On the second day of domestic violence, a well-known actor was named and criticized by CCTV: this time he is completely cold!
On the second day of domestic violence, a well-known actor was named and criticized by CCTV: this time he is completely cold!
Marriage is a habitat for love, not a cage for women.


the lower limit of the entertainment industry is really refreshing every day.

who would have thought that the seemingly gentle and elegant middle-aged actor Wang Dong is secretly a habitual criminal of domestic violence.

on Aug. 26, the wife of actor Wang Dong posted a video of herself being beaten.

in the video, Wang Dong suddenly gets up and jumps onto the bed, swearing and beating his wife.

when she was emotional, she even grabbed the girl's neck and shouted, "do you want to die together?"

after starting to get out of hand, he swung the crib board and hit his wife hard.

after the policeman who came to mediate left, Wang Dong intensified and beat his wife until he fainted.

when it happened, my wife was on the first day of her menstruation and was exhausted because of dysmenorrhea.

Don't say fight back, even cry for help is powerless, can only cling to the quilt.

what is even more hateful is that Wang Dong's domestic violence is not the first time.

according to his wife, he did it when he was seven months pregnant with a big belly, and when he was weak after giving birth.

it was as if he was not dealing with a wife who had children, but a tool to vent his anger.

soon after the video was sent, someone left a message in the girls' comment area and revealed that

"I dated your husband."

the online celebrity who left this message said that he was cheating on traffic, but according to his wife, Wang Dong also had an affair during her pregnancy.

the netizens' anger was ignited at once, and more bizarre things are still to come.

Wang Dong's wife released a chat record at the beginning of this year.

proves that Wang Dong has been consulting an agent about divorce and alimony since the baby was born.

Wang Xiaoxi is obviously on the same side with him.

"you are unemployed, usually a few thousand; if you don't know what to talk about, she must be very tall."

in the entertainment industry with a daily salary of 2.08 million yuan, there will be no less soup in the 18th line, even if you can't eat meat.

Why are families earning far more than their wages reluctant to pay child support?

money is already the second place, and what annoys passers-by most is that the child was born less than a year ago, and Wang Dong is suspected to have disappeared three times.

Wang Dong's wife spoke out publicly on Weibo many times, asking for a response, but could not be reached by Weibo.

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even if you want to get a divorce, this is not the attitude to solve the problem.

going to court to file for divorce is also more convincing than running away.

with the ferment of public opinion for several days, the entry of Wang Dong's domestic violence has been hit by hot searches.

I didn't expect that this time his public response was even more eye-popping.

obviously hit someone himself but said, "I'm finally relieved", trying to create an image of a victim between the lines.

although he is obviously the perpetrator of violence, he talks about him from left to right, trying to divert his attention and draw some obscure reasons.

even CCTV rectifies its name mercilessly: no reason is an excuse for domestic violence.

as a little-known actor, Wang Dong's reputation is completely lost by himself.

from the image of Uncle yuppie to the current violent man.

it is really sad that he has come to such a shameless situation step by step.

if there were no domestic violence scandal, Wang Dong would be a bit of a famous actor.

especially in the past two years, he has made frequent appearances in various hit dramas.

in "everything is fine" starring Yao Chen, she plays Liu Qing, the old partner of glib tongue and Su Mingyu's happy friend.

plays Shen Dongjun, the mature and stable head of the jewelry brand in "Cara Lovers" starring Tang Yan, and has an emotional relationship with Dili Reba.

Ye Qing in the hit TV drama "will be Night" and the fairy master in "acquaintance with Junchu" were also him last year.

to the audience, they may not know their names, but they must look familiar.

in terms of appearance, he has a very popular gentle uncle temperament;

in terms of acting skills, from a small supporting role to an important villain can leave a memory for the audience.

an actor who should have a high reputation should be so violent and cruel in private.

many online celebrities in the entertainment circle have torn open the beautiful people to set up the package, and there are countless lice hidden underneath.

I also remember that on Valentine's Day on February 14 this year, poet Yu Xiuhua openly admitted that he was in love with Yang Yingze's brother and sister.

the two people took wedding photos and invited their parents, hoping to spend the rest of their lives together.

Yang Yingze leapt from a divorced middle-aged man with children to a deep-rooted infatuation, and even his career of selling honey had a following.

there are thousands of rewards and unimaginable sales on live shows.

Yes, a good-looking post-90s young man was with a famous poet who was talented for love and mobility, promising to take care of her and love her.

what a beautiful story.

but only a few months later, the man in hasty disguise was revealed.

in the information exposed, he beat the disabled Yu Xiuhua and even "slapped hundreds of slaps".

repeatedly cursing "top scum girl", which is still on the air.In the smear she "got drunk and peed her pants", filming Yu Xiuhua's dishevelled appearance in her pajamas in the camera.

but in fact, he is the one who cheated. 520 received several red envelopes from the rich woman and argued that it was to celebrate World Bee Day.

later, when Yu Xiuhua wanted to draw a clear line with him, Yang Xiushi quit and made a move directly.

Yang Yingze, a 32-year-old with able-bodied limbs, was an one-sided beating against a 46-year-old sick woman who was defenseless.

he even threatened:

"We didn't get a license. It's not domestic violence that I beat her. It's a nature of the Tangshan assault case."

after being attacked by netizens, he made a more bizarre move.

when he said he wanted to apologize, he slapped himself 100 times in front of the camera and made his face red, swollen and nosebleed.

the degree of violence and madness is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

in the face of such people, if they continue to grievance and peace, who knows what more crazy behavior can be done.

people who dare to commit domestic violence know the consequences, but they don't want to control themselves at all.

it's like Cao GE who once set up a good father because of "where's Dad going?"

what we see is that his wife and son are talented, but what we can't see is that Cao GE has a bad record of drinking and making trouble.

it was his wife Wu Suiling who went crazy again and again in public places and finally came out to apologize for the aftermath.

in March this year, Cao GE lost control again when he was eating in a restaurant and began to smash it after swearing and insulting the boss's wife for two minutes.

the whole process was recorded this time, and his reputation, which turned over again and again, was destroyed again.

his wife, Wu Suiling, sent out a picture of suspected domestic violence, covering her face with a bag, her chest and arms were blue and blue, and the lines were full of grievances.

when you drink, you go crazy, when you are sober, you repent in every way, and when you touch alcohol, you have no reason at all.

such "husbands" and "fathers" are not uncommon in real life.

No matter how loyal, affectionate, handsome or talented you have been, once there are signs of domestic violence, don't swallow it.

flinching and forbearance will only gain an inch.

there are too many perpetrators of violence on them.

No matter on the spur of the moment or alcohol, these are not reasons for violence!

the person who hurts you once absolutely has the courage and ability to hurt you a second time.

if you don't stay away from these ticking time bombs sooner or later, it will be too late.

public figures such as stars and Internet celebrities are restrained by public opinion and dare to abuse their wives and girlfriends without scruples.

I'm afraid the reality experienced by ordinary people is much heavier.

according to the survey, 1/4 of women in China have experienced domestic violence.

search the news of the last two months with the keyword "domestic violence" and feel angry.

it has nothing to do with region and age, occupation and identity, and countless harsh messages.

there is "groundless suspicion that his wife is having an affair";

there are people who "don't like their wives watching street dance variety shows";

because the wife "took the child back to her mother's house without being told"....

there is only one root cause. They do not treat the victims as equal family members, let alone respect the marriage.

whenever there is news of domestic violence, it always diverts attention like this:

"some people should call. Why don't you ask why?"

to put it bluntly, there is no reason for domestic violence, and all the reasons are excuses for violence.

it is extremely barbaric to rely on one's own physical strength to beat and hurt a weak party.

domestic violence is not a family affair, it is illegal or a crime!

if the other party is wrong, take rational and legal measures to discuss divorce and open confrontation, and there is always a way to solve the problem.

A man who unilaterally resorts to violence is no different from a beast who only knows how to drink blood in wild times.

the tip of the iceberg reflects the plight of more silent people.

after all, domestic violence usually happens behind closed doors in the most private space.

because of differences in strength and personality, most of the victims of domestic violence are women.

and many traditional women stubbornly believe that the ugliness of "domestic violence" should not be made public.

if you say so, you will lose face on yourself and your family.

there are a large number of victims comforting themselves:

"he is just on the spur of the moment and is usually very kind to me. He has promised not to do it again. "

I don't know how many people controlled by violence only dare to hold back tears in the dark.

and I've heard more reasons for keeping silent than anything else, all for the sake of children.

"the child is still young and needs a complete family."

"divorce what if he takes it out on the children?"

"divorce can't give my children a better life, so I can only put up with it."


but is this really for the good of the children?