The best appearance of a home: turn the book frequently, turn less, and know how to turn the page.
The best appearance of a home: turn the book frequently, turn less, and know how to turn the page.
The management of the family requires enough patience and wisdom.

writer Moroa said: "without a family, people will shiver in the vast universe."

Home is not only a post station that makes people feel warm, but also a patron that makes people feel at ease.

in life, who doesn't want to be accompanied by a lover every day and have a home to return to every night?

but if the family atmosphere is not good, disputes continue, even if the money is rich, life is a chicken feather.

the management of a family requires enough patience and wisdom.

the best appearance of a home is to study hard, turn a face less, and know how to turn a story.

turn to books frequently

as the saying goes, "you can't be rich for three generations." the Pei family of world-class architect I.M. Pei is an exception.

the Berlusconi family has flourished for 17 generations and has trained elites and leaders in various industries.

in addition to I.M. Pei, other celebrities in the family include Bei Runsheng, the "king of paint", Pei Zaian, founder of the Bank of Shanghai, and Bei Zuyi, president of the Central Bank.

the talent of the Bei family thrives and becomes a prominent family, which is closely related to the fine family style of studying hard.

Bei's ancestors, Bei Lan Tang, knew very well that it would be better to leave children and grandchildren than to bequeath them with virtue.

therefore, it is a family rule that both boys and girls should read and learn all their lives.

since then, the Bei family has regarded reading as a top priority, and their children and grandchildren are all studious, admitted to famous schools, and shine in different fields.

when I. M. Pei is 100 years old, he still remembers his ancestral motto: "We in the Bei family do not attach importance to the inheritance of money, but attach importance to education and the construction of family style."

honest and honest families have been handed down for a long time, and poems and books have been handed down for generations.

the root of the enduring prosperity of a family is not the inexhaustible material wealth, but the spirit of enterprising reading.

Dr. John Hutton of a children's hospital in the United States has performed MRI on 19 children between the ages of 3 and 5.

the results show that when parents study for these children, the areas of their brains responsible for narration, expression and imagination are activated.

Professor Maria Evans of the University of Nevada has also done a follow-up survey of children.

he spent 20 years collecting data on 73249 households in 27 countries and finally came to the conclusion:

it is not the family income, parents' educational level or professional status that affects the education level of their children, but the number of books collected at home.

the rate of return on education of families with more books is five times higher than that of families with few books.

people who are accompanied by the smell of books not only broaden the boundaries of life, but also shape a plump soul.

the whole family loves to read, which is virtually accumulating a steady stream of blessings for the family.

as the writer Liang Xiaosheng said:

"the best family style must be the traditional family style of reading. Bookshelves are the best real estate for a family. "

fall out less

A case is told in the psychology book emotional blackmail.

A pair of parents haven't seen their daughter for a long time, but when the daughter is on holiday, she calls to travel abroad with her friends.

my father was furious: "I wanted to go out to play during the holiday. I didn't think about my parents' feelings at all. How could I raise an unfilial daughter like you?"

after being reprimanded, my daughter was also anxious and immediately cancelled her appointment with her friends and went home angrily.

but my father still clung to it: "you won't come back until I say it like this."

the father was angry and the daughter was aggrieved. She had a good holiday and was left with nothing but chickens and dogs.

in life, many people like this father are used to falling out when things happen, and opening their mouths is to blame.

can talk to each other unscrupulously, not only can not solve the problem, but also consume each other's feelings.

learn to leave the best emotions to those who are closest to you, so that a family can be full of love and return to warmth.

recently, a blogger shared his experiences on the Internet.

when the blogger was on a plane, he met a family traveling.

one of the children's papers expired, unable to get on the plane, and all their luggage could not be checked.

at this time, the blogger subconsciously felt irritable and nervous, thinking that the family was bound to lose their temper with their children.

after the plane took off, they chatted happily and discussed the next itinerary as if nothing had happened.

the family allows the family to tolerate mistakes and does not fall out over trifles, which is the envy of netizens.

families in earthly fireworks will inevitably have collisions of firewood, rice, oil and salt and trivial stumbles.

if you have to haggle over everything and make a big fight, the family will eventually be riddled with holes.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "Father and son Benedict, brother harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

keep hostility out of the door and bring tenderness to your loved ones, and your home can become a comfortable home from the wind and rain.

know how to turn the page

psychologist Wu Zhihong mentioned a word called "adhesion logic" when talking about family relations.

it means that we are used to gluing everything as a whole, and nothing is separate.

what phenomenon will this lead to?

once family conflicts break out, they will keep falling in love with each other.

the old and new grudges are stacked on top of each other, making the originally innocuous minor disputes difficult to resolve.It's a big problem.

there is an impressive clip in the TV series Pi.

Lin Dawei bought a bike for his daughter on his own.

his wife, Wang Shengnan, was worried that it was not safe for her daughter to ride a bike, so she blamed Lin Dawei for not consulting with him.

it was just about the bike, but the two quarreled and began to count each other's past flaws.

Wang Shengnan chatters endlessly: "squeeze toothpaste from the middle and don't change your socks for a few days. Get up without making quilts and eating."... "

Lin Dawei also gave tit for tat: "I have endured your bad temper again and again for the sake of my children. I accommodate you in everything."

the old things that had already passed were once again put on the table to argue over and over again.

as a result, the more they talked, the more angry they became, and they became so angry that they wanted to divorce.

there is a saying: "if a person is in a mood to turn over the past, then his life will be dark, because those who turn over the past can not see the beauty of life at all."

can not let go of the entanglements of the past, often slander each other, and will eventually hurt others and themselves in a deadly attack.

people who are really smart often never mention past conflicts and only focus on the troubles at hand.

there is an old couple in Guilin, Guangxi, who got married when they were teenagers and have always respected each other and loved each other for many years.

when they are 100 years old, they still go out for a walk, work in the fields, and massage each other when they get home.

many young people envy the happiness of growing old together and ask them for advice on the secrets of running a marriage.

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Don smiled and said, "I won't make her happy, but we never hold a grudge after a quarrel. If we always turn over old debts, we won't be husband and wife."

this is true.

Home is a haven for recuperation, not a life-and-death Colosseum.

often open the wound that is about to heal, always look back on the pain that is long gone, and sooner or later it will turn the present day upside down.

know how to turn the story, forget the old grievances, everything is the same, life can be prosperous with each passing day.

Zhu Xi, an ideologist of the Southern Song Dynasty, said:

"Reading is the foundation of starting a family; following etiquette is the foundation of protecting the family; and Heshun is the foundation of revitalizing the family."

the rise and fall of the family depends on the painstaking management of each member.

A home supported by culture and filled with love and tolerance can withstand bits and pieces as well as the onslaught of great winds and waves.

, having a place full of books, laughter and warmth is the greatest achievement and courage in one's life.