Sit on the side of the road and applaud.
Sit on the side of the road and applaud.
Just because life is ordinary doesn't mean it's not happy.



my friend asked me:

"if you can only be an ordinary person in this life, will you be reconciled?

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I use Zhou Guoping's words to answer:

"there are three times of growth in life: one is to find that you are no longer the center of the world, the second is to find that no matter how hard you are, and the third is to accept your ordinary and enjoy the ordinary."

I have always thought that this passage is our way to Nirvana. We have to accept who we are and live without going against our hearts.

every ordinary person has a highlight moment

tell four more stories.

the first story is that of my good friend Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao's company received an order.

No one wants to dock, so Xiaoxiao takes over.

this order adds millions to the company's performance.

Xiaoxiao said that he always felt ordinary and did not expect that if I did my job dutifully and well, I would also be able to usher in a moment of highlights.

ordinary self will also have moments of highlight.

once when he went to the supermarket with his daughter, someone took off his mask as soon as he got into the elevator.

my uncle chose to turn a blind eye, but the daughter said, "Uncle, please put on your mask."

on the way home, I met a vegetable farmer with a burden.

my daughter asked her uncle to buy the vegetables from the vegetable farmer and let my uncle go home early.

Uncle said, my daughter's academic performance is poor, but she is brave, kind and understanding. I am very proud of her.

ordinary children also have moments of highlights.

the year I graduated from college, I went to Beijing alone.

I found a bank card and note in my suitcase:

"there are thirty thousand yuan in it, so you should take it for an emergency."

I burst into tears at that time, and I have been useless with this money.

my parents are ordinary, but they give me the best.

ordinary parents also have moments of highlight.

the fourth story is my sister's.

my sister often says that her brother-in-law has achieved nothing, but she is partial to her brother-in-law most of the time.

my sister said that although he didn't earn much money, he doted on me in all kinds of ways, and his life was worth it.

ordinary partners also have moments of highlights.

We are born ordinary, so we have to be more considerate to the people around us.

understand the child's ordinary,


understand the generality of parents,

understand the ordinary nature of your partner.

Happiness isn't about getting what you want, it's about living in peace with what you can't change.

Love imperfect self and accept imperfect others.

can't stand on the podium, then sit off the stage and applaud

when we were young, people would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up.

when we grow up, people will ask us what kind of college we want to take.

after work, people will ask us where we want to buy a house.

if your answer is mediocre, you will be scoffed at by others.

therefore, we are not reconciled to being ordinary people all the way.

these standards affect our lives like a ruler:

to be a successful person,

want to buy a house and a car,

be better off than others.

only by doing this can life be considered perfect.

there is such a plot in the book "people sitting by the roadside applauding".

the girl got 23 in the exam, and her classmates called her the 23rd.

at a family gathering, adults ask children what their dreams are.

be a pianist,

"be an entrepreneur


23rd said: "I want to be a kindergarten teacher and lead the children to sing and dance." And I want to be a mother and cook delicious food for my children. "

all the other children were performing their talents, and the 23rd was just applauding.

during the outing, the two boys grabbed a biscuit and no one would compromise.

the 23rd said: "if you flip a coin, whoever wins will eat."

the students were restless when they were caught in a traffic jam.

the 23rd amused the students by telling jokes all the way.

No. 23, whose grades are mediocre, is the most popular child in the class because she is optimistic and humorous.

23 praised her as the "big star" of the class, but the 23rd said:


, I don't want to be a "big star"

, I want to be the one sitting on the side of the road and clapping.

if you can't stand on the podium, be an applauder.

if you can't be a poet, be a poet.

there is a line in the Journey of Flying House:

"Happiness is not immortality, fish and meat, power and opposition.

but the realization of tiny life wishes one by one.

you have something to eat when you want to eat, and someone to love you when you want to be loved. "

what is happiness?

I can sleep in my own bed, eat the food cooked by my parents, say nice things to my lover, and play games with my children.

can support himself and his family.

We are born ordinary, will live in an ordinary house, do an ordinary job, with an ordinary salary.

just because life is ordinary doesn't mean you are unhappy.

some people love, have something to do, have something to look forward to, mediocre is not happiness.

, if you were too tired in the past, be the one sitting on the side of the road and applauding from now on.

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