People who are really good at rest are good at rest.
People who are really good at rest are good at rest.
In the face of work to learn the appropriate "distraction", in order to achieve real high efficiency.


I don't know if you have such an experience:

the more difficult your work is, the faster you want to finish it, the more mistakes you will make.

if you are not inspired to write a planner, the more you force yourself to think hard, the more blocked and anxious you will be.

if you can't find a solution for the time being, the more anxious and flustered you are, the more counterproductive it will be and cause confusion.

as Professor Tsinghua lamented to the east: the whole society seems to be caught in a "busy disease".

but a person is like a leather band, the tighter it is, the easier it is to break.

Lenin once said:

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"only those who can rest will work, and rest is the first step to improve work efficiency."

indeed, give yourself time to catch your breath so that things can be handled in an efficient and orderly manner, and your life and work will advance and develop as you wish.

is more important than hard work

Yes, I will rest

Ford, the king of cars, once said:

"A man who knows nothing about work but no rest is like a car without brakes, which is extremely dangerous."

indeed, like a machine, if you blindly pursue efficiency and do not know how to stop and rest, it will only be counterproductive.

I remember an experience that my sister once shared with me.

one summer vacation, she joined a bank internship with a girl who was also studying for a 985 master's degree.

in order to become a regular worker, my sister works hard every day and hardly leaves her seat except for eating and going to the toilet.

besides, she often works overtime and stays up until 12:00 in the evening.

while the other girl gets off work on time every day, she often sneaks out of the office under the excuse of drinking water during work.

when she takes a break at noon, she will never step into the office before working time.

but surprisingly, after the internship was over, the superior decided to keep the girl.

my sister realized later when she was chatting with that girl:

it turns out that every time she slips out of the office, she senses that her attention is beginning to decline.

in order to ensure efficiency, she slipped out of the office to have a rest and relax.

this relaxed pace of work makes her more efficient, more leisurely, and can set aside more free time to improve herself.

in many cases, hard work is not a sign of ability, but rest.

after Taylor, the father of scientific management in the 20th century, took over a pig iron handling factory, in order to improve work efficiency, he made three requirements for his employees:

1. Force everyone to take a 5-minute break every hour, even if they don't feel tired.

2. Reduce daily working hours from 10 or 12 hours to 8.5 hours;

3. Make sure that everyone is focused and efficient in their work.

these three requirements seem simple, but they miraculously improve the efficiency of workers.

in the past, a worker could handle an average of about 12 tons of pig iron a day, but after he took over, he could handle about 48 tons of pig iron a day without feeling tired.

"take a rest" is as essential for "working efficiently" as a charger is for a mobile phone.

if you want to work efficiently, you must first learn to rest efficiently.

the most worthy thing for us to learn from the really good people is not the effort at work, but the "lazy energy" at rest.

moving forward is

an ability, but pausing is a kind of wisdom.

every break

the body is charging and storing energy

Laura Vanderkham, author of what the most successful people do on weekends, once said:

"you need to prepare for Monday. To do this, use the weekend to rejuvenate yourself, rather than getting exhausted or disappointed. "

I don't know if you have such an experience:

all appointments were cancelled on weekends to finish the rest of the workday. When I went to work on Monday, although the work was finished, the quality was not good, and the whole person was extremely tired.

as a result of not having a good rest at the weekend, the work efficiency in the new week is not high.

I got off work on Friday and didn't finish my work, so I fell into an endless cycle.

A real high-quality rest is never a waste of time, but a period of energy storage for the body and mind.

writer Zhu Guangqian once shared such an experience.

when he has a bad interest in writing, the more he wants to write well, the more difficult it is, but he refuses to let it go.

so the more he writes, the more irritable he gets, and the more he writes, the more indecent he becomes.

whenever he finds himself in bad shape, he immediately leaves his job and goes for a walk in the country to relax.

go back to

when I write a composition before the crime, I will feel full of spirit, and I can easily accomplish the tasks that I thought impossible to accomplish.

this experience taught him that this is not just the case with writing. If you want to do anything well, you must make sure that you are refreshed at the beginning.

in his opinion:

the smarter people are, the more they know how to rest. Rest is not only to accumulate strength for work, but also sometimes work must mature during rest.

as the Wolf Totem says:

"the body is the capital of survival, and rest is the prelude to running."

famous baseball playerKang Li Mark, you must take a nap before every game, or you will be exhausted by the fifth inning.

but if there is a lunch break, even a short five minutes will allow him to finish the race without feeling tired at all.

when we are at rest, some areas of the brain are even more active, some areas have higher levels of connections, and these stronger connections usually indicate stronger cognitive abilities.

the more thoughtless you are, the more you have to think about it, the more likely it is to backfire.

our body, mind and brain are like rubber bands. The more tight you are, the easier it is to break.

when you don't have a train of thought at work, you might as well put it down and give the brain a buffer period, and there may be new discoveries.

rest is not a single way, but a synonym for you to get a better state.

Learning to rest is not only a period of energy storage for a tired brain, but also a buffer period for a busy life.

learn to store energy in order to release energy efficiently; learn to buffer in order to maintain a good state of mind all the time.

be kind to yourself

start from learning to rest

Carnegie once said in the weakness of Human Nature:

"rest is not doing nothing. Rest is actually making up for some loss in the body."

sometimes we feel that life is too short, the time is too short, and the goal we want to achieve is too far, so we bow our heads and go on our way desperately.

but the more you want to succeed and ignore the rest, the loss will outweigh the gain.

only when one learns high-quality rest can one take good care of his own body and obtain irreplaceable wealth and capital.

the more powerful people are, the more they will rest, the more they love themselves, and the more they value their rest time.

so how do you become a person who can rest? You might as well start with the following points:

insist on going to bed early and nourish your spirit

staying up late seems to have become an indispensable habit in the lives of most people nowadays.

but going to bed early is a common feature of people who will rest. As the saying goes, indulgence at night and malaise during the day.

falling asleep at a reasonable time is the first step in ensuring the quality of sleep and the first step in learning to rest.

go to bed early and rest early, so that the state of life and body gradually on the right track, not only conducive to physical and mental health, but also conducive to better participation in life and work.

develop a hobby and awaken your enthusiasm for life

hobbies are like condiments in life.

when you feel tired, it can make you recover quickly; when you encounter difficulties, it can help you pull away for a while.

in the face of high-speed life, some people like watering flowers, some people like reading, some people like sports.

find something that completely relaxes you and puts your heart and soul into it.

feel happy and calm in the devotion of the whole heart, and use the fullness of the soul to adjust the tiredness at work.

work alternately to untie the brain

after looking at the work habits of many celebrities, I find that they always work for a while and then do other things.

doesn't seem to be focused enough, but it's actually a way to rest.

psychologists have found that our brains can stay highly focused for only about 53 minutes.

so if you want to be productive, give the brain a time to relax and cushion.

for example: after working for an hour, get up and do some exercise; or after completing the task at hand to a paragraph, do another task, change the channel for the brain, and relax.

in the face of work, learn to be properly "distracted" in order to achieve real high efficiency.

Mr. Zhu Guangqian said, "if you walk for a long time, you will walk more and more slowly."

the more powerful people are, the more they know how to arrange their time rationally. after all, only when they "slack off" occasionally can they work for a long time.

people who achieve something spend their time on rest when others seem to be working hard but are not efficient.

to rush blindly, it is better to slow down and see the scenery along the way.

ineffective work, it is better to have a high-quality rest and make a "SPA" for your body and mind.

, after running around for more than half a year, I said "hard".