The 80-year-old man in Jiangsu was "humiliated", and the monitoring screen was exposed: when you are old, who will support you?
The 80-year-old man in Jiangsu was "humiliated", and the monitoring screen was exposed: when you are old, who will support you?
People's life should have come to an end in a splendor.

recently, the people's Court of Hongze District in Jiangsu Province formally sentenced a case of "babysitter abuse of the elderly."

babysitter Pan Mouqin was sentenced to eight months in prison.

there is no need to dwell on the details of the case, just a few clips are enough to make people angry:

break the mouth of the old man and feed him forcefully.

throw the old man heavily from the wheelchair onto the bed by hugging and falling.

even use a used diaper pad to wipe the mouth of the old man who has just finished eating.

Pan Mouqin confessed during the trial that whenever he encountered troubles in life, he would vent his anger by abusing the elderly.

if you are not the children of the old man, when you see what Pan Mou-Qin has done when you call the monitoring, it is hard to imagine how much suffering the old man will have to go through.

there is a highly praised comment that makes people feel: "who can guarantee that the old man in today's video will not be himself tomorrow?"

everyone has a day to grow old, and the greatest sorrow in life is to live in despair and helplessness when they are supposed to be old.

this is not the first time a similar case has occurred.

almost at the same time, a stay-at-home babysitter in Hangzhou made a hit on the news of abusing a 93-year-old for three consecutive days.

many netizens left a message: "when you are old, you still have to rely on your children, otherwise there will be no one to help get justice."

having said that, sometimes what is even more frightening is that even those elderly people who have children are still unable to find support.

think of a video from some time ago.

in a remote rural area in Shaanxi Province, people over the age of 80 gathered together to take photos at the entrance of the village.

what they took was not a group photo after dinner, nor an ID photo, but a posthumous photo.

the longest of these elderly people has not seen their children for 17 years, and some of them do not even have contact information for their children.

they no longer expect to be visited by their children for the rest of their lives. the only thing they can do is to leave a picture of themselves while they can barely walk around.

although they are not sure: after they leave, will their children go back to the village for mourning?

the photos with dignified expressions are not only the manifestation of their bitter hearts, but also the real situation of countless people who have nothing to do.

similar news is common:

stumble at home, because the children are not around, so they can only ask their neighbors for help by knocking on the washbasin.

died alone in the bedroom and was not found until the body was decomposed, and the son actually lived in the same house;

it is true that it is a natural duty to support the elderly.

We also like to believe that most of the children in the world will do their best to take care of their parents.

but for the elderly, whether they live in a nursing home or rely on their children, they must first give up the initiative in their lives.

in the process, they can do nothing but hope that each other will do their part.

but we must admit that there is always a time when human nature cannot stand the test, even if it is only 1/10000 likely to fall on a lonely and helpless old man, it is a 100% "disaster."

writer Zhou Guoping once said: "the world seems to be bustling, but in fact everyone can only spend the winter alone, and the only one who can pull us out of trouble is ourselves."

in fact, the same is true for the elderly.

compared with filial sons and daughters and conscientious caregivers, the true sense of security is always self-sufficient and self-sufficient.

some time ago, "Immortal Grandma" Sheng Ruiling became popular all over the Internet.

one netizen commented: "it was only when I saw her that I had an intuitive understanding of the word 'crane hair and child's face' for the first time."

but looking back 30 years, Sheng Ruiling, 62, is a "weak old man" suffering from illness.

at that time, she was bloated, suffering from more than a dozen chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and was sent to hospital several times for emergency treatment.

although he was saved from danger and discharged from the hospital smoothly every time.

but Sheng Ruiling understands that if she goes on like this, she may be bedridden in another ten years.

in order not to add burden to her children, Sheng Ruiling began to control her diet and exercise regularly.

it is often said that people are rare in the seventies.

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but for Sheng Ruiling, the 70-year-old is not only healthier than ever, but her life has also ushered in a new beginning.

while delivering magazines for her son, she became interested in advertising.

as a result, with her elegant temperament, she was successfully selected as an elderly model and devoted herself to her favorite career.

the passing of time is a natural law that everyone has to face.

but getting old is never a helpless process of getting to the finish line slowly.

even if your energy is not as good as it used to be, you can still live the life you want with your own efforts.

80-year-old Wang Deshun walks with great strides.On the runway, a suit of tendon meat won the applause of the whole house;

Nasida Abden in Germany, 88 years old, is still working as a fitness trainer for people in their 20s.

French health magazine TOPSANTE has reported that exercising every day and keeping the brain active by reading can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease to 1.2 per cent and stroke to 0.8 per cent at the age of 80.

many Hale and hearty old people, not everyone has the top care conditions, what they have is a healthy lifestyle and a state of mind that they do not want to grow old.

I agree with such a sentence: "the sign of one's true old age is not to reach a certain age, but to stop working for the life he likes."

everyone can't resist the passage of time, but if they don't put up with time, they can still take the initiative in life.

of course, we say that old people have to rely on themselves, but that doesn't mean their children can stay out of it.

before, a

# my sister-in-law took the old man home in advance and was caught by her younger brother #

has warmed up countless netizens.

when Mr. Li came home from work, he found his 90-year-old mother gone.

he immediately went out to look for it, and soon "stopped" the man who quietly picked up his mother.

it turns out that four years ago, Mr. Li's father died, and he and his three brothers took turns to take care of his mother.

according to their original arrangement, the mother would take turns to stay in each house for two months.

but very often, brothers take care of each other and always take the initiative to pick up their mother ahead of time.

providing for the aged is perhaps an extremely heavy topic for many people.

in this competition, it is full of warmth.

of course, in the face of reality, every family has a difficult book.

for the elderly, the memory is slowly fading and the physical strength is gradually losing. No matter how much you rely on yourself, there will always be a day when you need help.

for the children, the company's shift should be overtime, and the next generation's life should be paid attention to. Even if you are willing to fulfill your filial piety, you will feel powerless for a moment.

Children and the elderly should be a two-way process, which cannot be separated from the sense of responsibility of the children and the understanding of the elderly.

the elderly maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of their bodies, which is a consideration for their children.

if children stick to their responsibilities, they will also find that their parents do not want much, and a high-quality companionship is already the greatest comfort to them.

I think of a sentence that netizens said: "perhaps the best way for old people to get along with their children is the distance between a bowl of porridge."

apart but not apart, each other has their own lives.

when necessary, the bowl of porridge sent by the sons and daughters is still warm in the mouth.

their respective responsibilities, mutual understanding, in these impermanent years, with blood dissolved in the water of kinship, dilute the merciless reality of the threat.

A few words outline the happy evening scene that people long for.

in the ever-changing world, it is with feeding and back-feeding that it is full of tenderness.

as the writer Zeng Pu said, there is no difference in romance, and the pomegranate flowers are red in the sunset.

people's life should have come to an end in a splendor.

when you are old, in addition to relying on your children, you must also eat healthily, keep exercising, find a hobby and enjoy a happy time.

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