The abundance of life begins with enjoying loneliness.
The abundance of life begins with enjoying loneliness.
In this busy world, with loneliness as a companion, enjoy freedom and Enron.

Zhang Dai, a writer in the Qing Dynasty, loved to enjoy the snow.

he often wrapped himself in thick clothes, carried the stove, sat in a small boat, and went to the pavilion in the middle of the lake to see the snow.

in the white world, he is alone, no poetry friends recite poems and lyrics, no wine friends push the cup to change.

he boiled wine in a red stove, drank and enjoyed the scenery, and there was great joy in his heart.

as the saying goes, solitude is also a happy event, which may not be known to everyone else.

A truly determined person can give himself a wealth of peace even if he stands apart from the group and has no friends to accompany him.

Lin Zhi wrote a poem "Xiao Yin Zi", which describes the state of his life:

Bamboo trees surround Wulu, clear and deep and interesting.

when the crane is idle in the water for a long time, the bee is lazy to pick flowers.

he lives in seclusion in Gushan, West Lake, Hangzhou, living in a hut in a bamboo forest and living a life of fishing and studying alone.

he likes to drink and often drinks until he is a little tipsy, then put down his book and take a nap.

he domesticated two cranes and kept them in cages on weekdays. Once in a while, when someone came to visit, the child servant would open the cage and release the crane and let it report to its master.

where he arrived, he took a boat tour of the West Lake, looking for a quiet visit to ancient times.

Lin Kui is far away from the world of mortals all his life, with plum as his wife and crane as his son, quiet and rich.

I like a passage by Yu Hua in shouting in the drizzle:

instead of pretending to have a lot of friends, I returned to loneliness and started my life alone with the real me.

there is love everywhere in the world.

people who are really sober no longer rush to one lively event after another, and there is no need to draw satisfaction from the crowd.

they know how to settle down so that they can enjoy and enjoy all the scenery they can see.

there is a traveler in France named Sylvantaisson.

he lived alone in a cabin in the Siberian forest for six months.

there are no neighbors next to the cabin, at least 120 kilometers from the nearest village.

he fishes, cooks porridge, saws wood and cuts wood by himself. Ling ran is self-sufficient.

only tits come to greet him every day, but he is not lonely. He describes it happily:

it feels like heaven is nowhere else, in the chords of all this.

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people who are really determined, although they have no friends, they communicate with heaven and earth, make friends with flowers, birds, insects and fish, and accompany with the clear shadow of the moon.

the abundance of life begins with knowing how to enjoy loneliness.

you can sing alone and watch the scenery without worry. This kind of life is extremely simple and extravagant.

agrees with the philosopher Pascal's sentence:

"almost all our pain comes from our poor ability to be alone."

in this world, some people blindly ask for help and get lost in the noise and ostentation of the outside world.

some people have established a vast spiritual world, the body is confined to a place, but the soul flies thousands of miles.

writer Ma Boyong said that lonely time is the kingdom of his thoughts. Here, he interprets countless stories and countless kinds of life.

during the long journey, Ma Boyong pulled a book out of the bookshelf of memory and let his imagination get away with it.

for example, he once imagined that Lu Yao wrote another story on the back of the manuscript paper when he was writing the ordinary World.

the protagonist of the story is Tian Xiaoxia who fell into the water. She narrowly escaped death but suffered amnesia and began another period of life after being rescued.

his thoughts galloped in the story and gained a full sense of pleasure.

people with barren hearts need to borrow external things to fill their emptiness and anxiety.

A person with a rich soul can only reside in the world, and the vast spiritual world is the habitat of the soul.

as there is a saying:

later, many people asked me about the mood of wandering the road alone at night, but what I thought of was not loneliness and the long road, but the magnificent sea and the stars shining in the sky.

Zhou Guoping once mentioned that there are three states when people are alone.

first, he is in a state of trepidation and tries to escape from loneliness.

the second is to get used to loneliness, settle down and expel loneliness with reading and other things.

third, loneliness itself becomes a poetic soil, which induces profound thinking and experience about existence, life and self.

most people are in the first state and always want to seek a sense of existence in the crowd.

A small number of people, such as Lin Kui and Ma Boyong, are the latter two states. They are stable in heart and can enjoy unlimited happiness in solitude.

I know a senior who was the first amateur photographer in Xiamen.

he refuses all wine games, rejects superfluous social activities, and often shoots around alone with a camera.

once, on a whim, he wanted to photograph some plants, so he went into the Xiamen Botanical Garden with camera equipment on his back.

in order to see the changes of light and shadow in different periods of time, he can squat beside the antlers all the time.

in order to record kapok in all directions, he is happy to change the lens and angle.

the fixed frame of each landscape made his heart happy.

when he was tired of shooting, he found a standing rock, sat down and watched the sunset in a daze.Enjoy the peace of mind.

he went to the botanical garden for a week, staying from morning to evening, hardly communicating with anyone.

this state of solitude is his norm.

he also likes to travel alone.

at the railway station at five o'clock in the morning, he saw how homeless people live;

wandering around the bustling neighborhood, he watched drunken young people singing and dancing.

when taking the bus, he often chooses a seat by the window.

he will carefully observe the people around him, fantasize about their hidden stories and their lives after leaving the bus, and occasionally press the pause button in his mind to capture their subtle expressions and behaviors.

when the car is empty, he will quietly look out of the window, but his mind is intertwined with light and shadow colors, putting the scenery he sees into the spiritual world frame by frame, reconstructing and refilling the colors.

I once asked him, wouldn't this kind of widowed life be boring?

he said that living alone can be dull and boring, or it can be a full and wonderful trip.

the process of adapting to loneliness is also a process in which a person's soul sprouts and his spirit becomes more and more full.

Zhang Tingji, a gold and stone family in the Qing Dynasty, had a pair of couplets that were very interesting:

Zhu Youweng half-day sit-in

Ouyangzi reads books at night

Zhu Hui-Weng is Zhu Xi, a master of Confucianism. He likes to spend time in meditation. When he is alone, his state of mind is clear and he understands the true meaning of the world.

Ouyangzi is Ouyang Xiu, who reads books in the stillness of the night, whispering to the ancients and talking to the soul.

Zhuangzi has clouds, unique people, is said to be the most expensive.

people who enjoy solitude can give life a higher appearance than firewood, rice, oil and salt, and give themselves a piece of happiness.

, in this busy world, with loneliness as a companion, enjoy freedom and Enron.