Once twice refused to marry a rich family, 52-year-old unmarried and infertile, now the "tragic" exposure has been mocked: do you really deserve it?
Once twice refused to marry a rich family, 52-year-old unmarried and infertile, now the "tragic" exposure has been mocked: do you really deserve it?
Find a self-consistent and comfortable way of life!

my friends, have they all been

# what is the stem of Wang Baozhu digging wild vegetables #

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this stem comes from Xue Pinggui and Wang Baogui, a costume drama starring Xuan Xuan.

friends who are disconnected from the Internet, uncle will help you remember.

Wang Baogui, who marries beggar Xue Pinggui for love, would rather break with his parents than be a beggar woman.

as a result, she kept the wild vegetables dug in the cold kiln for 18 years, but waited for Xue Pinggui to marry someone else.

netizens have complained that Wang Baoqi is "the grandmaster of the brain of love".

for a while, the Internet is full of this kind of "dissuasion manifesto".

not only that, even the star Xuan Xuan was scolded by the whole network to wake her up.

Xuan Xuan also operates online, responding to this "stem":

"Love is very sweet, but I also hope that girls will not lose themselves. May every kind girl have a perfect story ending."

in the play, she deduces Wang Baotou's infatuation into three points.

but in reality, she is clearly a sober lady in the world!

it's impossible to wait 18 years. There's only one father, and you can find another boyfriend.

Hsuan Xuan's first half of her life went well with the wind.

born into a wealthy businessman's family, Xuan Xuan lived a good life from an early age, and her grades were excellent and lovable.

when she was 12 years old, she was sent to study abroad by her parents and graduated from Imperial University of Technology. She is a rare goddess of beauty and wisdom in the entertainment industry.

since childhood, when her parents were busy at work, Xuan Xuan developed an independent, bold and unyielding character.

when she was in college, she was a proper high achiever and a popular figure in the school.

not only often help the students with their homework, but also tactfully resolve the theft of the dormitory and retrieve the lost things.

maybe the living environment is rich, so that Xuan Xuan doesn't have any worries or ambitions, but she always knows what she wants.

when she graduated, Xuan Xuan found a white-collar job.

just when she was confused about the future, another opportunity in life came quietly.

once, when I came out of the theatre with my friends and passed by the stinky tofu stall, the two were eating stinky tofu happily.

but someone suddenly accosted him:

"May I invite you to shoot a commercial?"

in the face of the conversation with strangers, Xuan Xuan was puzzled and half-jokingly said, "is it an advertisement for stinky tofu?"


unexpectedly, the other party is a star scout and wants to find a heroine for the advertisement.

as soon as I heard Xuan Xuan, I became interested and went with the attitude of giving it a try.

surprisingly, the effect of the advertisement was surprisingly good, and then she shot the chocolate ad.

soon, TVB also found a girl who was naive and free from vulgarity and natural acting skills, and extended an olive branch to her.

unexpectedly, because of a moment of curiosity, I stumbled into the show business.

and to this day, she still loves this job.

after entering the show business, Xuan Xuan's resources are surprisingly good.

the first play, "Thousand-year-old Lover", starred in female No.2, partnering with Fang Fei, Fang Zhongxin and Lin Baoyi.

it flattered her.

Our elegant and striking one shoulder bridesmaid dresses are a must-have for any true lady. Enjoy the combination of simplicity and utility.

recalling her first acting experience, Xuan Xuan said bluntly: very nervous.

in the play, there is a hug between the two. At that time, Xuan Xuan's mind went blank, leaving her heart beating wildly, unable to hear the voice of the outside world at all.

although there are many big names in the play, the beautiful Xuan Xuan left a deep impression on the audience.

then, Xuan Xuan became an instant hit with the legal drama "No. 1 Royal Court IV".

in the play, Xuan Xuan plays Cheng Ruohui, who fights with each other in court, with clear logic and reasonable evidence.

the facial features are angular, the aura between the eyebrows is leaking, you can't even hide it, and you can handle the temperament of elite women with ease

in the Criminal Detective Archives IV, she is transformed into a psychiatrist, Wu Qiaojun, dressed up with beauty and elegance, and her intellectual tenderness captures the hearts of the audience.

and Xu Fei, played by Louis Koo, fall in love but cannot defend each other's masochism, has become a difficult peace in the hearts of countless people.

in the play, the two love each other, but fortunately, outside the play, they won the award for best actor and actress by virtue of their roles.

seems to make up for the regret of the audience, and soon, the two collaborated with Xunqin Ji, the ancestor of the time travel drama.

in the play, Xuan Xuan is a playful, self-willed, daring to love and hate Wu Tingfang, looking back on the stage for almost ten thousand years.

this time, Gu Tianle and Xiang Shaolong once again became happy enemies.

after the popularity of Xunqin Ji, the characters created by the two are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and fans have always hoped that Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan can come into reality and become a pair of lovers.

however, the daily jokes and jokes of the two are enough to make us see clearly that bosom friends are far more attractive than lovers.

"Anti-Corruption Storm 5" interview scene,

Koo Tien-Lok joked on the sidelines, worried about Xuan Xuan's first filming.

but not worried about her, but worried that she will hurt others.

Xuan Xuan on the side also impolitely turned over Gu Tianle.I got a white eye.

although they dismantle each other, they are full of concern for Xuan Xuan.

along the way, no matter in life or career, there is no lack of each other's company.

when the new film of Louis Koo is released, she will spare no effort to promote the film and invite everyone to see it.

when asked about his relationship with Louis Koo?

Xuan Xuan said frankly: "getting along with Gu Tianle is like a brother. I will always be there when you need it."

and Louis Koo was also asked by fans:

"if both Xuan Xuan and Li Ruotong fall into the water at the same time, who do you choose to save first?"

who knows, Gu Tianle said, "I can't swim, I may need them to save" to solve this "problem" perfectly!

looking back on the past bit by bit, although netizens have been shouting that the two are together, it seems that the two are more like Youda and the feeling that the lover is not satisfied.

also believes that this friendship will get deeper and deeper with the passage of time!

her career is going well, but Xuan Xuan's feelings are full of twists and turns.

in 1993, Xuan Xuan met Zhang Weijian while filming Brother Dragon and Mouse Brother.

A strange spirit and a sense of humor, the two soon fell in love with each other and became a couple.

but at that time, Xuan Xuan's career was star-studded, while Zhang Weijian was still unknown, and no one was optimistic about the relationship.

however, when love comes, no one can stop it.

in the face of everyone's doubts, Xuan Xuan was extremely determined to go shopping and watch movies with Zhang Weijian, and often supported her boyfriend.

envy others for a moment.

but fate is like a naughty child who likes to play tricks on people from time to time.

Hsuan Xuan's career has advanced by leaps and bounds, while Zhang Weijian's career has fallen to a low ebb and has never improved.

the outside world also shouted Zhang Weijian: soft rice man.

and this relationship between strong women and weak men also makes him feel inferior:

"watching Xuan Xuan get better every day and earn more money than I do, not to mention what outsiders think, even I tell myself in my heart that she is absolutely qualified to find someone better than me."

unable to withstand external pressure and inner inferiority complex, Zhang Weijian chose to break up with Xuan Xuan:

"remember, you are the woman I love most!"

in this way, the relationship came to an end, and the two kept it deep in their hearts.

wandering around, Xuan Xuan fell in love again.

at a party, she and Rong Wenhan fell in love at first sight, and the relationship was sweet and sweet for six years.

when everyone thought that the two had reached the point of talking about marriage and that Xuan Xuan would marry into a wealthy family, she did not hesitate to break up.

it turns out that the man hopes that Xuan Xuan can give up his career after marriage and feel at home with his husband and raising his son.

to this end, Xuan Xuan also fell into a painful struggle, love, career are reluctant to give up.

but there is always a voice in her heart:

"if you give up your career and look back decades later, will you regret it?"

the answer is yes!

after half her life, although she hasn't found a partner of her own, Xuan Xuan is still looking forward to love.

emotionally, she is always sober and never makes do with it:

"one person has one person's happiness, and the partner also has two people's happiness, but the most important thing is to find the right person."

Yes, in life, don't forget to be the best you can be before you meet the right one. Only when you meet the right person can you have a happy marriage.

someone once asked Xuan Xuan, "what is your ideal life?"

she said: "now is my ideal state to have a job and a life."

now, Xuan Xuan, 52, is still active in front of the screen and loves acting.

as long as there is a play and the audience likes to watch it, she will act.

in her spare time, she will also amuse herself at home and learn to make salt.

learn how to grow vegetables.

make an appointment with friends to climb and run together.

make your life the way you want it to be, relaxed and beautiful!

along the way, she has always regarded acting as her hobby. Although she has been questioned and denied, she still moves forward with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

, let's look forward to more possibilities in Xuan Xuan's life!

I also wish you and me that while we have achieved many achievements, we can also find a consistent and comfortable way of life!