Li Bingbing did not wear a bra was reported, her chest, hindered whose eyes?
Li Bingbing did not wear a bra was reported, her chest, hindered whose eyes?
The freedom to dress can be described as a long way to go.


what is the first thought in your mind when you see this group of pictures?

is "Sister is so hot, beauty sticker"? Or is it "scantily dressed and shameless"?

some time ago, Internet celebrity 1 saye shared a set of sexy pictures on the social platform.

it was supposed to be a seaside trip in line with the scene, but it put her at the forefront of public opinion because of the polarized bipolar comments.

among the praise of beauty, figure and clothes, some comments are particularly uncomfortable.

"chest stickers are leaking out." Aren't you embarrassed? "

"feel R dizzy and look disgusting in the dark"

"you have to be sexy, or you will be harassed by creepy men."


either open eight times scope + manually enlarge the photo, stare at the chest to find fault, or promote sexy guilt to justify hooligans.

there are also people who insult their gender and are not ashamed to judge their female figure at will. Does he think he is very humorous?

what's more, he casually affixed the label of "charming man" to impose his dark thoughts on others, even though the blogger was generous and did not have any seductive appearance.

really responds to Fang Siqi's sentence:

some people in this society always think that they can judge the character of this person by what others wear.

because of the Internet tsunami caused by a piece of clothing, it continues to ferment rapidly on various platforms.

soon, 1 saye posted: I have never felt inferior because of my figure, I feel no need to feel inferior, I have never been ashamed of a body organ, and I have no need to be ashamed.

this is a direct response to those unpleasant humiliations.

but the debate did not stall, and at one point it even rose to the discussion of "freedom of dressing".

it is ridiculous to think carefully about the separation of conceptual tolerance and realistic response.

the speech of "dress freedom" has been popular for many years, and it was thought that people had long regarded the correct behavior of "wear whatever you want" as the norm.

however, when someone really chooses to wear the clothes they like and show their figure and beauty confidently, it will immediately cause a lot of people to jump.

1 saye does not expose private parts, and does not dress like this in inappropriate places, but has to pay for other people's frivolous eyes and foolish thoughts.

it can be seen that the current environment of "freedom of dressing" is not as tolerant as we thought.

do you remember when Li Bingbing's video was reported off the shelves?

when Li Bingbing first entered the short video platform, she sent two videos.

in the video, she is wearing a white dark V dress, which can be described as a gorgeous star.

the rotation of the folding fan fascinates netizens and makes them addicted to their eyes.

but I never thought that this could also be targeted by people with filthy eyes and dirty minds.

A pediatric doctor reported Li Bingbing's video backhand because she was scantily dressed.

it is even plausible to say that Li Bingbing does not wear underwear and will spoil teenagers.

this is a far cry from the original. Is he Leeuwenhoek's upper body or does he have perspective lenses in his eyes?

I can't control my eyes, I can't control the adulterous worms in my head, I stare at women's breasts, and I have the nerve to say that others affect the social atmosphere. What about my face?

seeing that he could not stop, he began to look back to make up for it: it was just a matter of fact, and I didn't dislike Li Bingbing.

(look at this big face, people need you like it? )

then, Li Bingbing made a statement and formally defended his rights against insults and slanders.

if you want to sacrifice other people's right to dress freely for your own nasty sacrifice, you deserve to steal the rice without losing it.

No one can escape the prey in their eyes, from stars to plain people.

she shared a group of photos of herself. Under the luxuriant leaves, she wore a cool tight sling, held flowers in her hand, and smiled with a low eyebrow.

is it worth living in these inappropriate years?

but some people can't see it. Insulting words such as "green tea", "edge girl" and "exhibitionist" hit her, and the comment area was full of smoke and helplessness, so bloggers had no choice but to block one by one.

just because the blogger has bigger breasts, a better figure and looks more sexy, some people want to portray her as a slutty woman spurned by everyone.

such a mess makes people sad and hateful.

however, it is clear this time that no matter what you wear, there are always people pointing fingers.

dress a little cooler, chest is peaceful, say you are neither male nor female, chest is too big, say you are good at seducing.

even if it doesn't show up, someone will hold a magnifying glass to judge you by the standards of centuries ago.

many girls suffer so much that they even dress cautiously for fear of being scolded by people pointing at their noses.

I saw this comment under the Weibo account of Tian * * Rabbit:

Nothing can stand to be compared with simple beach wedding dresses. There are benefits buying from our online shop.

"my boobs are about the same size as her. I buy underwear for fear that others will give me a strange look."

the malicious judgment of the indulgent environment on womenIt will only deter more women from dressing freely.

was even involuntarily affected by the gaze of others, and from then on he hunched his chest and hurt his own body.

means: women dare not show their beautiful side, a little hard to dress up, the heart will create an uncontrollable sense of shame.

have you ever had such an experience:

never dare to dress up too much and feel awkward because other people's eyes rest on them.

when others praise you for being good-looking, the first reaction is to say "no, no, don't talk nonsense" to deny it three times, especially afraid of being noticed.

in high spirits, I put on beautiful makeup and put on my favorite halter skirt, but I was worried that the dress was too leaking and conspicuous, so I finally decided to change into regular clothes.

talk show actor Siwen once fell into the trap of beauty shame.

when she was a child, her parents' education was to study hard and not to waste time and thought on dressing up, otherwise they were not doing a proper job.

for quite a long time, she took this as her rule.

not only scorn those girls who like to dress up, but also despise that they deliberately exude feminine charm.

but later she realized that it is not wrong for women to like to dress up, and it is not the original sin for them to show their charm.

now, she can calmly accept the fact that women love beauty, show exquisite makeup generously, release and appreciate their own beauty.

in reality, women with beautiful shame like Siwen are not in the minority.

in the face of many beautiful and sexy clothes, they often think about them and dare not wear them.

however, what kind of clothes to wear is everyone's freedom and willingness, which has nothing to do with the judgment of others and has nothing to do with their appearance and age.

Chen Xiaoyu, who once participated in the "Strange Theory", is simply an example of practicing "freedom of dressing".

she is not a beautiful woman in the traditional sense, but her exuberant vitality and self-confidence affect many friends who are ashamed of beauty.

she wears bright color suspenders willfully and boldly, and shorts and bare-back skirts are her favorite clothes on hot summer days.

and Princess Anfu Road, who has become popular recently.

because of her serious illness, the obese aunt in Shanghai, who took hormone drugs, would go out every day with an inch of her head, a little crown and a Lolita skirt.

some people regarded her as a joke and told her to go home.

what about the bad words? she felt that she didn't get in the way of anyone and still lived according to her own preferences.

who says wearing sexy clothes is a bad girl, who says that only young and beautiful people deserve to wear Lolita.

as Wang Ju said:


the so-called sex appeal of women, first of all, is not to please others, the second is that you are really from the inside out, when you show, you will not have any shame.


on the way to "dress freedom", women have been disciplined for too long and are often unaware of their environment and self-PUA.

if you want to dress sexy, you will feel coquettish and sweet, and you will be regarded as seductive. If you dress differently from others, you will say it is not serious.

if you come from this, how can you talk about freedom?

like Chen Xiaoyu and Princess Anfu Road, we should thoroughly cut the table from the "beauty shame" and boldly become a colorful butterfly.

after all, today is the youngest day for the rest of our lives. We should wear the clothes we like and enjoy the limited happiness as soon as possible.

of course, we also understand that there is no absolute freedom in the world, and only freedom under objective conditions is true freedom.

the definition and limits of freedom of dress has always been a controversial topic.

after all, in today's life, there are some people who pay attention to it under the banner of freedom to dress.

so, what should we value most when talking about freedom of dressing?


you can run and walk on the beach in a bikini, but you can't take pictures in the subway station without covering your body.

everyone can choose their own style of dressing as long as they are within reasonable and legal boundaries.

1 saye, Li Bingbing and others have not violated public order and good customs, but they are still abused and slandered by many people.

the freedom to dress is a long way to go.

I just hope that in the future, when people exercise their right to "freedom of dressing," they will not be humiliated by sluts blurted by others, and they will be able to look down on the thoughts of others when they want to wear clothes that they have been happy for a long time.

Carson McCullers once said:

"when you say you are not free, it does not mean that you have lost your freedom to do anything, but that your opposing things are not sufficiently recognized by others, and the pressure makes you feel oppressed, hindered, deprived, and wings grow on your shoulders. You can't fly because you care too much about other people's criticism of your flying posture."

so everyone, women have lost their "pocket freedom", so don't cede their right to "dress freedom".