No matter who you are dealing with, please remember these pieces of advice
No matter who you are dealing with, please remember these pieces of advice
The rest of your life is expensive, so don't force integration at any time.

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Cai Kangyong said:

"all getting along with others is to make our unique self more comfortable, not more aggrieved."

interpersonal interaction is a subject of knowledge, which can be handled as well as a fish in water, but not as well as treading on thin ice.

No matter who you get along with, please remember the following advice to better see the hearts of the people and know human nature.

it's no use knowing anyone if you're not good.

only when a small tree learns to take root and absorb sunshine and rain can it grow into a pillar to resist wind and rain.

only when a tiger learns to hunt and is honed in various cruel living environments can it become the king of all beasts.

people. If they want to have a foothold in this society, they must become very good.

Natural selection, survival of the fittest, in this world, if you are not excellent, you will disappear into the vast sea of people.

many people say that today's society is a society of human relations, and only people can be like a fish in water.

but contacts are all based on the exchange of resources, and only people with equal resources and equal abilities can achieve each other.

if you are not good and do not have the ability to replace resources, it is useless to know anyone, and you will not be able to catch the opportunity.

some people say:

"Don't spend too much time chasing a horse, but use the time it takes to recommend it." When the flowers bloom in spring, there will be a number of horses for you to choose. "

this is true. Many people want to take advantage of human relationships and take opportunistic shortcuts to get what they want.

but the so-called shortcuts are generally dug by life.

oneself is not strong, the person who does not match morally will be black and blue in the end.

all smart people know how to learn to meditate and improve themselves, which is the right way.

the real network is one's own ability.

No matter how good the relationship is, you should pay attention to the sense of division

Zhou Guoping said:

"all interactions have an insurmountable final limit, and all troubles and conflicts stem from the desire to break through them."

Don't cross the line in any relationship, no matter how close you are, you must be measured.

the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, which is the premise of the benign development of a relationship.

never interfere in other people's lives under the banner of being good for others.

being the protagonist in your own life and being a spectator in other people's lives is the premise of making friends.

in life, there are many people who like to be active in other people's world with a high profile:

some parents interfere with the parenting of young couples;

some relatives interfere with the marital problems of other children;

some colleagues are always curious to pry into other people's private lives;

there is also an endless stream of vulgar marriage and human exchanges.

if you think you have a good relationship, you break through the boundary, do something inappropriate and say inappropriate things.

not only brings more troubles to others, but also makes you look very low in EQ.

"stewed squid in honey sauce" said: "leaving a glimmer of leeway for each other is the safe distance between people, whether it is friendship, love, or the relationship of ordinary people."

No matter how close a relationship is, familiarity and moderation are the best social distance, and it is the secret of a good relationship to keep it fresh for a long time.

the three values are different, so there is no need to blend

this journey of life, we will meet many kinds of people, some people pass by, some people stay briefly.

the height is different, the scenery is also different, choose people with the same values together, will become better and better.

there is a professional term in psychology called "backfire effect".

but in complex interpersonal relationships, sometimes we have to face these practical problems:

you like reading. Ta says what's the use of reading? Do you pretend to be literature and art?

you like to eat Japanese food. Ta says it's expensive and terrible. Do you like it so much?

this is a very typical person with different values.

the Book of changes says: "the same voice corresponds to each other and demands in the same phase."

not everyone can empathize, and the world should allow differentiation.

although we can't change others, it's best to learn to stay away as soon as possible.

Don't bother to argue about the truth that doesn't make sense;

those who cannot see through the hearts of the people, there is no need to give in to try.

the world is big and expensive for the rest of your life, so don't force integration at any time.

Don't care about it, don't compare it with others

there is a saying:

"some people live in tall buildings, some people are in deep ditches, some people are full of light, some people are covered in rust, and there are thousands of kinds of people in the world.

there are all kinds of difficulties in life.

only by not forgetting the original ideal and ambition can those who practice meditatively see the light, and those who know how to walk their own path in a down-to-earth manner can see the wider world.

The true happiness of a person's life is to have a transparent mind that does not care about and does not compare with others.

calculating and comparing is generally a negative word, but it is actually more like a double-edged sword.

the out-of-balance mind confines himself to the narrow world and the excessive sense of comparison destroys his future in the fire of shackled desires.

excessive calculation and comparison, people will lose the right view of themselves.

We often say that spirits are as cold as spirits, green tea is as light as tea, and coffee is mellow.

indeed, things are different and their tastes are wonderful. Just live your own style.

Don't tear other people's umbrellas just because you've been in the rain.

when your friends are better off than you, look at the gap positively and try to catch up.

Don't shy away from your friends when they are worse off than you.

interpersonal communication is most afraid of having a sense of superiority and comparison, mixed with too much benefit calculation.

in a relationship, if you care too much, the mind will be small, the comparison will be more, and the desire will be greater.

there is a survey online:

"A person will meet an average of 890000 people in his life and can only make friends with dozens of people. There are only one digits that can play, and there are no two or three people who can talk to each other. "

the relationship between people is simple and complex, simple is based on emotional needs, complex is mixed with interests.

No matter who you get along with, you must remember the above advice.

it is not a waste of the rest of one's life to spend precious time on worthwhile people and things.

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, may we all be stronger, better, and have more choices in any relationship.