Never eat rotten pears.
Never eat rotten pears.
Imperfection is life, and dissatisfaction is life.


someone bought a box of pears because the weather was too hot and the pears went bad quickly.

he was afraid of being wasted, so he chose the worst to eat every day, and ended up eating a box of rotten pears.

after eating, the man thought about it and made a couplet:

upper couplet: keep the good ones and the bad ones

next couplet: eat rotten, bad, good

horizontal batch: eat rotten forever

Life is like eating pears. If you keep looking at the bad ones, you will only sink deeper and deeper.

there is a term in psychology: sunk cost.

means that the more a person pays for something, the harder it is to give up.

this is the way many girls fall in love, knowing that the other person is unreliable, but thinking that they have spent many years of youth, they do not want to break up and procrastinate.

put it off to the end, resulting in a lose-lose for both sides.

when you keep breaking, you will be disturbed by it.

Zhang ailing loves Hu Lancheng deeply, for this man has been "low to the dust".

after Hu Lancheng was down and out, she has been using her own money to help this desperate man.

but Hu Lancheng is a scum man, showing mercy everywhere.

living with a nurse in Shanghai Hospital and fooling around with a classmate's stepmother in Wenzhou.

Zhang ailing made up her mind to break up with Hu Lancheng in a long letter, with a fee of 300000. From then on, she was a stranger at the end of the world, and there was no more relationship.

after the breakup, Zhang ailing met Laiya.

compared with Hu Lancheng, Lai Yashi is much better. He takes good care of Zhang ailing and loves her more than life.

after marriage, Zhang ailing felt the warmth and happiness she had not seen for a long time. Even after her husband died, she changed her name to Aileen Laiya. She had lived alone for 30 years and had not been married. This shows that the two people have deep feelings for each other.

Plato said, "if you are not happy or happy, give up."

it is difficult to let go, but it will be more difficult not to let go. Only when people learn to let go can they reap beauty and happiness.

everyone hates loss. I spent money on pears. Bad pears are my loss.

but if I have to eat something bad in order to recover this loss, the loss will outweigh the gain.

Life is precious and should be wasted on good things.

Let bygones be bygones, and the future is more worth looking forward to.

such a thing is recorded in the Book of the later Han Dynasty.

A man named Meng Min went to the market with a clay jar on his back to sell it. He accidentally fell down and broke it.

but he walked on without looking back.

next to him, a man named Guo Tai saw it and asked him, "Why don't you look back?"

he said, "what's the use? it's broken anyway."

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Guo Tai felt that this man had an extraordinary conversation, could afford it, and was a genius, so he advised him to go to school.

Ten years later, Meng Min became famous all over the world.

there are two strokes of Chinese characters, one to pick up and the other to put down.

he is a hero if he can afford it, but he is a real hero if he can let it go.

Don't cry over broken pots and don't be reluctant to give up rotten pears.

A small house is small, a big one is big, and I don't want to give up.

get rid of the bad in order to welcome the good.

Zeng Guofan studied in the Tang ancestral Hall in Hengyang and then transferred to Lianbin Academy in Xiangxiang, renamed Disheng.

washing away the old can give birth to the new.

give up the bad past in order to run to a new life.

Zhang ailing once said: "Life is a gorgeous robe covered with lice."

when I was a child, I always wanted to be perfect and want my life to be perfect.

when I grew up, I found that the real life is riddled with holes, including laughter and tears.

as the ancients said, "it is up to man to plan things and to get things done in heaven."

God's will has never been high and difficult to ask, and many things cannot be controlled by manpower. In the face of the fiddling of fate, we are simply unable to resist.

Su Shi was young and complacent. Ouyang Xiu praised him as the future leader of the literary world, and the emperor said he was the assistant of the future.

but fate was unwilling to show extra mercy to the teenager, one by one, and the blows came one after another.

relatives died, was demoted from Beijing, the youngest son died young, friends turned against each other, and then wandered all over the world until the year of his death.

but such Su Shi has become the spiritual idol of the Chinese people.

"ask about your lifelong achievements, Huizhou, Huizhou, Danzhou."

Huizhou rescues abandoned babies, Huizhou improves agricultural tools, and Danzhou teaches and educates people.

the three biggest rotten pears in life are the medals and glory of his life.

when he returned from the north, Zhangton's grandson, fearing his revenge, wrote to beg him for mercy.

he had only one sentence: "but in the past, it was no good."

in the face of the troubles of life, he has long seen through and is unwilling to do any more entanglement.

people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing.

Life is like the moon, there are circles and deficiencies, no one can change it, there is no other way but to accept it calmly.

imperfection is life, and dissatisfaction is life.

with this layer of understanding, life will be more open-minded, in the face of life's "rotten pear", it will be more calm and free and easy.