Li Ziqi luxury house exposure, I saw the saddest scene: Chinese aesthetic, is being destroyed
Li Ziqi luxury house exposure, I saw the saddest scene: Chinese aesthetic, is being destroyed
As there are more and more vulgarity, the more serious the culture is spoiled.


every time I watch Li Ziqi's video, I can always be moved by the poetic fireworks.

with two people in one room, three meals and four seasons, her home is like a paradise.

Matsuchi brews wine and fried tea in spring water.

she paints the beauty of classical China with an aesthetic picture.

and this aesthetic appreciation is being destroyed.

in this day and age, from the moment you open your eyes and turn on your cell phone in the morning, all kinds of information will rush in your face.

stew yourself in an iron pot, eat goldfish alive and eat snakes, perform and eat light bulbs, drink a bottle of liquor per second, ignite firecrackers wrapped around your body and dial 110 randomly, live broadcast destroys supermarket goods.

simply regard vulgarity as fun and low quality as humor.

what is even more speechless is that this vulgarity has invaded all aspects, including songs, literature, film and television.

everywhere you can see ugliness as beauty, falsehood as truth, shallowness as depth and ignorance as wisdom.

there are too many pseudo-cultures, pseudo-classics and pseudo-truths in the market.

under the banner of "quintessence" going abroad, let bikini be combined with Beijing Opera.

wearing a bikini and a Beijing opera tiara on his head, and then posing as a pose.

this is the combination of China and the West, breaking the dreary feeling of traditional culture.

many antique songs that have been praised to heaven are also vulgar in the cloak of elegance.

"your smile is like a bad dog, messing up my heartstrings."

"would you like to cross me in the afterlife?"

after reading such confessions, I especially want to cycle the single 100 times "the sky blue and so on misty rain, while I am waiting for you".

the more tolerant of vulgarity, the more it can provide a warm and moist soil for them to grow and flourish wantonly.

as a result, there are more and more vulgarity, and the more serious the culture is spoiled.

author Zhao Yalin talked about such a thing:

once, he was going to the old town.

before leaving, he had such an imagination about the ancient town:

"White walls and blue tiles in the deep alley, small bridge and flowing water's family, walking on the slate road wet by the drizzle, looking at the light boats passing leisurely through the river passing through the town-this is the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River that exists in poetry and prose."

however, when he really walked into the ancient town, he found that he had thought too much about everything.

the so-called ancient town is full of shops, hotels and bars.

"has already become a small commodity market, a bar style street, a tourist distribution center, one in the name of an ancient town, but can not find a trace of ancient sense of the four dissimilarities."

turn the ancient town full of historical accumulation into a commercial street, which exposes the seriousness of vulgar invasion.

because vulgarity is pervasive, there is not only a miasma on the Internet, but also cultural relics

the main reason why vulgarity can be so arrogant is that there are too many aesthetic blindness.

it is precisely because there are more beauty blindness that the collective aesthetic power of the public will decline and provide fertile ground for the continuous development of all kinds of bad customs.

the public does not have enough aesthetic power to distinguish what is true elegance and what is vulgarity in an elegant coat.

A letter written by Jiang Wen to Zhou Runfa a few years ago was exposed.

"the horn of Brother Fa is not only the hero of Cao Mengde, but also the English of Zhou Gongjin, and often boasts Zhuge Kongming."

No wonder netizens say that Jiang Wen's letter is full of the beauty of Chinese characters.

however, this ability is being lost in this era.

China Youth Daily once conducted a survey and found that 70.9% of young people already have a lack of language.

No matter what is funny, it can only be expressed as "ha";

No matter what is particularly admirable, it can only be expressed as "6666" or "awesome".

Internet vocabulary comes as soon as you open your mouth, and other people's grammar is a little more complicated.

it's no wonder that more than a decade ago, the songs played in the streets were full of poetic and picturesque.

"missing maple leaves falling slowly"

"if you just like it, why exaggerate it into love"

"just like a butterfly cannot fly over the sea, no one has the heart to blame"

but now, the hot drooling songs of the whole network, without the lyrics of the tune, appear so pale and powerless.

"Let's learn to bark like cats and meow together"

"you are my little apple, I can't love you too much."

"you say beep, beep"

junk aesthetics, after all, just like junk food, stimulating taste buds with heavy oil, salt and sugar is not good for people at all.

when junk aesthetics begins to be everywhere, how can we expect that young people's language will not be scarce?

after all, input garbage and output garbage must be garbage.

perhaps, you want to retort, this is all caused by the low level of education of many people.

however, the real vulgarity has nothing to do with education or education.

many people do not know that the best part of the Book of songs comes from a group of ordinary people from the fields.

it is a song sung by people under mulberry trees, and then recorded before it is called "poetry".

in the current yearWhen the woman in the field saw the mulberry trees turning yellow and falling leaves, she would feel sad and feel old, so she naturally sang:

"when the mulberry falls, it is yellow and yellow."

A village woman who does not know a big word has said something that has been spread for thousands of years with her true feelings.

Jiang Xun once used a lot of ink to describe a situation like the movie "Yellow Land":

Cuiqiao lives in the yellow land of Shaanxi Province. One day, a man came to the city to collect folk songs. When he saw Cuiqiao's father, he immediately took out his notebook and said:

"can you sing folk songs to me? I'm here to collect folk songs."

Cui Qiao's father said: "not sad, do not like, what to sing?"

in Chiang Hsun's opinion, people in the village do not sing casually. They sing sadly and happily. I am not sad or happy. I don't sing any songs.

in comparison, the deliberate collection appears artificial and emotionally empty, while the villagers are sincere and simple and emotionally rich.

being together day and night, Cui Qiao fell in love with this man. When he was about to leave, let Cui Qiao sing a song. Cuiqiao had no waves in his heart at that time and could not sing it.

looking forward to the figure of his departure, thinking that he would never see each other again, Cuiqiao's amazing song came out: "99 bays of the Yellow River."... "

this song later became a world-famous song "the Yellow River Boatman".

what is the difference between elegance and vulgarity?

this difference does not lie in what kind of edification and education they have experienced, but in their perception and aesthetics of life.

true elegance is not an affectation to play with words, but life's most primitive yearning for all good things.

emotion is moved in the middle, but in words, this is the case. There is not so much gaudy, and it is not necessary to read so many thousands of books in order to become a chapter.

Why spend so much time criticizing vulgarity and extolling elegance?

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because aesthetic power is often a person's core competitiveness, but also the core competitiveness of a nation.

in the Tang Dynasty, the architecture of Chang'an and Luoyang was beautiful, so some people came specially to learn to imitate, and finally built a peaceful capital (now Kyoto, Japan);

▲ Kyoto, Japan

in the Song Dynasty, the art of porcelain reached its peak and is still the object of imitation in the world.

before we have the courage to resist pseudo-culture, false truth and pseudo-elegance, the most important thing is to improve our aesthetic ability and refine a pair of golden eyes.

otherwise, we will have no way to know when we are surrounded, drowned and swallowed by vulgarity.