People can't be persuaded to wake up, they can only wake up with pain.
People can't be persuaded to wake up, they can only wake up with pain.
Pain is the best teacher, people can not be persuaded to wake up, can only wake up in pain.


see a sentence on the Internet:

"adults can only screen but not educate by restraining themselves from correcting the desires of others.

the same is true of partners, friends and partners.

put aside your persistence in reforming others. You can't teach others, but it's enough to teach them once.


A few words reveal the truth of human nature.

that's what people do: we can never wake a man who pretends to sleep unless he wakes up.

because people can't be persuaded to wake up, they can only wake up with pain.

after suffering all the hardships of life, I understand the benefits of reading

there is a question on Zhihu: "what do children need to go through in order to understand the importance of study?"

one of the heart-piercing answers goes like this: "only when you are beaten by life until you are black and blue."

very often, no matter how painstakingly parents and teachers talk about the importance of studying hard, they just don't listen.

only after I hit the south wall and the slap of life, did I suddenly understand:

how important is it to study hard?

do you remember Xu Mengnan, a zero-score examinee?

having missed the university, he spent the next 10 years in various factories, assembling advertising boxes, making manhole covers and packing sanitary products.

without exception, they are all kinds of manual work without technical content.

not only the working hours are long and the working environment is dirty and messy, but also very hard and tired.

he also wanted to change to a better job, but he only had a high school degree and couldn't find a better job at all.

writer Jiang Xun once said:

"people always have to go through something that makes them feel uneasy, worthy of repentance or regret, before they look back and think about their choices."

so is Xu Mengnan.

after eating all the bitterness of life, he regretted it:

if I had studied hard and had no problem in going to an ordinary university, my life would have been a white-collar worker in the city instead of living like this.

in 2018, Xu Mengnan made up his mind to take the college entrance examination again.

he worked while studying. At the age of 29, he was admitted to a junior college in Anhui.

when he returned to school, he cherished this hard-won reading opportunity more than ever before.

when we were young, we always thought that reading was the hardest.

but wait until you really enter the society to understand that the life of not reading is the hardest.

if you don't eat the bitterness of reading, you must eat the bitterness of life.

the bitterness of study is only a few decades, but the bitterness of life may be a lifetime.

just these reasons, not everyone can listen to them.

for some people, if you tell him the truth ten thousand times, it is not as effective as hitting the wall and falling down once.

after being beaten by society, you will find that learning is a very happy thing;

after eating all the hardships of life, you will understand that reading is the best choice in life.

Reading is the best way for ordinary people to counterattack, and it is also the easiest way to go.

only when the danger comes do you know how to obey the rules

the reason why people are unwilling to change is that the pain is not deep enough.

so take a chance and don't want to change it.

only when the danger really comes, will it be awakened by pain.

it is impossible to teach others, and it is enough to teach them once.

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Last month, mountain torrents in Pengzhou, Sichuan claimed seven lives.

and this tragedy could have been avoided.

because Longcaogou is an undeveloped scenic spot with a number of warning signs.

there is also a sign "No going into the river, cherish life" at the entrance, and barbed wire is also installed near the river.

and long before the arrival of mountain torrents, the staff began to persuade tourists along the whole mountain gully after receiving the weather forecast.

but unfortunately, not all tourists follow the advice. Some people leave in time, while others don't care.

it was not until the torrents came that we realized that the danger was really coming.

according to one survivor:

I was very happy to go hiking in Longcaogou, but now I feel really sad and heartache.

A sudden flood in a clear mountain gully, the feeling that you may be washed away a second later, and the flood is right behind you when you run, it's really terrible.

while we regret the loss of our lives, we should also learn this bloody lesson.

A fluke is an unfortunate beginning.

Don't take a chance and think that accidents won't happen to you.

Safety is no small matter. Don't wait for danger to know how to obey the rules.

all rules and orders in this world stem from the awe of life and the guardianship of security.

abiding by the rules is also respecting life, yourself and others.

after having a serious illness, I realized that my health was the most important

in a talk showThe host asked Li Bingbing:

"since when do you realize that you are middle-aged?"

Li Bingbing's answer is:

"since a serious illness, I suddenly feel that my health is not as good as it used to be.

easy to get tired, lack of strength, not as able to endure as before.

I can't afford to abuse myself. My body will really be scrapped. "

now, when she accepts the invitation for a movie, her first consideration is her own health, and health is the first priority.

most of the time, we always rely on that we are still young, so we stay up late unscrupulously and overdraw our bodies.

it wasn't until I had a serious illness and stayed in ICU that I realized how important it was to be healthy.

have heard a heartbreaking remark:

"there are two places in the world that can teach people to cherish life, one is a hospital, and the other is a crematorium."

if you think about it, it is true.

when we are in good health, we disdain the advice of "stay up late less, exercise more, and don't overeat".

but when your health is eroded by disease, lying in a hospital bed and suffering from illness, you know how to take care of your body without being reminded.


@ Santuo

I used to stay up late for 10 years and didn't sleep before 3 o'clock in the morning.

the reason for her determination to go to bed early and get up early is that one day after she stayed up until 3 o'clock, her heart suddenly felt uncomfortable.

she began to find ways to quit staying up late, get up on time at 7 o'clock every day, eat breakfast and go to exercise to make her life more regular.

there is a sentence in "living is more important than making money":

"only at the moment of sudden scrapping will we realize that we must have walked for a long time in spite of danger."

after a serious illness, you will realize:

in this world, the least overdraft is the body, and the most unprofligate is health.

good health is a person's greatest capital. If one loses his health, he loses everything.

there is only one life.

not overdrawing the body is what every one of us should be aware of.

here, I'd like to share a short story I've read:

A young man was trapped by love and could not extricate himself, so he ran to the mountain to ask the master for help.

after listening to this, the master did not say anything, but quietly poured him tea.

the hot water in the cup overflowed, but the master still did not stop pouring water.

the young man couldn't stand the pain caused by hot water and hurriedly threw away the teacup.

there is no real empathy in this world.

you won't know the pain until the needle is stuck on your body.

Why, we have heard a lot of truth, but still do not have a good life?

because, most of the time, it doesn't make sense for us to make a change.

but the south wall, which is a detour and a stumble.

pain is the best teacher, people can not be persuaded to wake up, can only wake up with pain.

encourage each other!