People who are kind-hearted and ruthless often say these four mantras, please be careful when you encounter them!
People who are kind-hearted and ruthless often say these four mantras, please be careful when you encounter them!
The greatest stupidity of a man is to belittle others just for the sake of a moment's pleasure.


Su Qin said, "you don't have to put everyone into life."

people in this life, will encounter countless scenery, will also meet all kinds of people.

Life is a journey with no return, some people will accompany you all your life, some people will come and go.

some people give you courage, some people hurt you, some people make you unforgettable, some people make you feel like a spring breeze, some people make you gnash your teeth, some people make you feel full of emotion.

people who are kind-hearted and ruthless often take four sentences as a mantra. If you encounter them, please be more careful and careful.

I'm doing this for your own good

once saw a problem:

how do you understand the phrase "I'm doing this for your own good"?

there is a highly liked answer:

"one is that I don't want you to go through the detours because I don't understand the hardships I've been through, and the other is the good life I didn't get, and I hope you can get it, although it may not be your ideal."

the former is acceptable; if it is the latter, it will only feel endless oppression.

I often hear a sentence in front of acquaintances or elders: "how come you are so ungrateful? I am doing this for your own good!"

what is imposed on others for your own good is never really good for you.

instead of standing at such a noble starting point:

"Don't have anything to do with that guy. Ta is not worth it."

"you mustn't wear this kind of clothes, it doesn't fit your age."

"you shouldn't do this, you should do it my way."

"can you do something meaningful? Don't always waste it on useless things. "

for your good three words, more often is a kind of restraint, is a kind of pressure.

psychologist Fromm once said: "they wear masks in the name of morality to bind their children's desire for life itself."

Please do not inculcate your own ideas under the banner of "for your own good" when dealing with children and younger generations, whether parents or elders.

as the old saying goes, "

A's honey, B's arsenic.


what people must avoid is poor teaching.

Why can't you take a joke?

as the old saying goes, "there is a ruler for words and a degree of banter."

some jokes can be played and some can't be played.

No matter how good the relationship is, you should keep a good balance when you speak.

A sense of size is the guarantee of a long-term friendship.

Weibo once made a ranking of the "most annoying jokes" on Weibo, and you really can't afford to joke, which shows that most people mind making jokes casually.

remember not long ago, at the Academy Awards.

Locke teased will Smith's wife, who was bald because of illness.

when will Smith said nothing, he stormed onto the stage and punched Chris Locke.

Locke seemed stunned, smiled twice and replied, "Wow!" Brother, it's just a joke. "

will Smith roared angrily again, "Don't mention my wife's name with your smelly mouth!"

in life, there are always some people who regard the lack of humor as humor and the low EQ as a joke.

often jokes casually regardless of the occasion and the object. When the other person is angry, he will say lightly, "Why are you so stingy that you can't afford a joke?"

jokes that make each other happy and jokes that make you happy and others angry are two different things.

frankness does not mean that one does not choose one's words.

the essence of joking should be well-intentioned, not to embarrass others, embarrass others, and embarrass others.

Note: shallowly speaking, it is taboo for people to make jokes regardless of the occasion.

Why are you so calculating?

some people, obviously stingy, often accuse others, saying, "Why are you so calculating and not generous?"

this kind of person is kind-hearted and ruthless, acts as a man and does things, has no bottom line, and often fights backwards.


@ Autumn wind comes from

shared a story:

Mr. Lin has a small house in Shenzhen. although it is very small, it has a good location and convenient travel, and there are many office buildings nearby.

Mr. Lin, a distant nephew, has moved to a new home. The small house is empty. He just graduated from work in Shenzhen. By virtue of his parents' relationship, he moved there.

due to the relationship between relatives and friends, Mr. Lin asked to pay some rent.

my distant nephew rented it at a very low price.

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the rent lasted for eight years, and even married and had children were completed in that small house.

later, there was something wrong with the capital chain of Mr. Lin's company. it was not enough for his big house to be mortgaged, and his small house was also mortgaged.

when the distant nephew and his family went to Mr. Lin's house, they often made a scene, saying that Mr. Lin was impersonal and had a big family. Did he haggle over this small house?

Mortgage is not good, even the small house on which they depend for survival has been mortgaged out, which is not to give people a way to live, but to let their family die.

quarreled for a long time, but at last the two families broke up in discord.

Such examples are not uncommon in life.

there are many people who are ungrateful and return evil for good.

this kind of people, who do not know how to be grateful, are used to taking. Once they have something to do with their own interests, they immediately turn against others, always blame others, and resent others.

those who say you haggle over everything just fail to take advantage of you; those who are used to doing things backwards should stay away as soon as possible.

I'll tell you the truth, don't dislike it.

"I'll tell you the truth, don't dislike it."

"I am straight, and you may not like to hear what I say."

"I'll say something you don't like to hear."


I believe I have encountered too many such words.

Why are such statements disgusting?

because he is condescending and shows no mercy at all.

some people often give you a shot in advance, and then blurt it out without any scruples, even if they know that you will be angry and you don't like it, they will talk to your face.

if you are angry, he thinks you have no pattern and can't take a joke; if you are not angry, he will only secretly yell at you and be quiet on the surface when he watches you eat.

then, get worse on you.

do not listen, saying that you are narrow-minded; when you hear this, you are very angry.

instead of doing so, you might as well not listen.

it is said that good medicine is good for disease, and good advice is good for deeds.

some truths are really bad, but they are good for people, but this does not include harsh remarks that begin with me telling the truth that you don't like to hear it.

the other person knows that you don't like to hear him say this, but he still wants to say, what is it if it's not a traffic jam?

as the saying goes, "

Huahua sedan chair people carry people.


I think so.

is it not good for people to think of others, respect each other, appreciate each other and encourage each other?

the greatest stupidity of a man is to belittle others just for the sake of a moment's pleasure.

anthropologist Robin Dunbar proposed the famous Law of 150:

due to the limitation of the brain's cognitive ability, a person can maintain a stable interpersonal relationship with 148 people at most, of which 150 are rounded up, of which about 20 are in deep relationships.

that is, in a lifetime, only 20 people can really enter your life.

therefore, there is no need to invite too many people into life.

if they can't get into your heart, they will only disturb your life.

, your life is very expensive. May you live freely and don't waste it on people who are not worth it.