The best feng shui for a family: shut your emotions out
The best feng shui for a family: shut your emotions out
A happy family is never full of anger and resentment.


Yi Shu said: "the biggest mistake we make every day is to be too polite to strangers and too hard on those who are close."

in front of outsiders, no matter how aggrieved we are, we can always be pleasant and amiable.

but when you get home, even if there is only a little dissatisfaction, you will lose your temper and fight a lot.

Family members have lost their former harmony and closeness, and they have lost their former coziness and warmth.

but in fact, a happy family is never full of anger and resentment.

knowing how to shut out a bad mood is the best feng shui for a family.

Home is never a place to vent your emotions

some people say, "Home can carry your emotions, accept your attachment, and place your soul."

but because of this, we often leave the worst of ourselves at home.

there is such a dialogue in the movie "inside the Secret Service", which is heart-wrenching.

zero hair, played by Stephen Chow, suffers setbacks in his career. When he gets home, he pours all his anger on his wife:

"do you know that I work very hard outside? How hard I am, what do you know! "

after hearing this, the wife said aggrieved: "whoever offends you, you scold it back, why take it out on me."

No, but Zero hair took it for granted: "because I know you well, you deserve to be unlucky and be my punching bag!"

Lu Yongfeng, a master of brand management, had a very difficult time when he started his business.

he chooses goods, holds meetings and plans marketing plans every day. In addition to more than ten hours of overwork, he also participates in various wine bureaus.

but no matter how stressful he is at work, he never keeps a straight face at home; even if there are too many emotions in his heart that are difficult to dispel, he will first calm his irritability and then walk into the house with a smile on his face.

as Lu Yongfeng said, "Home is a comfortable home of love and warmth, not a dustbin of stress and emotion." The dust on the soles of your feet should be left outside the house, and so should the dust in your heart. "

in life, it is inevitable that there are times when we are in pain and suffering is unspeakable, and it is difficult to control ourselves from bringing our emotions home.

but if it goes on like this, it will only bring tiredness and heartache to the family, while guilt and remorse are often waiting for us.

therefore, don't wait for your family to be estranged before it's too late, and don't wait for your family to be cold.

it is our greatest self-consciousness that we do not regard home as the place to vent our emotions and our families as the objects to vent our emotions.

when temper enters the door, fortune goes away

writer Liu Shuxia told a story in which Alan Ferry's mother was upset when she went out shopping because she had a dispute with the vegetable farmer.

when I got home, I saw shoes all over the floor as soon as I entered the door, so I kept complaining. My husband replied to her and told her to stop reading.

the wife was even more annoyed as she watched her husband leave angrily.

so she tidied up the room while sulking.

when she opened her 10-year-old son Phil's room, she found her son watching cartoons with relish, and the nameless fire that had just been suppressed in her heart immediately burst into flames.

she shouted at her son, "Don't you do your homework?" What kind of TV are you watching? "

the son was stunned by his mother's sudden scolding and whispered, "I have finished my homework."

if it were normal, she wouldn't say anything more, but when she was angry, when she heard her son's rebuttal, she got angrier and louder.

"Don't you want to read when you finish your homework? Do you have good grades? I only know how to watch TV all the time. No wonder there is no progress in my study! "

Philly felt aggrieved that she had done nothing wrong, but her mother yelled at herself, and tears welled up unconsciously.

watching her son keep crying, she finally calmed down and realized that she had regarded her son as a "punching bag" and regretted it.

later, at dinner, no matter how much she talked to Phil, Philly was silent and ran back to her room after eating.

very often, when we lose our temper with our family, we may not want to, but the end result is often irreparable, because once the temper enters the door, there is a rift in the best relationship.

as Yang Lan said: "No matter how good a relationship is, it can't stand arbitrary consumption, and no matter how good a relationship is, it can't stand profligacy."

it is a disaster to bring your temper home.

as the ancients said, "only by making peace can everything be prosperous."

A happy family is often full of joy and peace, rather than complaining and scolding.

people who are really educated understand that the greatest blessing left to their families is not to bring their temper home and not to lose their temper at will.

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the best feng shui for a family

shut your emotions out

I read a short story in which a plumber was offered a job to install plumbing for a farmer.

Don't think that on this day, things that upset the plumber followed-the car broke down and was more than an hour late; the electric drill broke down and couldn't go well.Lee started work; at the end of work, his "old car" lay down again.

the kind farmer drove him home.

when he arrived at the plumber's door, the farmer found that the gray-faced plumber did not enter the house immediately, but went to the bench under the next big tree and sat quietly for a while.

, he opened the door with a smile, hugged his children happily, and gave his wife a sweet kiss.

the next day, the plumber came to the farm again, and the farmer could not resist curiosity and asked him why he was not in a hurry to enter the house, but had to sit outside for a while before going back.

the plumber replied, "Oh, because I can't spread my bad mood to my wife and children."

it turns out that whenever plumbers encounter troubles outside, when they return home, they will sit on the bench to digest negative emotions and prevent them from entering the house.

Zhou Xiaopeng once said in a program: "whether a family is happy or not is doomed from the moment you enter the door, because the mood when you enter the door determines the direction of your family."

Home is a place for us to shelter from the wind and rain and talk about a safe place. it is our warm harbor and strong backing.

Life is not easy, but where there is a home, there is warmth and cure.

the best feng shui for a family is not a beautiful house or great wealth, but the temperature in the house and laughter among the family.

therefore, before the door, we might as well unload the tiredness, dry the tears, shut the bad mood out, and enter the door with a smile.

as the saying goes, "if the heart is tired, the family will be tired; with a smile, the home can be comfortable."

as the saying goes, "when anger is dispersed, harmony is lost, temper is over, and good fortune comes."

in a happy family, kindness is always more important than seriousness, and kindness is always more valuable than temper.

it is a person's deepest upbringing to leave a good temper to the person closest to him.

, may you and I be warm people for the rest of our lives, shut our emotions out and bring smiles to our families.

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