People are at a low ebb, and self-passage depends on these things.
People are at a low ebb, and self-passage depends on these things.
May we all tide over every difficulty in life and meet the most beautiful scenery.

I have heard a sentence:

"No matter who it is, we have experienced or are experiencing the darkest moments of our lives."

Life, where there are peaks, there are troughs.

if you are going through a low point in your life, do these four things well and you may be able to see the sun and suddenly become clear.

have a good meal and warm yourself

there is a passage on the Internet:

"in the past, when I was sad, I didn't think about food, oil and salt, and I lay foolishly all day. Now it's time to eat. I went to the kitchen to make a bowl of noodles in tears and didn't forget to add two poached eggs."

people who are really fierce can eat three meals a day calmly, even in the face of strong winds and torrential rains.

in his opinion, the trough is the only way of life, and a good health is the greatest capital.

only in this way can we have the ability to resist the wind and rain, and it is really strong.

Su Dongpo lived a wandering life and had a bumpy official career, but he always took his three meals a day seriously, and even developed delicacies like "Dongpo meat".

he warms himself in predicament with food, blooming the openness and awakening of life.

Mr. Cai Lan said:

"A good life starts with eating well, and judging whether a person is serious or not depends on whether he eats well or not."

regard the attitude of eating as the attitude of doing things, heal yourself with delicious food, seek introspection, accumulate energy, and wait for the opportunity to come.

the more difficult it is, the more you should take yourself seriously and your body seriously.

sleep well and be kind to yourself

the thinker Voltaire said:

"God gives us hope and sleep in order to make up for all the troubles on earth."

people have good energy to deal with difficulties only when they sleep well during the trough.

some time ago, a friend around me was admitted to the hospital because of physical problems.

because of the failure of the investment, this friend was anxious to get angry and could not sleep all night. In the end, he had to rely on sleeping pills to help him fall asleep.

because of long-term insomnia, the body could not hold back. One morning, he suddenly fell to the ground and fell unconscious.

when people are at a low ebb, one-third depends on healing and seven on self-healing.

A good sleep is the best self-healing of the body.

Don't stay awake at night because of difficulties. Get a good night's sleep in order to face difficulties and solve problems more actively.

A really good person will take the initiative to adjust the pace of rest to help ease the toil of life.

Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong once said, "he has made a dead rule for himself, that is, no matter how stressed he is, he must sleep."

this is all the more true for you who are at a low ebb.

if you can't sleep well because of trouble, then you will have more trouble because you can't sleep well.

No matter how difficult it is, it is not as difficult as sleeping. With such a state of mind, when the storm comes, you can get a good night's sleep and wake up to meet everything new.

only those who know how to have a good rest can take control of life.

tidy up the house and nourish yourself

I saw a question on the Internet: "I am going through the most difficult time of my life, what can I do to change, even a little bit?"

A highly praised answer goes like this: "when you are in pain and there is nothing you can do about the current predicament, go and clean the house."

my friend Sheena, a strong woman, invited everyone to her house for a party one day.

I remember that when I came into the door that day, I smelled the fragrance of gardenia, which was particularly relaxing.

Xena's company went bankrupt, her house was auctioned, and now she rents it.

Xena, who is in difficulties, shows a positive and positive side in such a clean and tidy environment.

the house is clean and tidy, there are always invincible flowers on the coffee table, and the green plants on the balcony are fresh and pleasing to the eye.

Sheena said:

"when I feel that I can't get through it, I will clean up the house and have a clean and tidy environment, which is very powerful and makes me more positive."

as a saying goes, "if you stay in an orchid room for a long time, you don't smell it, and if you live in a dirty room for a long time, you don't feel its chaos."

A clean and tidy room has its own sunshine properties, which can make people full of energy and hope.

keep exercising and heal yourself

some netizens who love running have said:

"running three kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of discomfort, five kilometers specializing in treating all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers running, the heart is full of magnanimity and kindness, and there is nothing that running cannot solve."

exercise is the cure for everything.

moved the top ten figures of the marathon in 2018, Xue Yingyong, like his name, he was very "heroic".

in the Guangzhou Marathon, he ran a personal best of 3 hours and 17 minutes.

you know, 14 years ago, he was almost sentenced to death. In 2004, at the age of 32, he developed uremia and needed dialysis to keep him alive.

in order to fight his fate, he went to the hospital for dialysis and started running and ran a marathon for 14 years.

in the runway of life, his spirit beats everyone else.

as the ancient Greek saying goes, "the best doctors of mankind are air, sunshine and exercise."

exercise allows you to get rid of all your depression, purify your negative energy, and slowly.The heart is getting stronger and stronger.

when life is at a low ebb, you often need to cross it by yourself.

the improvement of life also begins with sports.

there is a word called "rolling stone without moss", which means that no moss will grow on a rolling stone.

so is life, as long as you have the courage to move on, you won't stay where you are all the time.

one meal, one meal, let the heart have a place to live, in a bowl of fireworks, warm themselves.

get a good night's sleep, nourish your spirit, keep your body healthy, and be kind to yourself.

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tidy up the house, be in the clear window, have a bright heart, nourish yourself.

keep exercising, sweat, relax and heal yourself.

, may we all tide over every difficulty in life and meet the most beautiful scenery.

the book is published under authorization.