Never complain to anyone.
Never complain to anyone.
May you get through many obstacles and be happy in the future.



everyone's life will go through a period of darkness and helplessness.

some people like to complain, but the more they talk, the more bitter they feel.

people who are really good know how to carry it all silently and digest the pain into the driving force to move forward.

as the saying goes:

"there is no one in the world without injury. At any time, you have to believe that you are the only one who can really cure yourself."

when people are at a low ebb, it is the most sensible choice to put themselves into silent mode.

never complain to anyone

Tai Jai Zhi says in "disqualification in the World"

"I think it is futile to complain to others. Instead of doing so, it is better to bear it in silence."

the wound is not on others, and they will never know what it's like to have a pinned heart.

A netizen failed to take the postgraduate entrance examination twice and repeatedly ran into a brick wall when looking for a job.

discouraged, he posted a question on Zhihu: "Life is at a low ebb, how to get through it?"

the following messages are particularly poignant.

someone said, "what a trough you are!" I thought it was a sudden business failure, or a major change, and there was a lot of foreign debt. "

others said, "this little setback is a trough for you?" Then I can only say that your life is going well. Moaning without illness. "

it was already painful enough, but I didn't expect to muster up the courage to ask for help, but in exchange for cynicism.

in real life, many people have had similar experience.

longing for someone to understand our pain, help us smooth the wrinkles in our hearts, and lead us out of the gloom.

but everyone is busy taking care of himself, and everyone has his own troubles.

others can't solve your difficulties for you; others can't empathize with your emotions.

the writer Martin once said that every strong man has clenched his teeth for a period of time when there is no help, no support, no one to ask for warmth.

people who are really mature have learned to swallow bitterness and carry it on their own.

when you go through the wind and rain and thorns alone, you can usher in the sweetness of the gift of life.

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the joys and sorrows of the world are never connected

in the TV series who says I can't get married, Cheng Lu, played by Tong Yao, is a 35-year-old single screenwriter.

Ten years ago, when she just joined the profession, she won the industry award for her first work.

although Cheng Lu has written many new works, she has never been able to reach the height of that year.

her peers, who had been around her all the time, did not even have a word of comfort.

at an industry party, she even heard two former friends laugh at her "running out of talent" behind her back.

this discouraged Cheng Lu, who once wanted to quit the screenwriting industry.

there is a good saying: "the joys and sorrows of the world are never connected, and the hearts of the people are only self-aware."

before, we always thought that we would have empathy in life:

when you are criticized by your leader, you feel sad and think you will be comforted by others.

when your salary is low and you can't pay the rent, you think you will be understood by the landlord.

when you are in trouble at home and need help from others, you think you will get help from others.

later I realized that all the blows and sufferings have to be borne by yourself in silence.

as Xin Yiwu said in "the Mountain Moon does not know the bottom of my Heart": "our hearts, our flesh, grow on each person's own body, ups and downs, their own taste, only they know."

when you get through the hardships of life, you will understand that you are the best harbor.

the world of adults: joys and sorrows are difficult for others to understand

I have heard a saying: "Adults are silent not because they don't want to say it, but because no one understands it."

only you know how painful a person's injury is.

in the variety show I am an actor, Zhang Songwen impromptu a segment of Beijing drifters's failed youth audition and a video call with his family, which resonated with many viewers.

words of praise from the audience, sentence after sentence:

"he is indeed the bone of an old play."

"this is real acting."

but behind this brilliance, he also experienced an unknown sad life.

when Zhang Songwen first acted, he was rejected because of his unremarkable appearance, which led to no drama to be filmed for a long time.

he has run 700 or 800 troupes in three years, but he can count it with his fingers.

for this "tomorrow will be all right", Zhang Songwen waited for 20 years, and finally got to play the role of the male father of the show "the Hidden Corner."

in the play, he portrays the role of father alive and graceful, so that he begins to be known by people.

these experiences are like what he once posted on Weibo: "the world of adults is not so hypocritical.. If you collapse a hundred times, you should have a hundred times of self-healing. "

there is no one in the world who does not suffer, and it is his courage and strength that can really cure us.

when you walk through that very difficult time alone, leaping over the mountains and rivers of fate, you will find:

even if the road ahead is full of thorns, but as long as we keep moving, we will certainly usher in our own dawn.

as Tagore said:

"the sufferings you have suffered today, the losses you have suffered, the responsibilities you have borne, and the pain you have endured will eventually turn into light and light your way."

behind many desirable lives, there are little-known hardships. In those bleak years, many people have walked alone.

endure the wind and frost, endure the suffering, will meet a better self.

writer Maugham said: "each of us is the product of loneliness on this planet, because we are all experiencing a unique experience."

it is because of this uniqueness that there is no empathy between people.

so there are some unspeakable grief that can only be digested by one person, and some heartbreaking nights can only be done by one person.

when you accumulate strength quietly in the quagmire, you can break through the siege in the midst of suffering.

May you get through many obstacles and be happy from now on.