the value of happiness in marriage is reflected not only in money, but also in companionship.

A small survey of the White Paper on National Marriage emotion Index also shows that

"more than 80% of couples say they want to spend time alone with their partner in their relationship."

We once longed for love to be a feast, but in the end we found out that all we wanted was a lover to accompany us to an ordinary dinner.

I have always admired the marital status of Mr. Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu.

many people know that Yang Jiang gave up her career in order to support Qian Zhongshu in writing a book.

but few people know that Qian Zhongshu is always with his wife.

Yang Jiang loves face, and the lady of her family is a little embarrassed to buy food with a basket for the first time, so Qian Zhongshu goes to the vegetable market with her talking and laughing.

Yang Jiang's pen-holding hand did the rough work at first, then it was blistered when it was scalded, and then it was stabbed into the flesh by wood-chopping thorns. It was Qian Zhongshu who carefully nursed her.

sometimes when Yang Jiang is too tired, Qian Zhongshu quietly closes the bathroom door and secretly goes to wash clothes.

in marriage, although he often spills over ink carelessly, he is never absent.

as Yang Jiang said:

"I have no good advice to contribute to modern marriage. I just want to remind young friends that the most important thing in the marriage of men and women is to accompany each other."

A truly happy marriage should involve husband and wife sharing responsibilities and supporting a family together.

the reason why we need marriage is that there is a person around at all times.

the absence of a place in marriage is much more important than the so-called Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

in a mundane life, you can see each other as soon as you turn around, which is the most beautiful appearance of marriage.

A rich marriage has true feelings

Love is originally the source of marriage.

however, now many people are stuck in the predicament of marriage, do not feel their partner's care and care, but only ask for each other.

there is a popular post in Zhihu:

at the age of thirty, the girl married herself under the urging of her parents.

A marriage without love is at worst an ordinary life. I never thought I would be a victim of marriage.

just got married, the two were able to respect each other until after the baby was born, they began to quarrel frequently.

when a girl drags her weak postpartum body to choose milk powder and diapers for her child, men can't give them proper care in time.

when the girl is tired all day around the child, the man is also cold and has no heartache.

the girl became more and more desperate about the loveless marriage and finally fermented into a sentence: "forget it!"

without love in a marriage, any trivial matter can develop into a tense quarrel, and intimacy can be in jeopardy.

Love is not only the cornerstone of family and marriage, but also a good medicine to nourish each other.

it is precisely because of the support of love that I am willing to tolerate my partner for a long time.

"Pingru Meitang: our Story" moved many people, because the couple accumulated a lot of warm love in piecemeal days.

Meitang sends a letter to her husband, she always cares:


getting colder, you

be careful.


"your waist is better

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when Pingru is ill, Meitang gets up early every morning to buy fresh black fish and make fish soup for her husband.

later, Meitang became so ill that she was confused.

Ping Ru, who is over 87 years old, bought the cake after riding a bike for a long time.

however, after buying it back, don't eat Meitang again.

when the children learned about this, they felt that their father did not have to go out at night.

Ping Ru said:

"I can't get used to it. I can't follow her what she tells me to do."

the two people who depend on each other and love each other have experienced troubled times of vagrancy, and they have led a difficult life with countless true love in the trivial life.

close and estranged husband and wife.

only those who have experienced it know how close they are when there is love, and how alienated they are when there is no love.

the worst outcome of a marriage is that there is no more love and no expectation of your partner.

there is a relationship account between people. If you love each other more each time, you can save more.

most of the time, we always think that love is vigorous, but in fact, silent love is the fertilizer that nourishes marriage.

A rich marriage is not short of money

it is not until middle age that people understand that marriage is a game between reality and ideal.

the so-called triviality of firewood, rice, oil and salt, the core problem is money.

the economic base determines not only the quality of life, but also the happiness of marriage.

once saw a documentary about "Life of sudden Wealth" in which a couple who had been married for many years owned an antique shop with a good business.

one year, business in the store was deserted, and when they could not make ends meet, they suddenly found that their originally happy and sweet feelings had also become bitter.

they often quarrel over a small amount of money.

when the business of the antique shop was so bad that it was on the verge of going bankrupt, their marriage also gave a red light.

I always thought that money could not buy love, but later I realized that most of the tragedies of marriage are caused by lack of money.

in life, marriages that do not want anything are finally defeated by life, but "profitable" marriages are stronger.

as Sanmao said:

"Marriage cannot last long if it is not implemented in such trivial matters as eating and counting money."

A marriage without money can tear up feelings and make love fall apart with a little external force.

in the hit drama Thirty, the couple Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu, who were full of contradictions, also became the most stable couple after they became rich.

before Zhong Xiaoqin was a post-it note girl, both love and life were a mess, and sometimes she was distressed for a long time to buy something she liked.

later, she received more than NT $1 million in novel royalties, which not only allowed herself to buy freely, but also bought an apartment for her mother-in-law, solving the knot in her husband's heart.

she said this:

"I used to think that money was not important, but now I think it is very important. I can do what I want to do and have the ability to pull each other."

Marriage often begins with love and ends with life, half of love and half of money.

without money as the foundation, a good relationship is just a castle in the air.

money determines the quality of life and marriage.

A good marriage requires nourishment

A good marriage is to increase happiness in the richness of your coming and going.

it's really easy to express love in marriage.

sometimes a thoughtful smile, a thoughtful greeting and a warm hug can make people feel happy.

Learning to inject love into a marriage is the secret recipe for running a marriage.

time is rich, accompany more

companionship is an indispensable nutrient in marriage.

after a busy day's work, we can spend some time preparing dinner with our partner.

you can also take a walk in the park hand in hand after dinner to see the flowers in full bloom and talk about the past.

language is rich, using praise instead of blame

in a marriage, the most important thing is that two people have a desire to share.

if you want a sweet marriage, find each other's highlights and don't be stingy with praise.

A happy marriage belongs to those who constantly praise and thank their partner.

there is a 12-minute theory in marriage, that is, spend 12 minutes a day saying more compliments to each other, and it will be a good day.

you can try to communicate with your partner on a regular basis, so that the hearts of the two sides will be closer and closer.

spiritual enrichment, understand and listen to each other

in marriage, many people tend to emphasize their thoughts and demands, and the easiest thing to ignore is listening.

calm down and listen more to what the other person is saying, and the other person is naturally willing to go back and listen to your heart.

A happy marriage must know how to listen.

Life is rich, pay attention to quality

improving the quality of life and spending money on things you love can also improve intimacy to a certain extent.

it doesn't take much money to improve one's quality of life.

Don't buy things you don't like cheaply, but buy the best things within your ability in order to enjoy a high quality of life.

likes a sentence very much:

"Marriage is the delicate and beautiful flower of love, which needs watering, nourishment and mutual pay."When there is no one to take care of it, it will soon wither. "

Fostering marriage is like taking care of delicate flowers.

needs not only companionship in life, material satisfaction, but also emotional care.

in this way, we can have a happy marriage life and spend a lifetime with those who love each other.

, may your marriage be rich, with fireworks in the kitchen, smiles in the living room, hugs in the bedroom, a meal with your lover, and a smile between you and your lover.