Manage your 25-55 years old.
Manage your 25-55 years old.
Precipitate yourself, practice yourself, polish yourself.


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are you living a life like this:

in order to earn a little more, I was bewildered, but my salary did not rise.

in order to be promoted as soon as possible, he worked hard and did not complain about everything, but he was not promoted.

in the field of life, many people run forward with all their strength, but they are often busy in vain.

Poor Dad, Rich Dad, once vividly compared this "endless cycle" to "rat race trap":

in order to reach the cheese in front of him, the mouse ran desperately on its hairy legs. But in the end, he was still stuck in the same place.

be diligent, but what you do had better be growing.

We should work hard, but we should also constantly empower and pursue long-term development.

especially in the golden stage of 25-55 years old, with a high degree of physical strength and energy, we should seize the opportunity to manage ourselves well.

the biggest loss is that you are too busy to grow

there is a question on Zhihu: why am I so busy every day, but there seems to be no growth?

there is a piercing answer:

it is very likely that you are just pushed by life and work, and it is naturally difficult to make progress.

many people are immersed in the busyness of every day and seem to be very fulfilling.

but only after being squeezed dry by work did I find that I had lost the ability to grow up a long time ago and had no choice but to watch the opportunity slip away.

A friend once complained to me about her personal experience:

once, in order to mix some bonuses, she took the initiative to join a project team with a cycle of up to half a year for high-intensity work.

when I go out at 7 o'clock in the morning, I will have an early meeting with two people at random, have a meal and rest for 1 hour at noon, and get off work at 10 p.m., during which I have to trot back and forth even to go to the toilet.

one day off every week, but only Sunday, we still need to set aside 4 hours to write the report.

after being busy for a while, she became very bad:

I can't remember if I left the door unlocked. I don't know what day it is today. Even if I just got up, my head was a mass of paste. The old problems of cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae began to recur, and the number of colds increased significantly.

what frustrated her even more was that she was so busy that she had to finish the task at hand mechanically and finally learned nothing except to earn a little bonus.

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another colleague who came in with her at the same time, relying on her major, grabbed the only promotion quota in the department, and her salary went up a lot.

Today, we are not being dragged down by busyness:

No time to think, no time to read, no time to review.

as the writer Li Xiaolai said:

time is full, attention is idle, and growth is wasted.

in the energy storage stage of life, sacrificing one's own growth for a little gain and loss is always the most lossmaking business.

what is more important than making money is to make yourself valuable

I very much agree with the saying: "only when you become valuable can you make money."

it's important to make money, but it's more important to make yourself valuable.

have seen such a story:

the two woodcutters go up the mountain to cut wood, but the one who gets up late always gains more.

those who arrive early disagree: "I want to go out earlier and come back later than him, so that I can overtake him."

but unexpectedly, in the next few days, he was still defeated by the other party.

he couldn't help asking: "I go out early and come back late every day. Why do I always cut less firewood than you?"

the other person points out:

"take half your time to sharpen the axe, watch the road conditions, and analyze the growth rules of trees. If you do this, even if you are slow now, you will be able to get up quickly in the future. "

he obeyed and did what he was told, and after a period of time, his efficiency soared.

an entrepreneur once warned young graduates: "when you join the profession, don't worry about making money, but make yourself valuable first."

all people who can make money have experienced the stage of gilding themselves and letting themselves appreciate.

the writer classical once mentioned a "life experiment" in his book:

An and B with the same educational background enter an enterprise at the same time.

after earning the first bucket of gold, the two will each distribute as they wish:

An in order to make money continuously, continue to work, no longer invest in their own growth; B sign up for training courses, textual research, buy books, spend money to get acquainted with people, and become more and more sophisticated.

10 years later, A finally became a manager with an annual salary of 200000.

while B rose to manager in five years, then changed jobs and started a business, earning nearly 700000 a year and owning stock dividends.

in life, it is easy for people, like A, to be attracted by current interests, resulting in the loss of long-term development opportunities.

but there are also people who choose the method of B, put aside their gains and losses, concentrate their efforts, and make a lot of money in the future.

as the saying goes:

"if you do something that makes money, it will be worthless sooner or later; if you do something valuable, you will make money sooner or later."

when a person can settle down and temper himself, he is not far away from making money.

one's greatest vision: running one's own business

some people say that this is an "era of unlimited liability".

everyone is the C of his own unlimited liability company.EO, bear all the risks and rewards.

in the past, as long as you kept to your work, you could at least get a continuous salary.

but nowadays, who dares to say that his job is an "iron rice bowl"?

people who live with the mentality of "migrant workers" will be left behind sooner or later.

only by running yourself like a business, building contacts, building capabilities, and building word-of-mouth, can you always have a place in this world.

the following three "operating points" may be referred to:

Business contacts

in psychology, there is a "principle of mean".

when a person's human circle is high enough, they can get more useful information, resources and even funds from it.

moreover, walking with excellent partners can also enable us to constantly reflect on ourselves and constantly improve our cognitive pattern, so that a little hard work can lead to multiple gains.

build your network. How strong the network is, how competitive it is.

Business ability

Franklin once said, "No one can take it when he spends his money to seek knowledge." You will benefit the most from investing in knowledge. "

A person's value is always in direct proportion to his ability.

refine professional ability in work, exercise social ability in life, and deepen thinking ability in study.

people with stronger abilities tend to have more choices.

as Professor Zhai Dongsheng said, "the source of wealth is man, and the essence of development is the improvement of man's ability."

Business reputation

an investor asked in a speech: "if you could buy 10% of a classmate's income for the rest of his life, who would you choose?"

although there were close friends and high achiever present, in the end, everyone unanimously chose the person with the best reputation.

in today's society, the measure of a person's value has gradually changed from "working for a few years" to "how many people approve of you".

it is not enough to work hard, to establish a reliable personal image, to get more trust and opportunities.

be a reassuring person: there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.

think of a short story:

the two met a bear in the forest. One man ran away, thinking that he could leave his companion behind.

the other person leaned over to tie his shoelaces before catching up.

before long, the former man ran more and more slowly because of his loose shoes.

then a man quietly caught up and safely reached the safe zone.

this race is very much like our life:

compared to running for life, those who know how to run their own business can win in the end.

in the most precious 30 years between the ages of 25 and 55, focus on things of real long-term value.

precipitate yourself, practice yourself, polish yourself.

Don't worry, let alone worry too much about your current profits and losses. After all, life is more than two or three years.

, may you grow every day and surpass the past year after year.

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