Relying on yourself is the most sober way for adults to live.
Relying on yourself is the most sober way for adults to live.
The difference between people's fate mainly lies in the gap of thinking ability.

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the TV series "the way of Heaven" is regarded as a domestic magic drama, and some topics in the drama are still hot.

on your own, go through the narrow door.

writer Doudou borrows the mouth of Ding Yuanying to warn the world:

the dead knot of traditional ideas lies in the word "rely on", relying on parents at home and friends when going out.

in life, only by relying on yourself can we stand up spiritually.

make continuous progress in cutting through difficulties, and constantly improve the power of thinking, action and emotion in solving problems.

rely on yourself to improve your thinking

thinking is the ability to see the nature of a problem through the appearance of things.

the difference between people's fate mainly lies in the gap of thinking ability.

in the way of Heaven, Rhythm was sued by Lesheng for a price war and claimed 6 million yuan.

in the face of this lawsuit, the company's shareholders have different considerations, different choices, and different outcomes.

Ye Xiaoming, Feng Shijie, and Liu Bing believe that Lesheng has a big mouth and wants to kill Metrical Poetry.

"it is dead to win or lose this case, and there may be a glimmer of hope for peace."

when peace failed, the company became a thorn in the flesh in the eyes of Ye, Feng and Liu. They categorically proposed to withdraw their shares, pushing all the risks to Ouyang Xue.

what is interesting is that in the face of the same thing, some people ran away quickly, while others bowed into the game.

after receiving Ouyang Xue's request for her to represent the lawsuit, Xiao Yawen, as Ding Yuanying's former assistant, quickly shared the same frequency with General Ding's thinking:

from what I know about Boss Ding, there is no way that Boss Ding could not have foreseen this lawsuit.

this lawsuit is by no means accidental or passive, but is designed and expected, and is part of the plan.

out of morality, she waived the agency fee of 200000 yuan and took the initiative to take a stake in Metrics.

what is even more interesting is that just a few days after Xiao Yawen took over Metrics, he received a 6.5 million letter of intent from Piaget.

when Liu Bing, who still works in metrical poetry, received a letter of intent, his first thought was that he had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Xiao Yawen was full of doubts. She went to the coffee shop for three hours to think about the whole context of the letter of intent and came to a clear judgment:

There's nothing more elegant or desirable than our wedding dresses online. Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

Piaget's move is just pretending to attack in order to retreat, not for the purpose of acquisition, but for proximity and understanding, which is called vigilance and goodwill.

the ability to think independently is an irreplaceable competitiveness.

Xiao Yawen, with his excellent thinking ability, decisively entered the game and turned adversity into opportunity in the metrical poem incident, and finally won the respect of his peers and the trust of Ding Yuanying.

Daniel Kahneman points out in thinking, Fast and slow: the human brain has two ways of thinking: fast and slow.

our most commonly used quick thinking is the ability to make quick judgments based on emotion, memory, and experience.

but it often listens to the wind is rain, so it is easy to be deceived and lead us to make the wrong choices unconsciously.

Fast and slow, want and do, are dialectical unity.

this is the truth that people often say, "take your time, it will be faster."

if you blindly take shortcuts when you think, you will easily encounter traps in your actions.

only when you think about it clearly can you make it clear.

be diligent in using your brain, "think twice before you act", sum up and review in time afterwards, you can constantly improve your thinking ability and provide motivation for efficient action.

rely on yourself to promote new actions

as the saying goes, "Action is the best teacher."

Ouyang Xue in the way of Heaven,

be able to counterattack all the way to become a hotel owner and successfully buy a stake in Metrics. It depends on her super power of action.

when her parents divorced, she dropped out of school and struggled on the line of survival, but Ouyang Xue never accepted her fate and kept striding upward.

she started from setting up wonton stalls. Later, when she encountered the opportunity to open a restaurant, she pulled her good friend Rui Xiaodan into a joint venture to achieve her first leap forward.

in order to test Ding Yuanying's sincerity to Rui Xiaodan, she made a bet with Ding Yuanying that she would keep her word.

even if she lost all her money, she bought and bought the same stock at the time specified by Ding Yuanying, doubling her assets within a year.

Ding Yuanying founded Metrical Poetry Company in her name.

although she does not know the trade, she believes in Ding Yuanying's layout, and actually invests 1 million yuan to hold shares, fully entrusting Ding Yuanying to hold shares on her behalf.

since she met Ding Yuanying, she has followed and studied all the way.

even though Ding Yuanying's investment decision was temporarily incomprehensible, she chose to believe it and resolutely implement it.

she said to Ding Yuanying:

"the eldest brother would rather give me a chance than ask me to help."

this is what Ouyang Xue said and did, and she achieved a successful leap over and over again with practical actions.

Ye, Feng, and Liu, on the other hand, tried to get advice from experts, sharpening their heads and squeezing into Metrical Poetry.

but he is skeptical about the layout of the founder of the company, carrying out it on the surface, leaving a hand behind his back and taking a look at it step by step.One step, find something bad and run away quickly.

Barniwick, former chairman of ABB, once said:


5% of the success of an enterprise lies in strategy and 95% in implementation.


at the beginning of the establishment of Metrics, Han Chufeng used "climbing along the well" to describe whether the company's shareholders could break the situation. Ding Yuanying replied:

"allow several shareholders to climb the edge of the well, whether they can climb up or not is up to them."

Ye, Feng and Liu unfortunately answered Han Chufeng's prophecy.

looking at the edge of the well, he fell again, satisfied his eyes, suffered and greed, and fell into hell again.

Ouyang Xue climbed up the edge of the well by taking advantage of the situation and saw a more gorgeous scenery by taking advantage of the situation with super action power and efficient implementation.

Action is a person's highest self-discipline.

only by taking action can we turn an idea into a way and let the ideal shine into reality.

at the moment, "if you think, it is a question; if you do, there is an answer."

when you feel confused, you might as well use the pull list planning method to write down what's on your mind and clear your mind.

beat procrastination with a 5-minute start.

use the alarm clock reminder to fix your to-do list.

use the self-reward method to get timely feedback and enhance the closed loop.

take action, and the future you want will come to you.

rely on yourself to improve your emotional strength

writer Liu run said:


whether it's a friend, a job, or a relationship, do you know what this means if you feel a special fit, a pleasure to communicate, or even a flash of inspiration from time to time?

1% chance that you have encountered soulmate.

there is a 99% chance that you will meet someone whose IQ is above you, and the other person is only backward compatible.


Ding Yuanying in the way of Heaven is such a person, he is full of condescending tolerance of secular culture.

when he first arrived in the ancient city, Liu Bing blackened him 50 yuan for a record. He didn't bother to bargain, so when he had no money to spend, he asked Liu Bing for some records.

later, Liu Bing begged him to join the metrical poetry company and apologized to him for selling records.

he said calmly, "the record thing is that we do business, all good."

once, he went to the roadside stall to eat ton soup. He had already given the money, and when he left, the peddler came after him and asked for the money.

once again, go to the noodle shop to eat noodles.

when the boss saw his leisurely image, he thought he was a loafer and deliberately teased him, his words and eyes were full of disrespect.

he just smiles. He should eat noodles and ignore them.

people who like the "way of Heaven" mostly admire Ding Yuanying's high emotional management ability.

even if there are thousands of gullies in the heart, the surface is still calm, it can be described as:

"Don't be surprised, watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; leave or stay unintentionally, let the clouds roll in the sky."

good emotional power is not inborn, but can be acquired.

Ding Yuanying used to be a talker with great ambition and little talent.

he once scolded the injustice of the world when he had no money to spend, and his mood fluctuated with the fate of life.

he once dissected and satirized himself with a song "self-mockery" and painted a picture of the mentality of a poor scholar:


I was originally from the back mountain, and I was a former guest. Drunken Dance Classic Pavilion half a book, sitting well said Tianku.

the fame of a great ambition play is a great deal of blessing and misfortune. When it comes to being short of money, he angrily points out that everything is wrong.


Ding Yuanying, once a poor scholar, relied on his own efforts.

under the influence of classical music and the infiltration of traditional culture, it has been honed by the ups and downs of the business world.

has developed the emotional power of not being spoiled or disgraced, and has become a "master" in the eyes of others.

A true master is not without emotion.

but there are more important things and people in mind, and they don't bother to waste their precious spiritual resources entangling with bad people and bad things.

Ding Yuanying can talk about scriptures with Master Zhixuan, talk about the redemption struggle with his best friend Han Chufeng all night, and talk about cultural attributes with his girlfriend Rui Xiaodan many times.

but don't argue with vendors about a bowl of wonton money, and never argue with people who have nothing to do with them.

there is a good saying: if you know yours, why do you need to explain? Why explain what you don't understand?

people with high emotional strength are well aware of the importance of getting to know each other and that their time and energy are limited.

Life is short, ignore bad people, focus on yourself, "often compete with others, do not discuss the short and long with fools", is the true meaning of emotional management.

there is a cloud in the Bible:


you have to use the narrow door. For the door that leads to destruction is wide, and many go.

the road leading to the door of eternal life is narrow, and few find it.


in real life, we rely on friends for help, relatives for support, dignitaries for directions and crutches.

this is the Sunshine Avenue in the eyes of most people.

however, "relying on mountains will fall, water will flow, and everyone can run", only relying on yourself is the narrow door with sense of security.

it is the most sober consciousness for adults to rely on themselves and walk through the narrow door.

as Lu Yao said:

"Life cannot be arranged by others. You have to strive for and struggle for it. No matter whether the result is happy or sad, you have lived a life in this world in vain."


, for the rest of my life, may my friends insist on relying on themselves, walk through narrow doors, meet better themselves, and see more beautiful scenery.

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