Lin Zhiling, 47, first talked about divorce and infidelity. The exposure of the current situation is sad. Netizens: do you deserve to be like this?
Lin Zhiling, 47, first talked about divorce and infidelity. The exposure of the current situation is sad. Netizens: do you deserve to be like this?
May every woman not carry a heavy burden alone on her way to becoming a mother.

as the object of heated discussion among the whole people, Lin Zhiling's marriage has always been the focus of everyone's attention.

but since she married to Japan, there have been frequent reports of domestic violence and cheating on the Internet.

there has been no final conclusion as to what the truth is.

recently, Lin Zhiling appeared for the first time after giving birth, which once again sparked discussion among netizens.

she returned home to promote her new book and to prepare for her comeback, while her husband stayed in Japan.

but what people did not expect is that Lin Zhiling, who is dressed in a white dress and still has an elegant demeanor, has been satirized and humiliated by many netizens.

some people say that she has sunken eyes, protruding cheekbones and changed temperament. "

some people say: "disfigured?" But she deserved to end up like this. "

A highly praised comment wrote: "it seems that her marriage makes her tired."

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all kinds of remarks hinted at the possibility of her marriage.

but is this really the case?

Lin Zhiling also responded to these bad songs:

"I don't read social media messages very much. I think if I always participate in the online world, I will forget to get along with others and don't care about what people say without intersecting all their lives."

and her married life is not as bad as rumored.

there was no infidelity or domestic violence. After several years of marriage, she and her husband never even quarreled and blushed.

when talking about the details of getting along with each other, Lin Chi-ling looked happy.

but when the host mentioned the issue of fertility, Lin Chi-ling suddenly choked up.

it turns out that, as an elderly woman, Lin Chi-ling's process of seeking children is full of bitterness.

and all kinds of postpartum problems have directly defeated her grace and calmness.

"lack of sleep for a long time, daily schedule is disrupted, can only use trivial time to do some of their own things."

"while taking care of the children, while trying to take care of their health, they are often unable to do so."

"sometimes I have to hold the doll in one hand and a wheelbarrow. Because the doll is heavy, I keep sweating. I hope no one knows me."

at that time, Lin Chi-ling, who was weak and depressed after giving birth, even suffered from postpartum depression.

I heard the host ask her if she planned to have a second child in the future.

Lin Chi-ling said bluntly that her body could no longer afford a second birth.

Lin Chi-ling has never avoided the pain of having a child and the agony of raising a child.

but Lin Chi-ling is not the only one who has experienced this.

Weibo once had a hot topic: "do you regret having a baby?"

there is a message from a mother in the comment area, which is highly approved:

"I never regret it, but I also know clearly that life doesn't leave me any free time."

after becoming a mother, of course, there are many happy moments, but at the same time, there are more worries every day.

in the program, Cai Shaofen poured out the hardships of raising three children.

she admits that she hasn't slept for almost ten years since she had a child.

the youngest son often wakes up at more than 4 o'clock in the morning, crying for milk, and no matter how late she goes to bed, she has to get up sleepy and breast-feed the baby.

at 5: 00 in the morning, we should start making breakfast and braiding for our daughters.

after the two daughters go to school, it is the youngest son's turn.

Cai Shaofen not only cooks and feeds him, but also accompanies him to go out to play.

when I got home at 11:30, a new round of busyness began again.

from day to night, from night to day, I can't be idle for a moment.

when the baby is crying, she has to do housework while holding the baby.

program, Cai Shaofen said frankly, "I won't lie to you. It's really hard."

New mother Papi Jiang once lamented on Weibo: "now I realize that nothing is as tiring as being a mother."

people who have experienced it can understand how tired it is to take care of a child.

in "Thirty speaking", Gu Jia said a very heartbreaking sentence:

"after the birth of the month, the original Gu Jia has died, and the one who survived is Xu Ziyan's mother."

it is easy for others to talk about giving birth, but it is the wife who conceives, gives birth to, and takes care of the child.

it can be said that they lost themselves the moment they became mothers.

the identity of "mother" takes up all their time.

there are many things to do every day, but none of them is for yourself.

they can only be like a top, constantly revolving around the family.

and these, for them, are not the most painful, the most excruciating, the most difficult.

there is an online interview about husbands' views on "postpartum depression."

program were very dissatisfied when they learned that their wife was suffering from depression.

in their view, there is no postpartum depression at all, women are making a mountain out of a molehill.

the things that break down mothers in marriage are also trivial things in their eyes.

Yes, marriages are mostly small things, and every little thing can be ignored when taken apart.

but when thousands of little things pile up,Enough to break a person's body and mind.

Lin Chi-ling was able to survive the postpartum depression thanks to her husband's care and thoughtfulness.

the same is true of Huo Siyan, who is in an enviable condition after giving birth.

when Huo Siyan had just finished giving birth, she was very emotionally unstable. Fortunately, du Jiang was always by her side.

every time Huo Siyan collapsed and cried, du Jiang would comfort her by saying, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

when their child was born, 28-year-old du Jiang was on the rise in his career.

but du Jiang still spends a lot of time raising children with his wife.

he can understand his wife's hard work, so he always spares no effort to help his wife.

it was easy for him to change diapers, dress and tell stories for his son.

in their family, when children have something to do, they don't just look for their mother, but often look for their father.

in the process of raising children, he never made Huo Siyan feel alone.

this is what a responsible husband should look like.

in life, many people often talk about "being a mother is just", asking mothers to be strong, patient and omnipotent.

but what they don't know is that the first sentence of this sentence is "women are inherently weak".

Mom is also an ordinary person of flesh and blood, they will also be tired, painful, sad, anxious and desperate.

the more vulnerable they are, the more they need support from their husbands.

with a husband, the wife has enough room to release her stress and grievances.

family is supported by two people, and raising children is not just a matter for the wife.

the husband's companionship and encouragement is the wife's strongest backing.

in fact, whether it is the endless busyness of wives after giving birth, or the natural absence of husbands, in the final analysis, it stems from the neglect of mothers.

in life, we often hear such a voice:

"isn't that how people raise their children? why are you the only one who has made it so bitter?"

"just this little thing, as for it?"

in the movie Kim Ji-young born in 1982, her husband's words stung countless women:

"take a rest for a while, and you, too, wait for the child to get better."

but does babysitting have a rest?

the contribution of wives has been underestimated for too long.

their situation needs to be really seen.

giving birth is never a simple thing, every link has to pay a great deal of time, energy, and even the price of health.

wives bet all they have on it.

as husbands, parents and children, we should be more understanding and considerate to them, even if we can't empathize with them.

, may every woman not carry a heavy burden alone on her way to becoming a mother.