Relationship (too incisive)
Relationship (too incisive)
See through relationships, look down on troubles, and don't take unworthy relationships to heart.


there are all kinds of relationships between people.

some relationships are sincere and clean, while others are complicated and difficult to understand.

cherish the good and exchange your heart for your heart; stay away from the bad and beware of being deceived.

A relationship that asks for nothing in return is childbirth

exhaustion ends up being a son, pity the hearts of parents all over the world.

parents, give us life and raise us adults.

Father, a solid arm, is our lifelong patron.

Mother, loving embrace is the warmth of our whole life.

they pay close attention to the truth of life and inculcate the principles of doing things.

parents are the people who unconditionally love us most and care about us the most in the world.

for a long time, I have been worrying about hard work with no regrets, doing my best and giving everything.

No one can give to us without reservation and without asking for anything in return.

the world is great, and the kindness of parents is not as great as that of parents, and we can't forget each other from birth to death.

the relationship of helping each other is a friend

Sanmao said, "this kind of friend relationship is expensive to send charcoal in the snow."

A true friend is that you are there when I need it, and I am when you need it.

supporting and helping each other can not only add icing on the cake, but also provide timely help.

between friends, there is no need for equal talent and regardless of background status.

it's just that once you recognize your friendship with each other, you will always be the same.

when you are proud of your scenery, you will not envy and curry favor.

when you are in the doldrums, you will not give up running away, but will never give up.

can withstand the test of time, but also withstand the change of circumstances, kind and reliable, let people feel at ease.

know that you understand your relationship and are bosom friends

as the saying goes, "A hundred acquaintances are not as good as a bosom friend."

it is easier to get to know each other than to know each other. The real bosom friend lies in the bosom friend.

is not polite on the surface, but the three values are the same and the soul resonates.

he understands your pretending to be strong, knows that your desire to speak hesitates, and connects with each other.

with the most sincere soul, exchange the hottest heart with you, and move forward together.

in this relationship, there is no need to play games or be cautious in words and deeds.

not deliberately, not camouflage, not far-fetched, light get along, shallow joy, comfortable and comfortable.

pour out your sadness and sadness to him, and he will listen quietly and comfort him quietly.

share all your joy and happiness with him, and he will share the joy with you and sincerely wish you well.

the relationship between husband and wife is accompanied by old age

as the saying goes, "Young couples are old companions."

parents will grow old, children will grow up, and only husband and wife will stay with each other for a lifetime.

from young to old, there is no one else who can always be with you but your lover.

husband and wife are friends who share weal and woe, companions who never give up, and mountains to rely on at ease.

running a family together, raising children, and filial piety are the people who have been together for the longest time.

on the road of life, there are ups and downs, and only your lover will be in the same boat with you.

when you grow old, only your wife will accompany you at the end of your life.

the best relationship in the world is not a sincere friendship, not a romantic love.

but the unforgettable relationship between husband and wife who help each other and never give up.

in this relationship, there is a friendship for the first time, a passion for love, and a deep feeling for each other.

the relationship between eating, drinking and playing is cooperation

No one is an isolated island and can be self-reliant.

in society, social interaction is inevitable, and eating, drinking and merrymaking is indispensable.

most of the people who often eat, drink, talk and laugh together are cooperative relationships.

after three rounds of wine, the contract was signed; in the midst of staggered preparations, the business was settled.

but even if you are brothers at dinner, you are as close as a family.

you should also understand that it is hard to find the truth between pushing cups and changing cups, and it is really hard to find them when you hook up your shoulders and backs.

in this world, what is missing is not care, but sincerity.

an intimate address and a sincere greeting are mostly just social foreplay.

you confide in your heart, but he hides his heart; you go to the bottom of your heart, but he is non-committal.

such a relationship is only suitable for cooperation, but it is difficult to deliver sincerity.

my relationship with you is to take advantage of

as the saying goes, "everything goes to the three temples."

usually do not contact, something to find your relationship, is to take advantage of the relationship.

when I ask for something from you, I am always extremely enthusiastic and pandering.

when I finish using you, I often turn a blind eye to you.

but next time, when he is in trouble, he will still come to ask for help.

this kind of person is selfish and snobbish and has nothing but himself and no one else.

when you have a good time, you will never take the initiative to keep abreast of your current situation and care about your daily life.

when I am in trouble, I begin to play the friendship card and regard you as my most trusted friend.

you must learn to refuse. There is no need to be kind to such people.

stop loss in time, don't let sincerity get perfunctory, concern for indifference.

because of this relationship, it is purely for use and makes people chill, so be sure to stay away as soon as possible.

the best relationships are mutual.

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be grateful for the unrequited relationship and be filial to your parents;

believe in the relationship of helping each other and be close to friends;

cherish knowing that you understand your relationship and warm your bosom friend;

be kind to your old relationships and protect your loved ones.

face up to the relationship of eating, drinking and playing, and stay away from the relationship between looking for you.

see through relationships, look down on troubles, and don't take relationships that are not worth it to heart.

the rest of our lives are not long. May we all stay awake in a noisy world and gain sincerity in complex relationships.