Six habits to enrich yourself
Six habits to enrich yourself
A person in the study, continuous growth and progress, in order to meet a better self.



A person spends half an hour reading at least every day.

maybe not reading does not affect the normal life.

as long as you have enough to eat, you won't be hungry. As long as you rest on time, you won't feel sleepy.

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but not reading will affect your quality of life.

if you don't read, your language will become boring.

if you don't read, your mind will become mediocre.

if you don't read, your life will become monotonous.

A person can meet a better self only if he keeps growing and making progress while reading.

if you don't read, you will only become more and more rigid and numb.


No matter how busy one is, one should find time to exercise.

sitting or lying still for a long time every day will not only hurt your body, but also make yourself more and more lazy.

but keep exercising regularly, which can not only keep your body healthy, but also make yourself more energetic and younger.

there is a saying:

"Life lies in movement."

there are many disadvantages of not exercising, for example, physical fitness will get worse, which can easily lead to obesity.

but love exercise, not only can control the weight, but also exercise willpower.

when you get active, you will have a better and better body and bring yourself a more and more positive state of life.


there is a saying: "people are not addicted, do not have sex."

everyone has their own things that they especially like to do.

or sing and dance, or write and draw.

have hobbies and no hobbies, lead a different life.

if a person does not have a hobby, he will feel bored and even live a meaningless life every day.

but if one has a hobby, life will be full of vitality and life will be especially interesting.

every day, we have our own leisure time more or less.

Don't waste your time, spend it on something you really love. In this way, life will be very different.


it is difficult for a person to make progress if he just repeats what he was yesterday every day.

if you just repeat yesterday's life, you will live a boring life.

if you want to make your life more exciting, you must learn to set yourself goals and plans that are slightly more difficult but achievable.

can be, in a certain period of time, learn a new skill, learn to swim, learn to play the piano, learn to shoot.

can be, at a certain stage, to make your state more positive, optimistic and upward.

can also be a good habit of getting up early, going to bed early, or taking a lunch break within a year.

when you have a goal in life, you will become the better and better person you are in your efforts.


one should set aside time for reflection every day.

make a strict self-review of your words, lines, and even thoughts on this day.

everyone is not perfect.

but everyone has the ability and opportunity to correct their own mistakes.

one sentence is wrong, try to speak more appropriately and appropriately next time, that is, growth and progress.

if you do something wrong, try not to make the same mistake a second time, which is a sign of getting stronger.

having a bad idea, you can't easily indulge yourself. To analyze and correct it positively is a new beginning.

A person who knows how to reflect has the ability to renew himself.

only if you are willing to face up to your mistakes and deficiencies, can you constantly improve and improve yourself.

State of mind

No matter how good and excellent a person is, he should always maintain an empty cup mentality.

you will be able to accept and learn more and become more knowledgeable and wiser.

the more self-righteous, the more like a full cup of water, there is no room for newer, better, better knowledge and knowledge.

the more humble you study, the more you can constantly broaden yourself, let yourself absorb, learn from, and learn from people who are better than you.



, when a person maintains a progressive and progressive state of mind, his life will be as wonderful as open hanging.