Recognize yourself, cultivate yourself, and stabilize yourself.
Recognize yourself, cultivate yourself, and stabilize yourself.
As long as you can stabilize yourself, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed, and there is no difficulty that cannot be crossed.

Yang Jiang once said:

"although people are small and life is short, they can learn, cultivate themselves and improve themselves." The value of man lies in himself. "

I think so.

in this life, the difficulties and hardships we experience at each stage are actually a process of playing games with ourselves.

every game, every change, is a process of seeking to meet a better self.

also determines what kind of person we finally become and what kind of life we have.

only by recognizing yourself, practicing yourself, and stabilizing yourself is the best way for a person to make progress and achieve himself.

recognize yourself

there is a saying in the Book list of past events:

"We often observe and evaluate others with a magnifying glass, but seldom look inward."

in life, many people like to overestimate their own value.

feel that he has extraordinary ability and is superior to others in dealing with others.

does not know that his self-righteousness is insignificant in the eyes of others.

if you take yourself too seriously, you will often only fall the most.

only by recognizing one's own strengths and weaknesses and seeing the boundaries of communication with others can we conform to the trend and grasp the steering wheel of life.

collector Ma Weidu once told the story of "two cents a foot".

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once, Ma Weidu went on a trip to Aksu, Xinjiang, passing by an apricot forest and wanted to buy it and try it.

he came forward and asked the old man sitting under the apricot tree, "Old man, how much is this apricot?"

the old man looked at him and replied:

"you can kick any apricot tree for 20 cents, and you can take all the apricots that fall to the ground."

at first, Ma Weidu chose a very stout apricot tree and gave it a hard kick.

as a result, the grain of the apricot tree did not move and not a single apricot fell.

he paid another 20 cents, and after thinking for a moment, he kicked the slimmer tree next to him.

I saw the branches and leaves of the apricot trees swaying from side to side, and the fruit on the branches fell to the ground one after another, and Ma Wei picked up two whole baskets.

later, Ma Weidu said:

"you can't be too greedy and act according to your ability in order to get what you want."

from not falling to a full basket of harvest, you overestimate yourself, and you can only lose the whole game in the end.

if you see your ability clearly, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

as Jack London said in Sea Wolf:

"everyone thinks of himself as a diamond, but in the eyes of others, he is just an allotrope of a diamond: carbon."

the hardest thing in the world is never to see others, but to know yourself.

know how many pounds you have, don't do anything out of line, don't be smart.

never overestimate yourself, it is the most basic accomplishment of a person.

after all, everyone is independent, too blind self-confidence, will only lose themselves.

only by seeing your true level can you not live in vanity and see who you really are.

cultivate yourself

there is a saying:

"the true greatness of a man is never to lead others, but to improve himself."

in this era of rapid development, everyone is constantly facing new challenges, but also accepting all kinds of opportunities at the same time.

some people seize the dividend of the times and realize the update iteration;

but some people can only be bystanders, watching the development of the times, but also gradually eliminated.

remember that it was written in Centennial Life: every 5-10 years, there will be a new opportunity in our work.

means that in our career, we will be faced with career change and the improvement of professional skills at any time.

era will never leave anyone behind, but it will not wait for anyone in place.

if you want to gain a firm foothold, you must improve your self-awareness and achieve self-upgrading.

Matsuura Mitaro, a master of life aesthetics, was already a well-known writer at the age of 40 and was deeply loved by readers.

however, he did not stop there.

at the age of 41, he was invited by the veteran magazine Life's first post to become editor-in-chief of the magazine.

the first Post of Life at that time was already in danger of being closed, and Matsuura Mitaro had no relevant experience before.

it is a great challenge for both the magazine and Matsuura Mitaro.

learn if you don't understand, don't ask.

in this way, Matsuura Mitaro starts with the simplest content.

typesetting, formulating strategies, polishing content.

it took seven or eight years to turn the first Post of Life into a palace-level magazine.

49, he challenged himself again by resigning as editor to join a cuisine-themed website.

as in a magazine, he learned it bit by bit, started from scratch, and turned it into the most influential website in Japan.

this reminds me of a sentence I once read:

"your greatest enemy is never someone else, but who you were yesterday."

No one can be plain sailing in this life.

those who seem to be hanging all the way are just self-evolving in one challenge after another.

Don't set limits on yourself and jump out of your original mind.

learn to examine and cultivate yourself from the perspective of a bystander, so as to changeMyself.

only when one continues to improve himself, can one not stagnate in front and realize his ideal life.

stabilize yourself

Zhou Guoping wrote in "Life is not competitive":

"people cannot control their own destiny, but they can control their attitude towards fate and calmly bear the inevitable experiences that fall on their own heads."

Life has its ups and downs.

We can't escape the ups and downs of life, but we can choose the attitude when it comes.

just like everyone has experienced the collapse caused by stress at countless moments, some people like to talk to others, others would rather bear it in silence.

Don't feel aggrieved or sad.

try to calm yourself down, think from a different point of view, stabilize your mind, and do what you are supposed to do. that's what an adult should have.

once read a story.

the two men went on an adventure together, passing through a large desert.

they can be safe only if they cross the desert.

it never occurred to me that before they were halfway there, they had already drunk all the water they had with them.

looking at the endless desert around them, the two had to stop for a while and rest and adjust.

at this point, a partner said:

"you rest in place. I'll go around and see if there is any water."

the sky is getting dark, but my companions are still out of sight.

people who are waiting in place are anxious and flustered, and they keep thinking in their heads:

"has been away for such a long time, can he still find water?

would he have left me and escaped from the desert by himself?


the more he thought about it, the more frightened he became, and in the end, he was so scared that he broke down.

when my companion came back, I saw only a dying man.

as the saying goes, "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart."

most of the time, the trough is not terrible, the fear is that you admit defeat; achievements are not rare, it is difficult for you to keep your heart.

people who are really powerful are never afraid of wind and rain, nor are they afraid of success or failure.

No matter where you are, you can maintain a normal mind, keep an indifferent attitude, and face what has happened.

they can always hold on when they are at a low ebb, but not arrogant when they succeed.

even if you understand the things in life, everything is difficult, still let the wind and waves rise, sit firmly fishing boats.

someone on Zhihu asked, "what on earth are we doing with self-discipline and serious progress every day?"

A high praise replied:

"because you always have to choose a consistent way of life, you have to give some meaning to your life, you have to tell yourself that I have to do something."

Life is actually the process of constantly seeing yourself.

Don't take yourself too seriously and overestimate your place in the hearts of others.

what's more, they will not think highly of themselves, nor will they improperly belittle themselves.

Life is actually a process of continuous self-cultivation.

get rid of your inherent thinking and continue to reshape your cognition.

while achieving self-improvement, you also make yourself irreplaceable.

calm your heart and calm down.

Life is never short of abilities and conditions, but a lack of a stable state of mind.

as long as you can stabilize yourself, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed, and there is no difficulty that cannot be crossed.

, may everyone master the rhythm of life and live a perfect life in the course of continuous growth.


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