The 21-year-old single mother takeout worker brushed the screen overnight! Her response just now made me cry again.
The 21-year-old single mother takeout worker brushed the screen overnight! Her response just now made me cry again.
May you and I all be free, open to the warmth of spring and walk until the lights are bright.


whenever I think I want to be numb to the world, there are always people who make me cry.

this time, it is a girl of only 21 years old.

her face, with a warm, windy smile,

her eyes shone brightly, but people dared not look at them.

at the age of 20, some people are in college, others are still under the care of their parents, but the girl has been delivering takeout for several years.

because it's the most lucrative job she can find.

because of this job, she can take care of the children at any time. It's not her brother or sister, it's her own child.

climb and run for 13 hours a day.

365 days a year dare not stop, only 21 years old, but she has no way out.

the husband died in a car accident when the child was not born.

my mother-in-law got the compensation and drove her and her daughter out of the house when the child was a few months old.

the suffering that the screenplay can't bear to write,

is what this young girl is going through.

when her daughter was six months old, she carried the baby on her back and delivered takeout together.

I don't know how many people will stare strangely every day, and I don't know how many flights of stairs to climb.

"if a young man does not climb a building, who will climb it? If you don't bear hardships now, when will you eat them? "

leave my hometown and parents and wander alone in Anqing.

her parents advised her that you are only 21 years old and may have a better life in the future.

"she loves her daughter, and I love my daughter too!"

her eyes were firm and sincere, without a trace of regret or reluctance.

Life is filled with so much bitterness and difficulty that her eyes are still shining, and her wish is simple:

buy a small house in the future, a small one will be fine, as long as she can live with her daughter.

We can't throw her the praise of "the female is weak, but the mother is strong".

as she said, she was just fighting hard.

what is really worth praising is the people who are still strong, kind and lovely in the face of misfortune.

how much does a wedding dress cost to make a wife happy?

a high determination of more than a hundred thousand? A selection of thousands of dollars?

in two lines of comments written by a buyer's show:

its answer is 38.25 yuan.

"my wife is disabled, fulfilling her wish (in wedding dress). She is very happy to wear it. You see it looks good."

the attached photo shows the emaciated wife happily gesturing.

Our purple sequin cocktail dress will make you look stunning. Our collections are made of the best quality superb fabrics.

behind the half-body wedding dress, there is a mountain of medicine and an empty house.

the wife is disabled and the husband can only afford a wedding dress of 30 yuan.

We can't imagine how long it took them to choose the most expensive one for them in this purchase link.

similarly, you may not be able to imagine that hundreds of thousands of televisions will be sold at a price of 200 yuan.

their living environment is almost always like this.

if you can buy tens of thousands of televisions, who wants to find the outside world through the blurry screen?

if you can move into a bright home, who wants to live in a place where chicken feathers are still dilapidated many times?

in the documentary Kill that newsstand:

guarding the wife of dementia and the newspaper kiosk abandoned by the times, the 70-year-old can only make a living by picking up trash.

her happiest thing is that someone came to her to buy books, but in the end the newsstand was gone.

in the most realistic book of life, there are too many people living a life we can't imagine.

when we criticize our fate, complain about the injustice of the world, and look around, we will find that some people are alive

try your best.

even on the most ordinary days, they have to stand on tiptoe to get it.

the story also has the latest follow-up after the video of a 21-year-old single mother has been widely followed.

she did not accept help from the Women's Federation or the company.

compared with herself, who is young and able to bear hardships, she hopes that the money can help the disabled who need help more than she does.

We can't help but criticize her mother-in-law for taking away the compensation, but she is still thinking about her mother-in-law:

"after all, she is so old.... She lost a son, too. "

she is unwilling to accept other people's help and sympathy, but sympathizes with the people who put hardships on her life.

this kind and optimistic girl raised her daughter well by herself.

Clean skirt, bright smile,

is the result of her best efforts to protect with love and efforts.

"three meals a day is my happiest life."

social platform, she wrote down her simplest expectations for the future.

fortunately, she continues her enthusiasm and light that no one can stop.

suddenly thought of another child who grew up in his father's takeout box.

5 months after suffering from infantile pneumonia, the family ran out of savings.

in order to earn money to support his family, my father Li Yuanyuan's takeout box contains his daughter in the front and a life in the back.

more than three years later, a half-year-old takeout baby has grown into a four-year-old girl.

moreover, he has grown into a more clever and sensible look than children of the same age.

she is still delivering takeout with her father, pressing the elevator for her father and saying goodbye to the guests.

the smile on her face is still bright and lovely.

the bitterness that life gives to this family, they turn love into sugar.

Life is full of ups and downs, ups and downs, success or failure of love and hate.

Life likes to smooth out our edges and corners in various forms, so we can only show it "round".

you see, the couple who can only afford 30 yuan wedding dress are still trying to enrich every sunrise and sunset in their barren life.

the kind shopkeeper returned 50 yuan directly to him, and 100000 + likes and comments were full of blessings and warmth.

you see, the grandma of the newsstand, who spends her days picking up trash, says that her life is really too hard, and that she is still so sincere and kind to life and customers.

"We can't see all the snow that falls in a person's life.

everyone spends the winter alone in their own lives. "

this is Liu Liangcheng's interpretation of life, but today, I believe Haruki Murakami's sentence:

"if you happen to be in trouble and suffering at this moment, I would like to tell you that although it is very difficult at the moment, this experience may bear fruit in the future."

when we come to this world, no one's life will be plain sailing, and everyone must have a time to overcome difficulties.

there are sorrows in front of and behind the mountains.

but there is wind but there is no wind. May you and I all be free, face the warmth of spring, and walk until the lights are bright.