State of mind is the cure for everything (suggested collection)
State of mind is the cure for everything (suggested collection)
A good state of mind is the cure for everything!

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researchers have done a survey of 700 centenarians for three years, and found that people who live longer have only one thing in common:

the secret of longevity has nothing to do with diet, habits or health, but to have a good mindset!

Modern medical research has found that 65% to 90% of human health problems are related to mentality.

mentality affects mood, while emotion affects physical health, for example:

when angry, there will be pulse, heartbeat, faster breathing and other symptoms;

loss of appetite when you are sad;

fear and lying can make the central nervous system nervous.

being in a state of restlessness for a long time will suppress and destroy the body's immune system.

if you have a good state of mind, everything will be all right.

people with a good mindset will never grow old

"Frozen Goddess" Zhao Yazhi once posted a group of recent photos online, and netizens said: "it's amazing!" Nothing like a man in his sixties!

it is said that time urges people to grow old, but in the 67-year-old, not only can not find many signs of aging, but left more intellectual and elegant.

more than 30 years later, she seems to be the gentle and beautiful "Bai Suzhen" at that time.

someone asked her the secret of staying beautiful, and she said:

"I think beauty is a peaceful and natural state of mind.

even if he is not a born beautiful person, as long as he has such an optimistic and healthy mind, he will certainly look good. "

A beautiful and peaceful state of mind can make you calmly face the ups and downs of life and face the changes of life.

years make people old, no one is always young, but there is always someone who is always beautiful.

it is said that "phase is born from the heart". Your state of mind determines your appearance.

it is not difficult to find that people with a bad state of mind tend to look haggard and haggard and look much older than their peers.

and people with a good state of mind are always glowing and energetic, and it will be physically and mentally pleasant to get along with them.

as Tagore said, "when a person smiles, the world will fall in love with him."


A good mindset is the cheapest and most effective maintenance agent.

people with a good mindset are healthier

there used to be a question on the Internet: "what is the highest state of health?"


there is an answer: "nourish the heart."


I think so.

keeping your mindset is more useful than any other health regimen.

once read a story:

two people were diagnosed with bladder cancer in the same month of the same year.

five years have passed, one disease has disappeared, and the other's grave has long been covered with grass.

the living person, he thinks, mainly lies in his good state of mind.

after surgery and chemotherapy, he calmly recuperated his body, used his spare time to learn calligraphy, painting and tai chi, and always maintained the habit of walking 5 kilometers every morning.

now, my physique is better, walking briskly and responsive.

the other is not. After he learned that he had cancer, he was depressed and immersed in the shadow of grief every day.

only when you have a good state of mind can you have a good body and a healthy and happy life.

people with a good mindset become more elegant as they live.

earlier, a video of "four grandmothers taking to the streets in cheongsam" went viral on Douyin.

the four grandmothers in the video, white-haired Zhu Yan, wearing cheongsam, holding Su embroidered fans, wearing tassel pendants, frowning and smiling, are all amorous feelings.

netizens sigh: years are never defeated by beauty, and age can never define beauty!

although she is old, I don't see much sense of vicissitudes in the four grandmothers, but more of the calmness and elegance after the precipitation of the years.

Audrey Hepburn said:

"the charm of a woman does not lie in her appearance, but her true beauty is reflected in the depths of a woman's soul."

the true beauty never lies in the appearance, but in the nobility and elegance of the soul.

as a saying on the Internet: there is a kind of woman, standing there is the scenery, bringing her own story, bowing her head is a poem.

temperament and fashion have nothing to do with years, but only about the heart.

keep a good mindset, no matter what age you reach, you can live gracefully and calmly.

people with a good mindset will be good all their lives

Byron said, "although the pessimist lives to death, the optimist lives forever."


Life will give back to you in what way you treat life with what attitude you use.

socialite Yan Youyun, who was 112 years old, has experienced numerous waves in her life, but has always maintained a positive attitude.

on one occasion, her home was invaded by thieves, and the precious treasures that had been collected for many years were gone.

usually your wife is crazy about this kind of thing, but she just says faintly:

"all bad things can happen, which is the least serious."

I just lost my belongings, and everything else that was important was unharmed-my life, health and family. "

that isOver the age of 100, she still keeps putting on makeup, cooking, reading newspapers, playing mahjong, knitting sweaters, and even going out to make new friends and go to parties.

with a good state of mind, she has been beautiful with grace all her life.

as it is written in "half an mu of Flower Field":

"in our lives, we all receive different scripts.

some are plain, some are strong, some are laughing, some are tears, in any case, I will act well until the curtain ends. "

what you live in this life is a mood, fame and fortune turn your head empty, what really matters is how you live.

Happiness is a day, and so is unhappiness. Keep a good state of mind, life will appear bright and lovely.

A good state of mind is the cure for everything

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Bi Shumin said, "A sound state of mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.


A good state of mind is the cure for everything, so that we can live a chic and comfortable life in this complicated world.

so, how to cultivate a good state of mind? Here are some tips to give it a try.

1. Don't be stingy with your smile, whether to others or to yourself.

2. Take some time every day to meditate to calm your body and mind.

3. Learn three words: "never mind", "forget it" and "it's all right".

4. Go out more often and get some fresh air.

5. Watch the news more, not out of touch with the times.

6. Exercise moderately and keep healthy.

7. Keep three hearts: childlike innocence, kindness and ordinary heart.

8. Have a balanced diet and a regular schedule.

9. Communicate more with your family, with your friends, and with your loved ones.

10. Be nice to yourself and do what you like.

11. Learn four points: a bigger heart, a wider heart, a little optimism, and a little contentment.

12. Willing to share and deliver beauty.

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