People can be refined, but not Yin.
People can be refined, but not Yin.
Kindness is the greatest shrewdness.


the world does whatever it takes to pursue interests, but ignores the fact that the laws of saints are virtuous, not calculating.

A moderate life is a disaster. Moderate shrewdness is wisdom; excessive calculation is folly.

in this life, people will distinguish between loyalty and treachery, and whether they will judge evil or good.

A shrewd man may win for a while, but a kind man will win for a lifetime.

to set others up is to set yourself up

"Zhuangzi Fisherman" says: "

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those who are true are sincere and sincere, but they are not sincere and can not be moved.


if you are kind-hearted and sincere, you can get rid of stone and gold; if you focus on calculation everywhere, you will eventually count on yourself.

the most taboo thing about being a man is that he is too calculating.

the more cheating and calculating, the easier it is to pay a high price.

in ancient times, a young man from a rich family took his servant to Beijing to take the exam.

although he is rich in his family, he is very stingy and careful in the food of his servants.

as soon as he arrived in the capital, he asked his servant to eat steamed bread and pickles without extravagance and waste.

the servant had no choice but to order a few pickles, but he himself was extremely rich in delicacies.

when he checked out, he spent five taels of silver, but the servant spent twenty taels.

the young man of the rich family went to argue with the shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper said:

"vegetables, melons and fruits are scarce in winter, and this is the capital, and these cucumbers are all freshly pickled, several taels in a small plate, which is much more expensive than meat."

but he was not willing to pay so much money, so he bargained with the shopkeeper, who knew that the shopkeeper had a big fight against him and robbed him of all his entanglements.

I didn't expect that I had been calculating for a long time, but now I could lose a lot of money, which not only made the servant unhappy, but also made me suffer.

deliberate and careful calculation, trying to calculate others, but actually calculating themselves, not only reducing their own pattern and realm, but also damaging their due good fortune.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "if saints do not accumulate, the more people they have, the more they give to others."

really smart people don't have the intention of possessing and calculating, but try their best to take care of others, because they know that the more they give to others, the more they get.

do not care about trivial profits, do not care about superficial losses, only focus on long-term mutual benefit and win-win results.

the magnanimity of doing things is high, and it is a blessing to be generous and open-minded. Kindness is the greatest shrewdness.

A man has a thousand calculations, but only one day

"Historical Records" says: "

he who is good will be rewarded by heaven.

those who are wrong will be punished by God.


the fortune of money is not brought by every possible means, but by one's own kindness and kindness.

everything is too calculated, and if you are greedy for the advantages of the world, you will surely suffer from the way of heaven.

as the saying goes, "if you don't overdo the calculation, you will receive it the day before."

the more you calculate, the easier it is to lose your virtue and your life.

there was a young man who heard that there were ten thousand taels of gold on the other side of the river, so he wanted to go and get it back.

he took a long detour and finally found a bridge to get there.

when he crossed the bridge and was about to find gold, he suddenly turned around and hurried back.

it turned out that he was afraid that others would find the bridge and compete with him for gold, so he went back to tear it down.

but when he returned to the river excitedly, he found that it was an isolated island, and the bridge that was torn down was the only way to communicate with the outside world.


thought he had taken advantage of himself, but in the end he was clever and misguided, and ended up miserable.

know that if heaven commits iniquity, it can still be disobeyed; if one commits iniquity, do not live.

the human heart is like a road. The more shrewd the calculation, the narrower the road.

walking in the world, the smartest way to deal with the world is not to be mercenary and calculating on others, but to be kind to others and to be virtuous.

the long road of life, the most long-term realm of life: not calculated, but magnanimous, worthy of the heart.

people can be refined, but not Yin

Laozi has a saying: "A good man is hidden if empty, and a gentleman is virtuous and foolish."

shrewd people, in the face of the temptation of interests, easy to get lost, thus causing trouble.

and the kind-hearted people have higher virtues, can keep their hearts in the face of interests, and are blessed by heaven.

in a street, there is a Lao Li fruit shop, the business is very booming.

as a result, attracted the jealousy of the opposite Lao Wang family, they began to maliciously discount prices, at first a lot of people went to buy.

before long, the business of Lao Wang's family became deserted again, and no one was interested even if the price was reduced.

it was later learned that Lao Wang often added some bad fruit to the bag before weighing his customers.

he thought that no one could find out, but in fact, he had unwittingly lost his heart and bad reputation, and finally had no choice but to close the door.

while the Lao Li family has always paid attention to quality.All the fruits are fresh and delicious, the price is affordable, never recommend expensive to customers, only provide high-quality fruit according to the season.

someone once said to Lao Li: "

you are silly, how can you make money if you only focus on quality without raising prices?


Lao Li shook his head and said, "

Don't you think I'm making money?

if every customer eats comfortably, he will naturally trust me more. He will not only buy it himself, but also recommend his relatives and friends to visit him. Won't he earn more?


if this goes on, business will naturally become more and more prosperous.

people nowadays are always afraid that they are not shrewd enough, but they do not realize that they win for a while by opportunism and win a lifetime with kindness.

in this world, the smartest person is never a calculating person, but a kind person.

if you cheat and cheat, you will lose more; if you are greedy, you are doomed to a miserable end.

there are only kind people who are sincere and do not cheat, and it is not calculated to be kind to others.

only by looking up to the sky and bowing to the ground can we win the hearts of the people and achieve long-term success.

as the old saying goes, "three points of refinement, three points of foolishness, leave three points for posterity."

do not be too shrewd in dealing with people and things, attack in calculation, do not suffer losses in precision, but only be broad in foolishness.

Today, if you are kind and righteous to others, they will be honest to you; if you have evil thoughts towards others, they will cut you off.

kindness is the realm of life, the wisdom of life, the foundation of settling down and life, and the best amulet of life. Sooner or later, it will help you avoid evil, protect you from the wind and rain.

, may you and I both be less calculating, more frank, kind to others, and live with a clear conscience.

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