No matter how good the relationship is, if these kinds of people don't have to interact with each other, the price is too high.
No matter how good the relationship is, if these kinds of people don't have to interact with each other, the price is too high.
Get along with comfortable people and walk with good people.





found an interesting metaphor on the Internet:

A person's social energy is like the power of a mobile phone. Turn on the settings to see how healthy the battery is, and you will know how much power is consumed on different APP every day.

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some people are like the top APP in power consumption, unwittingly consuming most of your energy.

Power consumption is just enough. It can't bring you any valuable harvest yet. It just takes up your energy and wears you out.

in a relationship, the fear is not rejection and break, but hesitation and entanglement. Every entanglement is a consumption of feelings, which is not only bad for the relationship, but also makes you suffer a lot.

whether it's friendship or love, it's important to find the "right person".

the following three kinds of people, no matter how good the relationship is, should be broken or broken, otherwise the price will be too high.

people who can't let go and can't be together

I believe you have also found that the more you can't get it, the more attractive it is.

missed movies and regretful people are the most likely to be remembered.

this is actually the psychological "Zeignik memory effect", which means that the brain will constantly regurgitate and deepen the impression of unfinished people and things.

once owned, but lost for a variety of reasons, whether it is time to dilute the filter, or reality to shake the determination, let this relationship become a knot.

an accidental reunion, let the good memories float in my mind, and the mind of reunion is ready to move.

but think calmly, people always habitually add filters to memories, and the regret you think is probably just an illusion of self-deception.

most of the time, it is not the wrong decisions made in the past, but the reality tells us that even if two unsuitable people come together, they will separate after recognizing the reality.

if the reason for separation cannot be changed through hard work, even if the broken mirror can really come back together, it will only repeat the same mistake.

the wrong person may have given you the feeling of heartbeat, but if you go the wrong way again, it will be a waste of your heart and time.

it is a pity to meet the wrong person at the right time; it is also a pity to meet the right person at the wrong time.

some people are tired of marriage and fall in love with people outside marriage, thinking that as long as they fall in love, they can overcome all difficulties, but they do not realize that falling in love is a matter for two people, but it hurts two families.

nameless feelings are doomed to come to an end. In turn, they not only fail to find the so-called "true love", but also make a mess of life and tear the family apart.

those who can't let go, can't forget, and can't get together are the cinnabar moles that can't be erased from your heart and the white moonlight that can't be reached.

I know it's hard to put it down, but if you keep entangling, you'll only end up consuming each other and torturing each other. It is better to try to let go, withdraw from the wrong feelings, and find the happiness in the ordinary life.

people who use you as an "emotional trash can"

there is a kind of person in life who wants to throw his emotions at you whenever something goes wrong.

and friends and girlfriends is that they "only come to you when they are unhappy".

such people use you as a portable "emotional trash can". They come as soon as they are called and go away.

and they are like a walking "garbage truck", do not know how to clean up, so that emotional garbage is piled up in the car, so they have to find every opportunity to dump it on you.

will affect you or not, they don't even consider that a person whose heart is full of negative energy doesn't care about other people's feelings and doesn't care if you can help him. All he needs is a listener and a quiet and gentle listener.

when you are originally in a happy mood, after listening to their complaints and complaints, no matter how good the mood is, it will cast a haze and become irritable and depressed.

everyone has unhappy times, comfort each other, come and go, is the value of the relationship, but some people just blindly ask for the emotional value of others, never respond to others.

sometimes when you listen and give advice carefully, you will find that the other person does not respond, and you do not know whether he is not listening or does not want to respond. He continues to complain on his own and complains that you have interrupted him.

listening again and again, comfort and guidance again and again, can not make him correct his state of mind, just like someone falls into the water, you try your best to save him, but you can't pull him up.

later found out that he can swim, but is used to the way of struggling life.

maybe you are patient and understanding enough to be regarded as the ideal person to talk to. Your thinking and experience can always analyze the pros and cons of the people around you at critical moments, but for those who only use you as an "emotional trash can". People who don't pay any emotional value, please take back your kindness.

this is not ruthlessness and indifference, but to protect yourself, protect your time and energy, and protect your limited positive emotions.

those people who are full of negative energy are a black hole, which will engulf all the good things in life, make you trapped in a negative energy vortex, and become pessimistic and depressed.

people who have a big gap but can't empathize and understand you

I often hear people joke that they want to make friends with rich women. In fact, it is very difficult for two people who have too big a gap to develop a stable friendship.

read the story of a reader on the Internet. She said that she had a close colleague in the company, and the two often asked out to play together.

after being with each other for a whileShe slowly felt some pressure.

my colleagues have a good family. They like to ask her to do SPA, clock in high-end restaurants, go to luxury stores, and once she even asked her to travel. She had to make excuses when she saw that the other party had booked a five-star hotel.

how can a colleague who is pampered from an early age understand her anxiety and insecurity about the future?

it is said that marriage is a perfect match, but in fact, it is also necessary to make a good match in friendship.

it is normal for people who grow up in different environments to have differences in living habits, consumption and love, but it is not a big problem as long as they are at the same pace in big things and tolerate each other in small things.

some gaps can be made up, while others are deep-rooted. Temporary pandering can temporarily cover up problems, but if you get along for a long time, the backlog of discontent and complaints will drag down a relationship sooner or later.

two people have different personalities, different cognitive levels and different ways of doing things. if they cannot recognize and understand each other from the bottom of their hearts, no matter how good the relationship is, they are easy to disagree on many things and eventually drift away.

for example, an extrovert feels that introversion is bad and always wants to make the other person more lively; an introvert thinks that extroversion is noisy and always wants to keep the other person quiet and force them into each other's comfort zone.

for example, an insensitive person thinks that sensitivity is a glass heart and thinks too much, while sensitive people complain that insensitive people are too selfish to think of others.

two people who have too big a gap come together, barely maintain the relationship, or even be forced to make some changes in order to fill the gap, making them tired and unable to make the relationship last.

with people who achieve and grow together, they can get a life of 1% 1%% GTX 2.

being with people who consume and drag down each other will only exhaust time and energy in exchange for nothingness.

it's important to choose who you are with and what kind of person you are.

the Law of attraction tells us that what qualities a person has, what kind of people and things are easy to attract.

therefore, stay away from those who consume yourself, and at the same time cultivate yourself well in order to meet better people.

May we become better ourselves, get along with comfortable people and walk with excellent people.