People's Daily's 6 pictures: uncover the truest side of today's society (must read good articles! )
People's Daily's 6 pictures: uncover the truest side of today's society (must read good articles! )
Life doesn't need to be perfect, just be happy!



People's Daily once released a group of pictures. The painting style is very simple, but it pokes a lot of people's hearts.

what you can't keep is time, what you can't afford to wait for is time

Life, vegetation and autumn, just like this picture, birth, aging, sickness and death are natural laws and are inevitable.

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Su Shi said: "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian."


growing up and getting old are things that once thought to be out of reach, but only later found that they were coming in an instant.

time can't stay, and time makes you old. The older you get, the more you understand what it means.

therefore, I know better:

there is no turning back in life. When you start your journey, you will go through both wind and rain.

do what you do, love what you love, cherish the present, and move forward with a smile, it is worth a trip to this world.

meeting and knowing each other is fate, and helping each other is love

in this life, I have met countless people, but very few of them know each other, and few of them can really accompany each other for a lifetime.

even for the married couple who grew up together in the picture, one of them will leave first.

when you are Old, there is a lyric that touches people's hearts:

"how many people have loved your beauty, false or true, when you were young and happy;

it is not easy to know each other, but it is even more difficult to keep each other. If you are predestined, please cherish it.

Life is short, be kind to yourself, because the rest of life is not long; be nice to the people around you, because you may not be able to meet again in the afterlife.

get off the bus and transfer to a wheelchair

the stroller in childhood, the bike in youth, the car after achievement, and the wheelchair in old age, together, is our life.

there is a saying on the Internet: "when I get off the bus, I will transfer to a wheelchair."


it's interesting and heartbreaking. No matter how old people do not accept the old, they are old after all.

when I was young, I wanted to compete with the Lord of Heaven, but now I just hope there is no "three highs".

Young people can forget to eat and sleep, while old people should pay more attention to recuperation.

after all, we have experienced enough hardships and sufferings when we were young. Now, happiness and health are the most important.

starting point and ending point, always similar

the crib when we are young, the single bed when we grow up, the double bed when we get married, and the hospital bed when we are old are the true portrayals of our lives.

an old man teased himself: get up today, in good shape, go to see a doctor.

although it is a joke, it is also very real. The older you are, the more likely you are to be plagued by disease, which is inevitable.

at birth, lying in a crib is taken care of by parents; in old age, lying in a sickbed is taken care of by children.

there are some similarities between the beginning and the end of life.

although it is a kind of happiness to have children to take care of, we should also pay more attention to health. Not to cause trouble to children is the best way to help them.

busy in the first half of life, comfortable in the second half of life

the birth certificate is the proof that we came into this world; the graduation certificate is the proof that we have grown up.

the marriage certificate is the proof of our marriage and career, and the retirement certificate is the proof of our success and retirement.

being born, going to school, working and getting married is the first half of our lives.

it is only after retirement that the rest of his life is really ushered in.

the busyness and hard work of the first half of life is for the ease and comfort of the rest of my life.

if you are old, but still work hard to make a living, is it not sad?

I have been busy for most of my life in exchange for a comfortable life. We must enjoy it and savor it carefully.

indulge in youth, suffer in old age

Milk bottles in infancy, drink bottles in youth, wine bottles for work and entertainment, and infusion bottles in old age add up to our lives.

some people say that when old people eat, they only eat eight percent full, and there are still two cents to take medicine.

is very heart-wrenching, but it is also a true portrayal of many old people. When people reach old age, their physical functions decline, and it has become common to take medicine and infusion.

nowadays, many young people rely on physical fitness, eating and drinking and staying up all night, but they do not realize that every indulgence at present is an overdraft for the future.

there is a good saying: "your body will remember every health debt you owe."


Health is the most important thing in life, which should be paid attention to by both the old and the young.

A person's life is nothing more than four cars, four beds, four certificates and four bottles, which are properly described, time is fleeting, and life is easy to grow old, walk and cherish.

when you encounter something unhappy, just change your point of view, change your way of thinking, and change your way of life.

the environment is not good or bad, it is created by idealism.

finally, a piece of truth is given to everyone. May the rest of life be accompanied by health and happiness!

A friend doesn't need to be perfect, just be sincere.

A bosom friend doesn't need ten beauties, so long as he knows it.

the family doesn't need to be too close, just worry about it.

you don't need to be too rich, just be happy;

the house does not need to be too big, as long as it is warm;

the car does not need luxury, as long as it is safe.

you don't need to be slim, you need to be healthy.

dress without a famous brand, as long as it is comfortable;

Life doesn't have to be perfect, fortunately.Just be lucky!


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