Only by letting go of face can we carry the day.
Only by letting go of face can we carry the day.
One day, we will drive through the dark tunnel and usher in a bright and smooth road.

how hard is it to make money?

recently, a video from the broadcast room of tens of millions of online celebrities came out, which made people feel full of emotion.

Crazy Brother Yang, a super online celebrity with more than 99 million fans, often works with various brands.

and this man is just one of many brands in Xiao Yang's studio.

but countless netizens saw adults working hard for life in him.

at 12:00 at night, after a day of preparation, it was finally his turn to play.

when introducing the product, he spoke very carefully and worked very hard, and at first glance he had done a lot of homework.

when Brother Yang was introduced, he kept holding the product in order to better show it to the audience.

when testing the product, because the staff casually asked, "has this water been tampered with?"

in the face of doubt, he drank the water directly in his hands.

he tried so hard that even Brother Yang couldn't bear it and hurriedly stopped him.

later, when testing the effect of washing the floor, he directly sprinkled the expired instant noodles on the floor with his hands.

there are all kinds of stinky food and condiments, and he doesn't feel too dirty to stir them with his hands.

the stain on the hand is easily dabbed on the brand-new suit.

some netizens questioned whether the self-cleaning rolling brush of the machine could be cleaned, and he did not hesitate to show it to everyone.

use all kinds of rolling brushes on your face to show that the product is clean until Brother Yang snatches the rolling brush from his hand.

under the video, many netizens have left messages:

Grab yourself a piece of sorority formal dress and accentuate your ensemble to bring out your elegance. Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

as a 20-year business dog, it means that this is normal, the market has run too much, nothing humble has not been done, there is nothing hypocritical, make money, not shabby;

the shadow of many people in reality. I hope we can work hard together to live a good life.

saw the wedding ring on his hand and understood his efforts.

it is easy for adults to earn no money.

Yes, life is really hard, in the adult world, not a job is not hard.

face is the most useless thing before making money.

it does not bring food and clothing, does not worry about food and clothing, and caresses the embarrassment and sorrow of an uneven life.

who doesn't want to live a decent, bright and enviable life?

but that's the way life is. Which one doesn't need money, such as the cost of food and clothing, parents' pension, and children's education?

A person's maturity begins with losing face.

work is current, face back.

the greatest decency for adults is to lose face and make money.

"the bitterness of not having money can be understood by tasting it once."

there is a question on the Internet: "Why do people have to work hard to make money?"


@ Mouse

tells such a story:

12 years, he just graduated, working in Shanghai.

at that time, he was not obsessed with money and always thought he could earn enough to spend.

but then something happened that completely shattered his understanding of money.

in December 9, he received a phone call from home, and his mother trembled and told him that he might have breast cancer.

later, he lived a life of running from Shanghai to Fuzhou.

but because he couldn't do both at the same time, after struggling for a period of time, he decided to return to his hometown in Fujian.

because of this, it is more convenient to take care of the mother.

after five rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, he thought his mother's illness would end here.

but did not expect that within a few years, my mother's illness relapsed.

in order to improve his chances of survival, he specially went to Shanghai, but the cost of living was so high that after two rounds of chemotherapy, he had no choice but to go back to his hometown with the chemotherapy plan.

it wasn't long before my mother reflected that the effect of chemotherapy was worse each time in her hometown.

on the advice of the doctor, targeted therapy was decided.

so the next problem is 300000 of the cost of treatment.

it was the first time he felt the importance of money, and it was also the first time that he felt his powerlessness.

the later story is:

his mother didn't make it through that, leaving endless grief and a debt.

Why do people have to make money hard?

probably gives you a better choice when it comes to life-and-death choices.

when I was young, I always felt that it was vulgar to talk about money, and there was no need to work hard for it.

but when something really happened, I found that it was really fatal to have no money.

because we have money, we have the choice, the ability to fight disease, and the strength to live a good life.

in this uncertain world, although money is not everything, it is absolutely impossible to have money without it.

money is the strength of our life and the foundation for us to settle down in this world.

"lose face and make money, not shabby"

I like a passage from Li Ka-shing:

when you lose face and make money, it shows that you are sensible;

when you use your money to save face, it means you have succeeded;

when you can make money with face, it shows that you are already a person;

when you are still there drinking and bragging, pretending to know nothing and only love the so-called face, it means that you will never know anything in your life.That's it.

Life can not always be plain sailing, experienced troughs, full of sadness, will understand:

face is really less important than making money.

think of self-media big V

@ Lao Wang who has to be Buddhist


he used to be a brilliant private equity boss, all-powerful in the financial market, but was kicked out of the company because of poor operating conditions.

after losing his job, he thought that with his resume and experience, he could find a satisfactory job, but the reality poured cold water on him:

No company hired him.

maybe at my age, hire me as an ordinary employee, and people think I don't want to; hire me as an executive, there is no shortage, so I never found a job.

when he was at the bottom of his life, in order to support his family, he switched to driving a ride-hailing car.

someone asked him, isn't he afraid of being seen by acquaintances? Will it be awkward if you meet a former subordinate or client?

his answer is as follows:

you can't stop because you are old and young at this age.

when you find that you can no longer survive in an industry, you can only turn around immediately and continue on your way.

"people really become strong, not because they guard their self-esteem, but when they put it aside."

in the adult world, it is always a big thing to make a living, but a small matter of face.

because face is so insignificant in front of the heavy hammer of life.

instead of indulging in the glory of the past, it is better to lose face and work hard to make money and earn a living strength and sense of security for yourself and your family.

Life is not easy, we are all trying our best to live hard.

every adult who loses face and strives to make money is the hero of life.

"Don't laugh at those who make money on their knees."

Li Zongsheng sings in the song:

"you and I are both mortal, living in the world, working hard all day long, and we can't be idle for a moment."

in this strange world, no one is easier than the other, and everyone has their own busyness and rush.

and behind every adult who lives hard, there is a soul with clenched teeth.

driving on the highway late at night, the truck driver slapped himself several times in the face in order to stay awake.

he said that no one wants to mess with himself.

but when you run on the highway at night, you can't help it when you are sleepy.

it is common for them to slap themselves in the face.

there are no good years, but they are all moving forward with a heavy load.

everyone who works for his family deserves our respect.

"roast sausage, delicious lean sausage."

because of the magic hawking and brainwashing dance, the post-90s roast intestines were photographed and became popular on the Internet.

when talking about the reason, he said frankly:

"if there is no business, you will be in a hurry. If you are in a hurry, you will forget what other people will think, because you have to make money and eat."

behind the magic hawking is the epitome of hard life.

We are all living hard, no matter who laughs at me or despises me.

October 14, Guangdong.

A man carries seven bags of goods at once, which is both distressing and sad.

some people say that he is not carrying seven bags, but the responsibility of the family.

the adult world can collapse at night and can only work hard during the day.

and all the running, busyness, sadness and desperation are just for the stability of the family and the well-being of the parents.

I have heard such a sentence:

when you stand in a safe place, don't laugh at those who are trying to support their families.

Don't laugh at how mean their way of making a living is and how ugly they struggle.

if you can, who doesn't want to do a more decent job and live a better life?

everyone has their own difficulties in the sea of life. Never laugh at those who make money on their knees.

because they are not only for themselves, but also for the people they love most.

No matter how difficult and dangerous life is, they still stand firm and build eaves to protect their families from the wind and rain with their own hands.

Adults who are willing to lose face and make money can be treated gently by life.

I also hope that we can all endure hardships, let life blossom, and make life clear.

believe that there will be warm spring and blooming flowers.

one day, we will drive through the dark tunnel and usher in a bright and smooth road.