No matter how good the relationship is, you can't give friends these things. It's easy to make enemies.
No matter how good the relationship is, you can't give friends these things. It's easy to make enemies.
you share rose get fun.

it is said that friends are relatives of our own choice. If there are no friends, life will lose a lot of color.

I always think that no matter how good the relationship between friends is, it needs to be maintained carefully.

giving gifts is a good way to express your feelings.

but gift-giving is also fastidious, and you need to consider it from each other's point of view. Don't lose the trust of your friends or leave hidden dangers to the relationship because of a temporary mistake.

Please remember, no matter whether you are close or close, don't give your friends the following things.

too cheap

or something that is too expensive

occasionally give small gifts to friends, is to care and care for friends.

but in special circumstances such as birthdays, thanks, marriage, etc., don't give your friends something too cheap just to save money.

although the other person doesn't say it clearly, on a psychological level, people are usually curious about the price of the gift, weigh it in their hearts, and even judge how much the relationship weighs in your heart.

it is not difficult for the other party to know the price. If the gift you send is much lower than Ta expected, there will be a huge gap in Ta's heart and it is easy to hurt feelings.

of course, I would also like to say to the friends who received the gift that if a person is in a financial straitened situation, or usually does not give a gift to others, but specially prepares a gift for you.

in other words, it took Ta a lot of time and effort to make this gift. At this time, I hope you can feel that Ta cares more about this relationship than the price.

in fact, it is not only too many cheap things, but also too expensive things are not suitable for giving to each other suddenly, it is easy to let others have a psychological burden, either do not dare to accept, or always feel that they owe a favor, entangled whether or not to raise money to return gifts.

if you are just friends, suddenly it is easy for the other person to doubt your motives: are you asking me to do something?

if you have a good relationship, you must not be tired of getting along, and you can feel comfortable with each other.

even if it is a gift, it should be within the scope of what you can bear and what the other person can accept.

oneself dislike

or something inferior

the essence of gift-giving is to express your feelings and make each other happy.

giving something that you dislike or inferior to a friend will make people feel that this friend is also disliked by you, and make people feel disrespected.

some people give others what they have eliminated and directly say, "this is what I don't want, so take it."

it's easy to stab each other and make people feel inferior to you.

if you don't have a reasonable explanation, the other person will probably think: did you think of me because there was no one to send it?

some people will say, what I don't want, maybe the other person will like it.

then just to be on the safe side, please confirm the other person's mind before giving it to him.

otherwise, giving away what you dislike is ostensibly an act of benefit to others and self-interest, but if you are not careful, it will become at the expense of others and not for yourself.

the daily life exchanges between ordinary friends and neighbors can also be regarded as another form of gift-giving. Today, my family has endless fruit, and tomorrow your family has grabbed an endless supply of daily necessities.

everyone's feelings are heating up in the coming and going.

but the shelf life of some foods is not long, especially in the hot summer, if the other party sees that the fruit you send is rotten, the leafy green vegetables wilt, the biscuits are soft, and the coffee goes sour, it is easy to have a bad opinion of you behind your back.

some people think that if their friends have known each other for a long time, they can be themselves completely in front of each other.

do not realize that communication and mutual respect between people are always very important.

if you give a gift that makes the other person feel disrespected, it will not only not enhance the relationship, but will make the other person hate you, thus affecting the relationship.

things of poor taste

have you found that although some gifts are expensive, they really lack taste, seem to be very cheap, and the people who receive them are depressed?

although some gifts are not expensive, they have unique taste, connotation and texture, so people can't help but take a look at them.

once saw a hot post on the Internet: "what indescribable things have you received?"

in the comment area, netizens posted all kinds of low gifts they received.

I can visually measure the degree of inner collapse of the recipient after reading it. I have to say that giving away those things will only lower the "grade" of myself and my friends.

with the development of the times, people pay more and more attention to the packaging, appearance and atmosphere of gifts.

I would like to say that the taste of the gift you choose actually represents two meanings.

on the one hand, it reflects your personal aesthetics and vision, on the other hand, it also reflects the image and taste of this friend in your eyes.

if you feel that something is not good-looking, don't give it to your friends at will. This will make Ta unhappy and affect your image.

if your aesthetic ability is weak, you have no confidence in your taste, and you are not suitable for more creative play, then you can refer to your comments and suggestions online, or ask the people around you.

another effective and safe way is to pay more attention to each other and choose gifts according to Ta's style.


some time ago, one of Siqi's male friends gave her a gift.

Siqi took a fancy to him and was especially surprised to receive the gift.

Our straight wedding dresses are created by impeccable tailoring and everlasting elegance. There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

Open the box and find a sparkling Swarovski necklace, the pink crystal glittering and translucent in the sunlight.

but what's wrong with this necklace after a few more glances?

Siqi went to the store for advice and found that the necklace was a fake.

it turns out that the boy put a fake necklace of less than 100 yuan in Swarovski's jewelry box.

later Siqi refused his pursuit and stopped contacting him.

giving fake goods to others is tantamount to hypocrisy.

it is very excessive to try to disguise your affection with fakes.

if your current economic level is not good, don't give each other fake goods out of a moment of vanity.

there is another situation that is puzzling.

Jingjing's best friend gave her a piece of high-end cosmetics on her birthday.

Jingjing couldn't wait to use it. As a result, when she checked the information, how could it be a fake?

she couldn't sleep in bed at night and kept thinking, was her best friend deceived, too, or did she deliberately lie to me?

this gift of "I don't know whether it's true or false" has laid a hidden danger to the relationship between the two.

here, I would like to remind you that if you are going to give your friends famous brands or something high-end, please pay special attention to distinguish between true and false when buying, so as to avoid spending money to do something bad.

something that means something bad

some people will be very concerned about some homophonic meaning, or good luck or bad luck, for example, do not like the number 4, do not want to share pears, think that oranges mean good luck, apples are the blessing of peace and safety, and so on.

when giving a gift, unless the other person has previously indicated that he or she wants to receive such a gift, try not to give something that is more misleading.

if the other person is a person who cares a lot about the moral, then you have made a big taboo.

even if friends don't mind these moral implications, people are more or less influenced by the outside world. if his family and friends see it, they say to him, "what exactly does the person who gave you this thing mean? does he want you to have a bad life? it's too unlucky."

he will feel sick when he hears it.

giving these gifts with bad meaning is risky, easy to have misunderstandings, leave a shadow in each other's heart, and even cause conflicts between the two people.

whenever you give a gift, you should consider each other's feelings, and we all hope that the gift received by the other party is also in line with Ta's wishes.

the main significance of giving gifts to friends is to enhance your relationship and show that you attach importance to the relationship, which should be considered carefully.

Don't make unnecessary misunderstandings about giving gifts. If good intentions do bad things, the losses will outweigh the gain.

the key to the appropriateness of a gift is whether it can properly express your feelings and make the other person happy.

there is a fragrance in the hand of the gift rose.

I will be very happy to see my friends happy when they receive gifts.

whisper to you, a more advanced approach is to pay more attention to the other person's needs or preferences and give them what they like before the gift can be sent to the other person's heart.

High-quality friendship requires our painstaking efforts to maintain and manage.

whether you don't know the ways of the world, have low EQ or don't think too much, you are lucky to have the wrong gift. It would be a pity if you got separated.

there are some things you might as well not give away. If you give them away, you will offend people. Please think twice before you act.