People who often post these kinds of moments are mostly at a low level, so don't make deep acquaintances with them.
People who often post these kinds of moments are mostly at a low level, so don't make deep acquaintances with them.
A circle of friends that is positive enough can make people feel like a spring breeze.


nowadays, moments are closely related to people's lives.

moments can share the details of life and work anytime and anywhere, and record the current mood.

the famous host Bai Yansong once said:

"in fact, many of the contents of Wechat moments are not nutritious, but they can take up a lot of time."

Bai Yansong has not opened any social platform either, which he thinks is his way of life.

it is understandable that some people like to share their joys and sorrows in moments, while others are unwilling to share their personal feelings with others.

the content of a person's circle of friends can often see a person's level and character, so as to judge what kind of person the other person is.

A circle of friends that is positive enough can make people feel like a spring breeze.

but there are pros and cons in everything. People who often post the following three kinds of moments in moments are mostly at a low level, so don't get to know them deeply.

show off and compare

Plato said a sentence:

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they want to."

people who like to show off and keep up with others in moments are fools who want to say everything.

if you buy new clothes, post labels over and over again; when children finish exams, they will show their results over and over again; if they buy new houses and cars, they should also post them over and over again.

as soon as they open the moments, they show off in the name of sharing.

sharing means: I have something good to show you, and I hope you can have it, too.

showing off means: I have something good to show you, but you can't have it anyway.

people who like to show off and keep up with others are often unpopular with others.

they look for a sense of superiority through comparison and satisfy their psychological distorted balance by showing off.

the really strong seldom show off.

because they understand that instead of boasting, it is better to keep their feet on the ground and precipitate themselves.

A person who often shows off comparisons in moments must be empty inside, and their showing off is also a sign of vanity.

their vanity sometimes affects others silently.

Let people who watch their moments compare unconsciously.

once saw such a sentence on the Internet: "tiredness in life, half from life, half from comparison."

the quality of life has no ceiling, but comparison is a bottomless abyss.

everyone will have some differences more or less, but if the state of mind is out of balance, a person's mind will be gradually eroded.

the person who is always compared to you is a source of corruption.

sometimes when you outcompete them, people like them will hate you.

if you treat them as friends, they will only take you as an object to show off, which will only add to your annoyance.

so in life, try to stay away from those who like to show off and keep up with others in moments.

full of complaints

according to a survey of 1060 adult employees by a wireless advertising company:

about 70% said that some of their colleagues are always complaining.

67% of them admit that other people's constant complaints will affect their productivity.

this survey shows that no one wants to associate with people who complain.

Nobody wants his partner to be emotionally unstable and complaining all the time.

when something happens to some people, instead of reflecting on their mistakes and trying to correct them, they complain and complain endlessly.

share an experience of my cousin:

she has a colleague who complains very much. She often complains about intense work, poor working environment, harsh boss and poor welfare.

over time, my cousin shielded this person, unable to see her complaining all day long, and my cousin felt much more relaxed.

Roland said:

"A cheerful personality can not only keep you in a happy mood, but also infect people around you and make them feel that life is full of harmony and light."

with optimistic people, life will be full of sunshine;

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on the contrary, life will get darker and darker with people who complain all day.

negative energy can spread like a disease and exert a subtle influence on the people around you.

therefore, in daily communication with people, you should stay away from these people who like to complain in the circle of friends, and don't let their negative energy affect you.

like to gossip

as the old saying goes, "when you sit still, you often think about your mistakes, and you can't talk about others."

A person with hierarchy and self-cultivation must disdain to talk about others behind his back.

people who comment on other people's private lives and maliciously speculate on other people's private lives in moments all day must be people of low quality.

some time ago, I heard a friend tell a story about her work:

A colleague made a small mistake at work and was called to the office by the leader.Training.

the voice of the leader's rebuke is not small, and several colleagues have heard it.

when she came out of the leader's office, she wanted to get into the ground.

other colleagues also pretended not to see it and concentrated on the task at hand.

but an uneasy and kind-hearted colleague sent a message "someone was criticized today" on WeChat moments, accompanied by a small smile.

this colleague usually likes to gossip and poke other people's pain in the circle of friends, so no one wants to associate with her in the company.

maybe the person she complains about doesn't have a name, or even you don't know her at all, but don't make a deep acquaintance with such a broken mouth, otherwise one day you will become the object of her sarcasm complaint.

look at the content of this kind of people for a long time, their own ideas are also easy to be biased.

to be a man, you can't go with the tide and believe what others say.

have the ability to distinguish right from wrong and learn to be a wise man who does not listen to others gossiping.

therefore, people who like to gossip behind their moments must be people of low level and no self-cultivation, so don't get to know them deeply.

moments itself is a good platform for people to record everything they love.

but there are always some people who radiate their embarrassment to the outside through the moments.

imperceptibly, we will be influenced by them.

when we meet the above kinds of people, we should try our best to make good use of the shielding function and not to make deep acquaintance with them.