Never turn a person into a garbage man.
Never turn a person into a garbage man.
Instead of competing with bad people, spend your energy and time on improving yourself.




when I was in college, I often attended an open class given by a professor.

once, when he was telling everyone about ancient Chinese etiquette in class, a man disturbed the classroom, denigrated ancient etiquette as soon as he opened his mouth, and accused him of wasting educational resources and having nothing to study red tape.

my classmates and I couldn't listen any longer and thought the professor would let the listener out.

unexpectedly, he smiled and said:

"I'm sure you'd like to come to this class, and this class has its value.

if you really can't accept it, you can choose not to listen. After all, there are still a lot of people here who want to hear it, don't you think? "

these words made the man feel ashamed and bowed his head and left the classroom in a hurry.

after that, several classmates and I were very puzzled: "that man clearly came here on purpose to make trouble. Why are you so kind to him?"

the professor smiled and said to us, isn't it more important to let the class go on smoothly than in a moment of anger?

"you have to remember, never make a person a trash."

We rarely see pattern, wise people and bad people entangled in broken things, not because they are lucky not to meet, but because they can do not care.

writer Zhang Cenxi said:

"what we should learn is not only to stay away from garbage people, but also to learn how to avoid turning each other into garbage people and stifle conflicts and contradictions in the cradle."

in fact, there are many things in life that could have been avoided, and the rubbish people we usually encounter are probably caused by ourselves.

as the saying goes, you can't be annoyed, but you can afford to hide.

in this world, there are not only reasonable good people, but also some unreasonable and hostile bad people.

entanglement with them is a waste of time and energy, while seriously, it will affect your life and endanger your life.

A few days ago, Douban netizens

@ Li Liang

take the child for a walk outside the neighborhood, when suddenly a man ran over and almost knocked him and the child down.

before he could speak, the other party began to swear: "Blind, that's bad luck."

obviously the other party bumped into someone, but he took a bite back, netizen

was about to argue with him, but he smelled the smell of alcohol in his face. He immediately suppressed his anger, apologized with a smile on his face, and quickly left with the child.

later, when he talked about it with his friends, some people admired him for being too tolerant, while others said he was too pussy, but he smiled and said:

"I was with the children, and if I quarreled with them, it would have a bad effect on the children.

besides, if the other party drinks, once they infuriate them and do something out of control, it is not only me but also the children who will suffer at that time, which is not worth it. "

you can never imagine how bad a person can be. We always think that everyone is reasonable, but reality scares us.

maybe we can't avoid meeting bad people, but we can take precautions and stay away from those who may hurt you.

as the saying goes, it is better to solve adversity and prevent trouble before it happens.

when it comes to bad people and bad things, it is a great wisdom to strangle the conflict in the cradle in time.

I saw a video of "garbage Man's Law" on bilibili, in which there is a passage that says:

"Bad people are like garbage trucks, looking for a place to take out the trash everywhere.

if you ignore him, his garbage will not pollute you.

so, when someone wants to do this, don't take it.

In our pink homecoming dresses, you will define elegance and chic. Our collections are versatile enough to suit any figure.

just smile, wave, wish them luck, and then, keep going your way, believe me, you'll be happier. "

the best way to deal with bad people is to laugh them off.

T-bag is having breakfast with a friend when he meets a young man who sells newspapers.

the young man challenged Theodore and shouted, "you are a writer, are you not going to buy a newspaper?"

Theodore didn't pay much attention to One talking to him like this. He smiled and said, "I really need to buy a newspaper."

after buying the newspaper, Theodore said to the young man, "Thank you for your hard work."

when Theodore's friend heard these words, he couldn't help it any longer and wanted to go forward and argue with the young man, but Theodore took his friend and left.

my friend asked Theodore angrily why he didn't scold him back.

Theodore laughed and said:

"I buy the newspaper not for him, but for myself. If I care too much about him, I will be led by the nose, quarrel or even fight with him, so that I can really lose to him."

the best way to defeat a scoundrel is not to scold him speechless and beat him to his knees to beg for mercy, but not to be enraged and to remain friendly all the time. "

instead of fighting for the way with a dog, let it go first.

because it is not honorable to beat a dog, but it is unlucky to be bitten by a dog.

the general is on his way, do not chase the rabbit, your life is very expensive, do not use it to entangle with things that are not worth it.

there is a classic line in the movie Princess Diary: "one day, I will grow up, and you will always be a bad person."

in the face of deliberately finding fault with bad people, the best revenge is to grow up.

Rivers, the queen of the talk show, is always blocked at the beginning.

once, she performed in a restaurant in New York for less than three minutes when the owner unplugged the microphone and blew her off the stage.

after that, everywhere Rivers went, there were all kinds of accidents, interrupting her performance.

she soon discovered that it was a colleague named Sophie who was stumbling.

Rivers' friend aggrieved and planned to go to Sophie's place to make trouble, but Rivers stopped him in time.

later, Rivers avoided the occasion where Sophie performed every time he performed.

even so, Sophie did not give up, but intensified the poaching of Rivers' agent.

instead of getting angry, Rivers took the initiative to find an agent and share the agent with Sophie. With the coordination of the agent, her performance was no longer disturbed.

six years later, Rivers became famous through the Tonight Show and became a leader in American talk shows.

and Sophie became an out-of-date artist because of a performance mistake and faded out of Rivers' world early.

Venus once said that when bad people can hurt you, there is no gap between you.

Life is not long, so instead of competing with bad people, it is better to spend your energy and time on improving yourself.

when you broaden your horizons with growth, those garbage people are just insignificant passers-by on your way here after all.

someone once asked Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming: "in life, if someone stepped on your foot, what would you do?"

Zou Shiming smiled and replied, "of course I put up with it. If I can't, I will apologize to others."

stop your losses in time, don't let your emotions dominate you, and don't waste your energy on things that consume you.

in this way, you can live well.

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