Only a man who has real feelings for you will "call" you like this!
Only a man who has real feelings for you will "call" you like this!
True love is not shouting "I love you" every day, but in the details of daily life.

some people say:

"if you love someone, it will overflow from your mouth. Even a word of address is full of sweet love."

it is true.

in a relationship, as two people's love heats up, the way they address each other will change.

for example, the following three titles show how much he loves you.

"Big fool"

as the saying goes, "beating is kissing, scolding is love."

the title "fool, fool" sounds like blame and blame on the surface, but in fact, it is more love that cannot be concealed when it is put into a greasy love.

generally speaking, when a man calls you that, it shows that you have a different place in his heart.

because only those closest to each other will be called like this, doting in playfulness and affectionate in anger.

for example, when you make a little confusion and do something wrong, he will touch your head and gently call you "big fool". This is not to blame you, but to pity and dote on you.

your stupidity will hurt him and arouse his desire for protection and a sense of spoiling. even if what you do makes people laugh or cry, he will think you are lovely and will never really blame you.

in front of him, you don't have to be brave, and you don't have to be a strong girl, he will be your most solid rely on, silently guard by your side.

so, when a man calls you that, it shows that he is deeply in love with you. He hopes that under his protection, you will always be the confused "big fool". You don't have to worry about anything, just be happy.

"naughty boy"

Herabar once said this sentence:

"when you meet the right person, he will spoil you, love you and tolerate you. Even if you were covered in armor and covered with thorns, you will become childish, laugh and live like a child."

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I think this should be the best appearance of a woman in love.

in fact, in the heart of every woman, there is a little girl who does not grow up, eager to be held in the palm of her hand and on the tip of her heart.

it is only when she is with a loved one that women drop their guard, show a childish side, love to act coquetry, mischievous, and sometimes deliberately tease each other.

the man who loves you will never be angry or impatient, but will only think you are very cute and affectionately call you "naughty boy".

but in the eyes of men who don't love you, they will think that you have nothing to do, childish and ridiculous, and that you are very annoying.

such a man really does not love you, he can not see your loveliness, nor can he realize your dependence on him.

writer Su Qin once said:

"good love turns people into fools, bad love makes people crazy, and the best love turns people into children."

in the heart of those who love you deeply, no matter how old you are, you are his treasure.

in front of him, you don't need to be mature and sensible, he will take care of you carefully, spoil you like a child, and give you all the love and warmth.

"Little lazy pig"

I don't know since when, pig has become a byword for loveliness. Many girls say they want to be a delicate pig girl, and couples often use pig expressions as notes for their partners.

so, when a man calls you "Little lazy Pig", he doesn't materialize you, but has true feelings for you.

because such an intimate form of address is not used among people with ordinary relationships.

and the scene where this term is used most often is in the morning:

the appointment time is coming, the other party called and you haven't got up yet; breakfast is ready and you are still fast asleep.

at this time, they will get a sentence from each other: "Little lazy pig, get up!"

when you first fall in love, women always dress up beautifully and diligently, hoping to make a good impression on each other.

but as the relationship deepens and we can be honest with each other, women will be lazy.

in order to get more sleep, you don't get up early and put on makeup, and even you will be late for an appointment.

at this time, the man who really loves you will not dislike you, and he wants you to have a good rest rather than your appearance.

although you are called a "little lazy pig" in your mouth, my heart is full of love.

the man who loves you is always reluctant to let you work hard and wants to share everything for you.

in order to take better care of you, he will keep working hard. It doesn't matter how hard he works. He just wants you to be a lazy pig and stay by his side and give you all the happiness.

the man who can call you a lazy pig has recognized you in his heart, and he will connive at all your small shortcomings and give you a lifetime of love.

there is a saying:

"the most powerful thing in the world is not respect and equality, but preference."

take it for granted that a man who has real feelings for you must be full of spoiling and preference for you in his words and deeds.

True love is not shouting "I love you" every day, but in the details of daily life.

like these nicknames above, there is deep love behind them.

so, if a man often uses these three names for you, then noMust doubt his sincerity, please cherish it hard and love it boldly.

the book is published under authorization.