Li Yuchun, 38, is seriously ill and the details of traveling in a wheelchair have been exposed: it is very expensive for the rest of his life. Please love yourself well.
Li Yuchun, 38, is seriously ill and the details of traveling in a wheelchair have been exposed: it is very expensive for the rest of his life. Please love yourself well.
The rest of your life is very short, please take good care of yourself.

things change.

A few days ago, the news that Li Yuchun revealed that he was seriously ill set off a hot search.

the 38-year-old revealed in an interview that she was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis last year.

this is a rheumatic immune disease.

although it is a chronic disease, the patient will have unimaginable pain when the disease occurs.

even lying down to sleep has become a luxury.

the most serious illness was when she was preparing for the concert.

she can't even stand up and can only travel in a wheelchair.

pain can only be relieved by medical means.

when it is serious, it can directly lead to paralysis.

Zhang Jiaye, who is often teased by people for walking with very personal characteristics, is also because of this disease, which makes it difficult to walk.

has formed what others seem to be a somewhat "cool" pace.

in the medical profession, this disease is called immortal cancer.

at the best age, suffering from the most difficult diseases.

even live in indescribable pain for the rest of your life.

this is often the case with people. Only when they are lost do they learn to cherish them.

only when you lose your health can you understand the meaning of life.

losing is the best teacher alive.

without a healthy body, what's the use of making more money?

Health is gone, everything goes back to zero.

Schopenhauer said a classic saying.

"the greatest stupidity of a person is to trade his body for something outside the body."

remembering that three years ago, the employee who left the Internet factory was remorseful.

overtime is as long as 4000 hours.

even when you have a cold and a fever, it is no exception.

and he is indifferent to this extremely irregular life, and firmly feels that it is for a better life.

"sometimes I get off work at two or three o'clock in the morning and lie in bed thinking about work. At that time, I felt that the house and car were coming towards me."

but what about the results?

it suddenly dawned on him: looking back, he found that overtime didn't make much sense, which was the most sad thing.

how many of us are still making such mistakes.

in order to earn more money and live a better life, he is willing to trade his life for money.

but when you run out of energy and your health is gone.

will find that money may give you everything: a bigger house, more luxurious food and clothing, and a more luxurious car.

but only, I can't buy your life back.

when Lee was young, he had a point of view.

he insists that if he sleeps one hour less every day, he can live 24 points longer than others.

therefore, he sleeps only four or five hours a day.

in order to keep full of energy, he can only refresh himself with a lot of coffee every day.

his colleagues all say that he is an iron man.

later, after he became famous, he fell ill with cancer.

after extremely painful treatment, he was in danger of saving his life.

the biggest illusion when people are young is that disease will only befall others.

so unscrupulously squander health and waste of time.

unexpectedly, your body is not as strong as you think.

Xiao Shenyang said, "the most painful thing in the world is that people die and no money is spent."

I used to hear it with a laugh, but now I think of it with sadness.

in the wealth of one's life, health is the first one.

money, status, family and happiness are all the latter ones.

without 1, no matter how many zeros follow, there is no point.

all my life, except for life and death, is a trivial matter.

Yu Juan, a female teacher suffering from cancer in Fudan, wrote in her book before she died:

"it was only when I got sick that I knew that people should base their happiness on sustainable and long-term life goals, instead of just looking at the short-term feelings of fame and power."

nothing is painstaking for fame, wealth and power, but nothing can be brought with it.

Liu Guoen, a professor at Peking University, has done a survey.

question is what is the most critical factor in wealth accumulation?

the results of the survey surprised many people: good health.

Liu Guoen said he found that some people were doing well at first.

have a car, a house and savings.

but after a serious illness, he lost his wealth and job.

became poor overnight.

busy half of my life, nothing in the end.

so Liu Guoen said that only health is the overall situation of life.

I think so.

I always wonder, we are busy all our lives, for what?

in order to let the family get a better life.

in order to have the courage to give parents the best treatment when the disease comes.

in order to enable children to pursue their dreams in order to live a life trapped by money, just like us.

but we all forget that time is cruel and health is rare.

forget that life will not stay because of your nostalgia.

if there is no long-term company, no matter how good the day is, it is nothing but joy.

as Yu Juan said, any overtime, putting too much pressure on yourself, and the need to buy a house and a car are floating clouds.

if you have time, spend time with your children and buy a pair of shoes for your parents with the money for the car.

Don't try your best to change a big house. It's warm to live with people who love each other.

in fact, we work hard and don't ask for much.

three meals for two, four seasons, warm family, insipid fireworks.

money is endless, but the passage of time and health is in the palm of my hand.

can't hold it firmly, can't keep it.

Why sacrifice money and fame for the sake of money and fame?

over the years, we have witnessed too many sudden departures.

Li Yong, Zhao Yingjun, Zuo Hui, founder of Shell, Ding Yun, senior executive of Huawei.

I feel more and more fragile and cruel of life.

is also more and more aware of the equality of life.

No amount of money, no matter how high the status, can not be exchanged for staying in the world for half a moment when death comes.

all we can do is to cherish and attach importance to it.

when it comes to health, we are always used to running away from being busy.

in fact, as long as we like, even a walk after dinner, an early morning run, early to bed and early to rise.

if you stick to it, your body will improve.

there was a set of popular comparison pictures on the Internet.

you think those trivial persistence is useless, but when five or ten years go by, it will be a completely different life.

some people go out by bike, others can only use wheelchairs.

some people wake up in their own beds, while others toss and turn in their hospital beds.

some people can enjoy the morning and nature, while others can only smell the sterilized water in the hospital.

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Don't wait until you lose your health to realize the value of life.

Don't wait for parting to chagrin that you haven't tried to live.

the rest of my life is short, please take good care of yourself.

so that you can leave time for everything you cherish, so that you can spend more time with the people you love and love you.

Please remember that the premise of a good life is to live.