The 22-year-old girl who was saved in the Wenchuan earthquake has become like this after marrying a 40-year-old savior.
The 22-year-old girl who was saved in the Wenchuan earthquake has become like this after marrying a 40-year-old savior.
If there is no good marriage to achieve each other, then learn to be self-pleasing and self-fulfilling.

in the year of graduation, the 22-year-old Shaou traveled to Sichuan with his classmates.

unexpectedly, a 40-year-old man came forward and rescued her from the Wenchuan earthquake.

from then on, she can't forget him! And regardless of family opposition, determined to pursue love!

now, many years later, her ending is unexpected, and she has become like this!

graduation travel was rescued by an earthquake

this year, Shaou, who just graduated from university, traveled to Wenchuan with his classmates.

never thought that she suddenly encountered an earthquake while eating, and her survival instinct made her drill under the table before she had time to think about it.

at this time, a pair of big hands picked her up and rushed to the street below the restaurant.

"to tell you the truth, if it hadn't been for him, I might not have stood here today."

she looked back and saw that the restaurant was in ruins.

in shock, she looked blankly at everything in front of her, as if she had passed a lifetime.

by the time she regained consciousness, her rescuers had rushed to the ruins and pulled around to save others.

looking back on this scene, the sand seagull is full of emotion.

before leaving, she asked around and learned that the benefactor's name was Ba Shuai.

after getting his contact information, Shaou made a special trip to him to express his gratitude.

for some time since then, she often took the initiative to contact him to learn about the disaster in Wenchuan and provide some help as much as she could.

with the passage of time, Wenchuan was rebuilt from the earthquake, and the mountains and rivers gradually healed the wounds.

and after a long interaction with Ba Shuai, her affection for him is no longer as simple as kindness.

they have an unexpected ending

maybe there was fate, and the company suddenly sent her to Wenchuan on business.

after her surprise, she dared not tell Ba Shuai.

she thought: under unknown circumstances, if they can still meet by chance, it will be a fate stronger than gold.

however, she was disappointed. Reality is not an idol drama, not so many chance encounters.

the loss and reluctance on her face made her friends worry about her.

when asked by her friends, she said what was on her mind: she fell in love with Ba Shuai.

when a good friend heard this, he repeatedly denied it and said, "that is kindness, not love."

soon, her parents also knew what was on her mind and denied it again and again.

"you can't go to him, he's nearly 20 years older than you!"

"long-distance relationships are unreliable and hard. We can't ask for trouble."


however, the seagull turned a deaf ear to everything.

she thought about it for a long time and decided to take the initiative to break the window paper and go to this relationship. She knew very well that her feelings for him were not only kindness, but also love.

however, after she took the initiative to express her love, she was explicitly and solemnly refused by Ba Shuai.

Shaou knows very well that he is not unkind to her, he just has a lot of realistic considerations and scruples.

from his rescue of her whom he had never met before, to her explicit refusal now, she knew that he was the most kind and pure person.

she firmly believes that he deserves to be entrusted for life!

as a result, she changed her usual clever personality and rebelled bravely once, and she went straight to him and launched a gentle offensive.

after the two decided to officially get together, they met with a lot of skepticism and bad talk.

parents are not optimistic about them, friends are not optimistic about them, and onlookers on the Internet are even more negative:

"how can they last long if they are so many years apart?"

in the face of these, the two people do not explain, do not get angry, and live together in a low profile.

I thought they would be separated after dating for a period of time, but surprisingly, they got a license to get married.

what is even more surprising is that after years of silence in the public eye, they now have a pair of children when they reappear.

and the seagulls are still as beautiful as they were at the age of 22.

some people say, "whether marriage is good or not, you can tell by your face."

the beautiful appearance of the sand seagull, with a beautiful face and smiling eyes, makes me believe that over the years, she has lived a good life when she married the right person.

A good marriage makes people glow and have light in their eyes.

conversely, falling into a bad marriage can make people dim and ugly.

well-known actress Jia Jingwen is a typical case.

in 2005, Jia Jingwen became popular with dramas such as "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" and "Supreme Beauty".

when she was at the peak of her career, she had to suspend her career marriage because she was pregnant with Sun Zhihao, the son of a wealthy family.

after her marriage, she showed her love in interviews many times.

but how can she hide from others when she looks haggard and without light in her eyes?

soon, the entertainment record filmed her husband's affair on the day she gave birth.

although she vehemently denied it, soon after, the husband and wife openly tore each other, and the facts of marital infidelity and domestic violence could no longer be hidden.

during the divorce, she was asked by her husband to leave the house clean and pay a compensation of 26 million yuan, otherwise she would not be allowed to see her daughter.

at this time, she has long lost the aura of "Zhao Min", her fundus has also lost her luster, and the whole person is in a mess.

people who also lose their luster in a bad marriage and become haggard and vicissitudes of life, and Su Min.

Aunt Su Min, an Internet celebrity driving herself, hastily married a man who had only met twice in order to escape the shackles of her family when she was young.

she thought she would be comfortable from then on, but she didn't expect that the marriage was full of language and physical violence.

as a result, she suffers from depression and is much older than her peers. She didn't catch her breath until she escaped from her marriage and started a self-driving tour at the age of 56.

it is often needless to say whether the marriage is good or not, and a person's appearance is the best innuendo he has ever encountered.

in 2014, Jia Jingwen, four years after her divorce, met Xiu Jiekai.

Xiu Jie Kai understands her, is willing to protect her, and treats her and her ex-husband's daughter as his own.

therefore, she plucked up the courage to choose marriage again.

in this marriage, she seldom shows her love deliberately, but anyone with a discerning eye can see that this marriage has nourished her.

she is getting better and better, has given birth to two more daughters after marriage, and has made a comeback in her career.

it can be described as a bumper harvest in marriage and career.

Li Jian said: "A good marriage will make people more powerful."

this is true. If you combine with the right person, you will continue to meet a better person.

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when it comes to marriage, women are really different from whom they marry.

so, if you meet the right person, such as Shaou meets Ba Shuai, Jia Jingwen meets Xiu Jiekai, then go bravely and cherish it!

if you don't meet, please don't make do because of external pressure.

if you unfortunately meet the wrong person and step into a bad marriage, stop the loss in time and don't let yourself fall into a darker abyss.

just like Su Min chose to divorce at the age of 58 and became a self-media person, she opened the sea of stars for the rest of her life.

if there is no good marriage to achieve each other, then learn to be self-pleasing and self-fulfilling.


, sincerely wish all women can be lucky to meet the right person, in a good marriage, there is light in the eyes, everlasting youth, beautiful everywhere.

this book is published under authorization.