Most men can't do without this reason from liking you to slowly alienating you.
Most men can't do without this reason from liking you to slowly alienating you.
We should all try to put aside our prejudices and be honest with each other in order to love each other for a long time.


when asked "what attracts you most about the other person in love".

I think most women's answers are inseparable from: details and doting!

Yes, every woman wants to be gently cared for in love, moved by details, and deeply spoiled.

but most of the time we forget that love is equal and mutual, not only do women need details and doting, but men also need it.

"unexpectedly, he broke up with me."

"I thought that if we were separated in the end, I must be the one who broke up. After all, he was really detailed, gentle and spoiled me."

the above are Xia Nan's backstage messages.

she said that before she broke up with her partner, she had always been the one who was partial and cared for. Her boyfriend remembered all her tastes and would buy sanitary napkins and boil brown sugar water for her when she came to her aunt.

It is without a doubt that ball gown wedding dress plus size are fundamental requirement in all affairs. Our collections are a perfect demonstration of a high taste.

will also run two streets to buy her breakfast she wants, and every holiday will give her surprises and gifts, is a very romantic and considerate, spoiled her boyfriend.

had been planning for the future, but the boy chose to leave ahead of time. She said she never thought of it either.

when I asked her if she remembered the other person's preferences and tastes, if she also responded to surprises or gifts during the festival, and if she had done anything to move the other person, it took her a long time to reply:

"he seems to eat everything. He seems to like everything I like. He seems to have said that he doesn't need me to buy him gifts, which is a waste of money. It seems that there are things that move him, too."

have you found that the girls' responses are all the same, but there is no definite answer?

I think she probably ignored it, and the boys will be disappointed and sad.

in love, the most romantic thing I can imagine is that two people spoil each other as their own children.

give each other gifts and surprises during the holidays; know each other's tastes and preferences;

Open up to talk about troubles and enlighten each other;

does not dwell on the meaningless question of whether or not to love;

occasionally quarrel, occasionally laugh


it is not the other person who dotes on you unilaterally. A person who owns all the troubles and sorrows in life will have his own small emotions.

I believe that people who are affectionate and gentle and considerate will feel disappointed and tired even if they pay unilaterally for a long time.

and disappointment is accumulated little by little, and when disappointment is enough, it's time to really leave.

I have always felt that feelings are mutual, and that being spoiled is something that not only women but also men will crave, but they are never good at talking.

for us, spoiling each other is the best creed to maintain a long-term relationship.

when he prepares dinner for me, I will do the dishes; if he gives me lipstick bags, I will return his clothes, shoes and hats;

he will pass me a glass of hot milk when I work overtime, and I will give him a proper relaxation when he is tired.

We encourage and support each other at work, but we need each other and are independent of each other in life. I chase dramas when he plays games, and whoever is unhappy will just say that overnight grudges absolutely do not exist in us.

although most of the time, he looks like most straight men, always saying that he doesn't need gifts and surprises, but every time he is prepared for him, there will be a happy smile on his face.

it was at that moment that I found that, in fact, most of the time men say that they are not tired, nothing, and do not need, in fact, they are embarrassed to speak.

most of the time, if you can give him a hug when he says nothing, talk to him from the bottom of his heart, and give timely encouragement and support, I think it is also the most unique favor for him.

in fact, the details and favor that men want are also very simple.

I just hope that you can think more from his point of view, understand his efforts and understand his hard work.

Don't let him guess everything, and don't deny his love for you just because he didn't understand your inner thoughts at the time.

most of the time, it is difficult for women to read their minds, let alone these men with rectum.

since no one can read minds, we have something to say, solve problems, tolerate and dote on each other.

after all, in a long-term relationship, you always solve problems together, not problems solve you.

besides, the so-called tacit understanding is nurtured. If you don't open your heart to someone first, how can the other person really know you?

in a real relationship, we should all try to put aside our prejudices and be honest with each other in order to fall in love for a long time.