Take an umbrella for yourself so that you won't get wet by the rain.
Take an umbrella for yourself so that you won't get wet by the rain.
May you be an umbrella holder for the rest of your life.


recently, I came across a sentence that touched my heart: "because I have been in the rain, I always want to hold an umbrella for others



Life is ill-fated and fate is difficult. There are too many bitterness can only have their own to carry, their own experience.

We all yearn for someone to help us when we are alone. But more often, they have to carry it on their own.

the longer you live, the more you understand. Instead of counting on others to hold an umbrella, it is better to carry one's own umbrella. Hold an umbrella for yourself so that you won't get wet.

if you have an umbrella, you won't worry about rain or sunshine

Zhang ailing said: "in this strange world, no one can lead a smooth life."

the mystery of this world is that you think you see the top of the mountain, but it is only the corner of the mountain and the tip of the iceberg.

We can never see the whole picture of life, so we can only move forward step by step and get closer to the mountain in our hearts.

writer Bai Luomei said: "if you pack your bags, you will be a passer-by; if you put down your burden, you will find your hometown."

perhaps, the meaning of life is to stop, stop and walk.

the world is inherently capricious and unpredictable.

you and I are both born in the world of mortals, through the passing years of heavy mountains and rivers, we should understand:

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at any time, you don't have to worry about sunny or rainy days by holding your own umbrella.

when you have an umbrella in your hand, you can choose whether to walk or run in the rain.

No one will say what you do, because you control the home court of life.

if you don't have an umbrella in your hand, you can only wait for others to pity you in the face of the heavy rain in your life.

waiting for the love of others, it always depends on the face of others.

Confucius said: "the gentleman asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

remember: on rainy days, please learn to hold umbrellas for yourself; on windy nights, keep yourself warm.

instead of waiting for gifts from others, it is better to exercise your strength. The help of others is only temporary, and you can live a good life on your own.

give people an umbrella, kindness is the bone

the first thing Hu Xueyan did after his family got rich was to build hospitals, schools and railway stations.

someone asked him why he invested his money in things that didn't pay off in those days.

Hu Xueyan said: someone gave me an umbrella on a rainy day, so I want to give others an umbrella, too.

in fact, each of us has the ability to "hold an umbrella" for others. This umbrella is the kindness in our bones.

it does not need to be defined by matter and money, it can also be a small thing. Even if it is a smile, it is someone else's umbrella.

there is no such thing as kindness and help in this world. Only from the original heart, obey the original heart.

as "Cai Gentan" said: "character to the extreme, there is no other difference, but the original."

in fact, everyone who holds an umbrella knows that the purpose of holding an umbrella is not only to protect others from the wind and rain, but also to protect the subtle light in their hearts.

because I have been exposed to the rain, I don't want others to suffer the same again. Know that life is not easy, will become soft everywhere, treat each other with tenderness.

kindness is always the deepest strength of a strong man. The world is bizarre and unpredictable. But kind people are not old all the time, and they are always with warmth.

times are difficult, but we still yearn for kindness. A kind person is the light revealed in the wind and rain.

some people say that people who hold umbrellas for others will get wet eventually.

but I think that when this umbrella is opened, the person holding the umbrella will no longer care about the wind and rain to wet himself.

there is no equality between giving and receiving, and there is no absolute fairness in this world.

True kindness is never about getting something in return after giving, but enjoying the process of giving, regardless of gain and loss.

as the old saying goes, "you don't need to be seen to accumulate virtue, but you will know when you do good."

maybe people with umbrellas will get wet, too. But one day, there will be an umbrella for him.

I believe that although human feelings are cold and warm, people are not alone. As long as we can protect the warmth, then love nature will be passed on.

, may you be an umbrella holder for the rest of your life.

hold an umbrella for yourself, block the ups and downs of the road ahead, and hold an umbrella for others to extend love and kindness generously.