Making money is the best practice in the world.
Making money is the best practice in the world.
When we break through the difficulties of our career, our life will go to a higher level.


Kazuo Inamori puts forward a point of view in his book living method:

"people do not need to stay away from the world. The workplace is the best place to practice their spirit, and work itself is a kind of spiritual practice."

dawdling along at work is the greatest waste of life.

to make money as a personal practice is the best way for us to live in the world.

Buffett and Bill Gates were invited to give a speech at the University of Washington, and a student asked, "how did you become such rich people?"

Bill Gates said: "I very much agree with Warren that the ability to control emotions determines whether a person can succeed or not."

the more outstanding a person is, the more he can control emotions with reason.

when Dong Yuhui was 22 years old, he participated in a recruitment competition for New Oriental.

the whole process is divided into multiple rounds of trial lectures, each of which is so tragic that "the trial lecture lasts for 10 minutes and you are scolded for an hour."

and once the trial does not work well, or can not withstand the criticism of the interviewer, he will be eliminated.

although it was very painful, Dong Yuhui persisted again and again.

on his last trial, he felt so good about himself that he was still scolded for an hour.

the grievances that have accumulated for a long time suddenly broke out, and Dong Yuhui wanted to rush out of the classroom immediately.

but when he saw Yu Minhong's words on the wall, "look for hope from despair, life will be brilliant." he suddenly felt that he should stick to it.

hold back tears, adjust your breath, and finish the interview.

in the end, only 2 out of 1400 people got offer, and one of them was Dong Yuhui.

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Dong Yuhui once questioned: why do you have to carry so much pressure to find a job?

it was only after he went to work that he found that there were countless misunderstandings and a lot of unhappiness in the work itself.

for example, in the live broadcast, a well-known Big V attacked the shallowness of his recommended book list, and some netizens made fun of his appearance without a bottom line.

but today's Dong Yuhui can be indifferent to these bad things, even joking that you feel uncomfortable once you are scolded, and you will be honest if you are scolded 100 times in a row.

Mo Yan wrote in sandalwood punishment:

"the more successful a person is, the more grievances he will suffer.

if you want to make your life valuable and colorful, you can't care too much about grievances and let them clench your heart and disturb your life. "

when doing business, you may meet unreasonable customers who try their best to make things difficult for you.

at work, you will meet intriguing colleagues who will stumble and take the blame behind your back.

but this is the way the world is. For every penny we earn, we not only have to pay sweat, but also to accept all grievances and endure all unfair treatment.

whether it is work or life, building a good state of mind is essential for a person to grow up and mature.

Zeng Guofan has a secretary named Robbie.

this man is not only excellent in literature, but also a good handwriter. it is said that he can copy 12000 words a day, each small letter is dignified and beautiful, and there is no smear in the whole piece.

Robbie's salary is 30 taels of silver a month.

some people are not convinced, but Zeng Guofan says that employing people is like a tool, and his good hand is worth the salary.

in this society, you can eat as much cake as you can.

as shown in the following picture, as long as you master one skill and keep ploughing, your value and income will naturally rise.

when I was a reporter, I knew a shoemaker.

when he was young, the master used to work in a shoe factory in Quanzhou and was responsible for checking the quality of shoes every day.

later, advanced machines were introduced into the factory, and some jobs were cancelled one after another.

he felt a sense of crisis and felt that he could no longer dawdle about like this.

so he spent tens of thousands of yuan to sign up for a design training course, bought a lot of books, understood the basic knowledge and technological process, and often consulted senior designers in the factory.

people around him laughed at him for getting ahead of himself.

after studying hard for several years, he volunteered to present some of his designs to the leader.

the leader could not help but be impressed by him and immediately transferred him to the design department, and his salary increased several times.

later, he continued to develop his shoe-making skills and eventually became an important designer in the company, while his former colleagues had long been eliminated from the market.

Goethe said: "A man is not only born with everything, but by what he gets from his study."

it is better to concentrate on your own professional skills than to blindly envy others for promotion and salary.

society is the exchange of interests: if you want to make money, you have to make yourself valuable.

what one can see is often the height of one's life.

people who are determined and far-sighted will not be blinded by temporary interests.

the Story of pipes tells a thought-provoking story.

there are two young people in a mountain village in Italy. One is called Berpolo, the other is called Bruno.

they all have the same dream: to be a millionaire.

later, two people got the same job: carrying the water from the river to the water tank in the square of the village, one penny per bucket of water, more work and more work.Come on.

Bruno is satisfied and plans for the future: fetch water, get money every day, and then save money to buy a house.

Bopollo thought it was terrible. How much money can he earn even if his feet don't touch the ground every day?

for reasons, he suggested digging pipes to direct water to the village.

but Bruno is very satisfied with his current life and doesn't want to change it.

Pablo knew that laying pipes was the long-term solution, so he decided to dig the pipes while carrying water by himself.

at first, Berpollo made less money because time was taken up, and Bruno mocked him proudly.

however, when the pipe was completed and the water was drained directly to the village, Bruno was dumbfounded because he had completely lost his job.

on the other hand, Pablo made a lot of money from pipes.

as far as you can see, you can stop what you achieve.

if you drill into a petty profit, you will only miss Jinshan and Silver Mountain in the distance.

only by opening your horizons and moving forward calmly can you get the real treasure of life.

there is such a fable in Zhuangzi.

the Song family has been engaged in rinsing cloth catkins for generations, and in order to keep out the cold, they have made a kind of medicine to prevent frostbite.

A businessman heard the news and paid hundreds of dollars to buy their secret recipe.

the family was ecstatic because they only got a few dollars for washing clothes, but they sold the prescription and got a hundred dollars at once.

later, the merchant sold this secret recipe to King Wu.

King Wu, like a treasure, launched a crusade against other places in winter, and in the end, other countries were routed by frostbite.

as a result, the merchants were rich against the princes, but the family still washed cloth for a living.

in "Rich people are not what you think", there is a "wealth principle":

your income can only grow to the extent that you can.

in other words, our perception determines how much wealth we can get.

A relative of mine owns a noodle paste shop in town, and the business has been lukewarm.

at that time, takeout had just sprung up in big cities, and in order to sink to a lower level of the market, various takeout platforms sent salespeople to the streets, hoping for merchants to settle in.

at that time, many shops in the town rejected the takeout model and turned it out one after another.

only relatives felt that this was the future direction of the restaurant and took the initiative to become the first shop in town to move into the platform.

by the time takeout became popular in this town, relatives had already got a head start and made a lot of money.

in the final analysis, what kind of knowledge you have will match what kind of wealth.

when you have enough insight to understand the essence better than others, you will naturally be more competitive than others.

making money in any sense is nothing more than the realization of cognition.

there is a


Ye Qi


after graduating from Princeton University, he went to India to study hard. After getting his doctorate, Michael wanted to continue his research, but Master encouraged him to return home to work.

Master said, "A busy office is the real life, and it is also the best place to test your learning achievements over the years."

Life is full of spiritual practice, but the best practice is at work.

when we break through the difficulties of our career, our life will go to a higher level.

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