Mo Yan: never fall into the "repetition trap" (profound)
Mo Yan: never fall into the "repetition trap" (profound)
A little self-discipline every day, your life will be more exciting.


he said that he liked playing chess very much and often delayed his work because of it when he was a child.

, he never played again.

until a few months ago, he occasionally opened a chess website, and after winning several times, his addiction to chess made a comeback and got out of hand.

so he went to play chess one game after another when he was free.

even Mo Yan will repeatedly tell himself that "the next two sets will stop," and often stay up until one or two o'clock in the morning.

later, he specially wrote an article and reflected:

"No matter what you do, you should really control it. Never indulge in one repetitive activity and delay other tasks."

you must have a similar experience in life:

plan to browse the video for 10 minutes, inadvertently, several hours have passed, and finally waste all the time.

I planned to play a game, but I stayed up for several nights in a row, which not only affected my work, but also hurt my health.

there is a limit to everything, but it is better to go too far.

if you can't control yourself, this "repetitive behavior" will only secretly ruin your whole life.

all things in the world have two sides.

while you enjoy the pleasure it brings you, if you get caught up in it and can't help it, you are bound to pay the price and suffer.

such a story is told in the book "can't stop".

Isaac was fascinated by a game when he was in college in Washington.

he had excellent grades, good health and good appearance.

but when he is addicted to games, he stays behind closed doors all day, and even doesn't go out or take a bath for five weeks, playing games for 20 hours a day.

it wasn't long before he became a "slob" who gained 50 jin.

his obsession with games is slowly ruining his studies.

so Isaac made a special trip to a professional institution in Seattle to get sober.

but he underestimated the power of Internet addiction and thought he was successful, but only a few weeks later, he still couldn't control it.

in this way, because he couldn't control himself, he ruined his future and dropped out of college before he finished.

everything is like this. Once you fall, you will be completely dominated by it.

it will wear away your will, empty your spirit, and gradually plunge you into endless pain.

think of a popular game some time ago-"A Sheep is a Sheep".

commutes, elevators, even canteens. You can see someone fascinated by it.

if it is to kill boring time, there is nothing wrong with it.

but many people are still unwilling to sleep until the wee hours of the morning in order to get through customs. As a result, they are listless at work the next day, and the whole person is also depressed.

when you take something as an interest, working for it in your spare time is called enriching yourself.

but when you are addicted to something, letting it deprive you of most of your time and energy is called wasting yourself.

whatever you do is crazy, it will slowly engulf you.

writer Bernard Shaw said: "self-control is the instinct of the strongest."

No one's life is destined to be brilliant.

the success in your eyes is achieved by others through day-to-day self-control.

you can only become yourself if you can restrain yourself.

Steve Pavlina, a world-renowned personal growth mentor, used to be a thoroughly troubled teenager.

when he was a student, he was stuck in online games and often skipped classes to play video games.

he spends nearly 18 hours a day playing games, and the school expels him for continuous serious violations of discipline.

he was also arrested many times for petty theft, but he refused to change his teachings and was later sent to a detention center in the name of felony theft.

he constantly sets goals for himself and focuses on training personal self-control.

his persistence and efforts with clenched teeth enabled him to overcome many bad habits and changed his life.

later, Steve not only founded his own company, but also published best-selling books such as the self-discipline Handbook and the personal growth of Smart people.

Life is actually a mirror, and it will give you back whatever attitude you have towards it.

indulgence, will make life gradually dim; self-discipline, can make your life colorful.

as the German playwright Karl Jukomir said:

"half of life depends on luck, the other half on discipline-that's the more important half, because without discipline you won't know what to do with your luck."

if you don't persevere, you will never be able to break through the darkness of life.

self-control is the beginning of one's self-redemption.

when self-control becomes a habit, the hardships you have suffered before will eventually illuminate your way forward.

especially agree with one sentence:

No doubt tight homecoming dresses are basic necessity in any affairs. User-friendly, fun and a great value.

"True self-discipline is not being against human nature, but being able to live with it in harmony."

in life, few people can do it and abandon their desires and desires.

so how to reasonably restrain desire and prevent falling into the "repetition trap"?

share with you three effective methods:

consciously train your concentration

everyone inevitably has emotions, and when emotions come, extreme avoidance and restraint are unhealthy.

in psychology, experts call this phenomenon "flow".

Professor Chexenmihari, the originator of flow, once did such a long-term experiment:

he spent 25 years interviewing tens of thousands of people from various industries around the world.

found that when they concentrate fully on an activity, they produce a high degree of excitement and fulfillment.

this state will not only make them feel happy and happy, but also lead to high efficiency and achievement.

instead of being dominated by life, let yourself dominate and consciously train your concentration.

try to control yourself, balance your interests with business, and fully enjoy the fun of self-control.

gradually replace dopamine with endorphins

the reason why people become addicted is dopamine.

dopamine is an instant gratification.

for example, when you brush Douyin or drink milk tea, your brain will immediately secrete dopamine, and you will immediately feel "cool".

but dopamine secretion usually drops sharply after it is secreted, and people are prone to emptiness and anxiety.

there is also a neurotransmitter called endorphin in the brain, which can also give us a "feel good" feeling.

the difference is that endorphins are delayed gratification, such as running and learning.

can only be obtained after a period of struggle, and it will make people feel relaxed and peaceful for a long time.

when you become addicted to something that consumes you, you can try to force yourself to study and exercise. To enjoy the pleasure of being busy.

gradually, your life will improve in this difficult and happy process.

give yourself more positive feedback

Aristotle once said:

"to be good people, we can't just have good ideas or good feelings, we must act well."

if you want to change yourself, you can start by setting small goals, such as

if you want to lose 20 jin, start from 5 cups of milk tea a week to 2 cups. If you want to finish reading a book, start by reading half an hour a day.

when you achieve your goal step by step, you will give yourself a pleasant positive feedback.

these positive feedback will give you a higher level of spiritual satisfaction.

over time, your bad habits will be thrown away by you more and more, and your life will flourish in the process of achieving your goals.

A psychotherapist in Canada gave a definition of addiction:

A kind of behavior that makes people relaxed and happy for a while, but hurts you for a long time, but can't give up it, is "addiction".

if you enjoy the thrill of "depravity" and infinitely overdraw your body and money, it will ruin your whole life.

there is a saying: "all greatness comes from self-control."

from now on, stay away from the temptation of "repetition trap"; with a little self-discipline every day, your life will be better.

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