Let go of your tiredness (well written)
Let go of your tiredness (well written)
Let go of the past, live well in the present, and go to a leisurely future!


as the ancients said, "if you have a big heart, you will know everything, and if you have a small heart, you will get sick."

if the mind is relaxed, there is sunshine everywhere; if the mind is narrow, there are dark clouds everywhere.

some people are too obsessed with wishes that cannot be realized, blindly pursue the wrong things, can not let go of the past, can not see the future.

We have only one heart, and if we install too much, we will be overwhelmed and unable to breathe.

it is good to live a simple and insipid life. You don't have to bear too much burden in one's life.

Let go of your tiredness, let bygones be bygones, and let your heart go back to zero.

cut off the soul regularly so that we can travel light and get what we want.

one thing, if you can't change it, let it go

Kazuo Inamori once said: "it is pointless to always regret and worry about the failures that have happened."

We can appropriately reflect on our own mistakes so that we will not repeat them in the future.

however, if you carry it all the time, you will be overinjured and exhausted in the mistakes that have been made.

in the best-selling book Pilgrimage to one, the protagonist Harold and his wife Maureen are too miserable to get out of the shadow of the past.

their son, David, is very intelligent and makes his parents worry. By virtue of his own efforts, he was admitted to Cambridge University.

but at the age of 18, he accidentally chose to commit suicide.

the pain of losing a child is like a bolt from the blue, making the couple's lives collapse instantly, and the two fall into deep self-remorse.

Harold often gets himself drunk, fooling around all day long;

Maureen was so dead that she moved into David's room and talked to herself all day long to David's black-and-white picture.

Maureen blamed Harold for being a better father. Harold regretted his lack of care for his son.

husband and wife live in regret and remorse, and the death of their son has become the biggest worry that haunts them.

but fortunately, during the pilgrimage in search of old friends, Harold and Maureen examined each other and finally let go of the past and got back together.

Harold no longer regrets his absent fatherly love, but learns how to care and love.

instead of blaming Harold for her fault, Maureen began to reflect on her problems and saw the love hidden behind Harold's inarticulate words.

when they completely bid farewell to the misfortunes of the past, a new life followed.

the book Mr. Toad goes to see a psychiatrist says:

"No criticism is stronger than self-criticism, and no judge is harsher than ourselves."

physical tiredness can be made up for by rest, but mental tiredness requires more mental effort to recover.

there are moments in life when something has already happened and there is no point in ruminating.

regret will only drag you down. Only by learning to turn the page can you make up for regret and make people shine again.

rather than immerse yourself in remorse, wave goodbye and look forward.

I believe that when a door is closed, a window will be reopened.

A road, if you can't get through, turn

when Alex Banayan was creating the third Gate, part of the content needed to interview Buffett.

as we all know, Buffett never gives interviews easily. Banner is unknown, and it is even more difficult to see Buffett.

to this end, he asked for someone to introduce himself to Buffett and e-mailed Buffett every three days.

despite his efforts, Buffett's side never gave him any response, and Banerjen was very frustrated.

he sometimes wondered whether he was too whimsical, and sometimes he was distracted by the sinking mail.

at this time, a friend reminded him that if he tried his best, things would still make no progress, so he might as well try to turn the corner and take a different approach.

later, Banayan attended Buffett's shareholders' meeting, and as a live audience, he successfully asked Buffett his own questions.

in this way, the interview that had made it difficult for him to do before was suddenly readily available.

for Maga fish living in the deep sea, it is easy for fishermen to catch it.

with a fishing net with a rough hole, tie a piece of iron to the bottom of the net and put it straight into the water, you can quickly intercept a large number of fish.

because the biggest characteristic of Majia fish is that it does not like to turn, so it is always stuck in the net and is caught by fishermen.

some people in life are like this kind of fish. When their future is uncertain and they are at a disadvantage, they will not adjust their choices and let themselves draw a circle as a prison and be trapped by it.

I have heard a saying: "Water can reach the sea because it can skillfully avoid all obstacles and keep turning."

there is no way in this world that can go straight to the end, maintain empathy, change direction when it is time to change lanes, and adapt to ever-changing changes in order to survive.

anxiety and helplessness can only make us exhausted, and learning to turn can make us bright.

there is a long way to go in life, but you can find another way.

there is no tiredness that cannot be relieved, only bends that cannot be turned.

A relationship, if you can't stay, just leave

sales played by Maggie Cheung in Wong Kar-wai's movie the True Story of AlfieSu Lizhen, a girl, was deceived by Zhang Guorong's little punk Xu Tsai, moved in with him, and fell in love with him.

Xu Tsai's life is to play casually, and he won't give his heart.

Su Lizhen was caught up in it. She wept secretly and curled up in front of the gangster's house, begging for charity and love.

the attachment to the wrong feelings has changed Su Lizhen, who was originally in high spirits, beyond recognition and without splendor.

I saw a TED talk in which a girl told about her own experience.

she has been with her lover for 11 years, from her early twenties to her twenties.

she has been longing to marry her lover, form a small family and enjoy the quiet years.

however, when she bought a house, got everything ready, and talked about her thoughts with her lover, all she got was a perfunctory sentence:

"I don't think the time is ripe yet. We'll talk about it later."

in waiting and waiting, the girl was so disappointed that she broke up with grief, sold her house and moved out of the original city.

later, she met her present husband and took good care of her, and the two quickly got married.

A good fate is often effortless, and there is no point in forcing the wrong fate.

if a person clings to the wrong fate, he will not be free to accept the new beauty.

there is no two-way feelings, even if you get it is a flash in the pan.

if there is no chance here, there may be a good relationship elsewhere.

to let go of the feelings of wrong payment is to let go of yourself; only by letting go of the wrong person can you meet the right one.

release your tiredness and release your heart

Life is just a few decades, fleeting.

Why carry a heavy load? Why worry about living?

Life will not change because of your worries, and days will not change for the better because of your persistence.

too much load, suffering is their own, too persistent, imprison is their own.

if you want to get rid of different tiredness, you must learn to add and subtract.

only by abandoning the shackles of thinking can we find a new turning point.

give up the wrong feelings in order to have new happiness;

Let go of past pain before you can begin to enjoy life.

in this stressful era, there are a lot of things that burden us, and only when we are physically and mentally happy can we go further.

try the following three ways to relax, hoping to help you get rid of your tiredness:

go into nature

on leisure weekends, you can take a long trip with your backpack on your back to indulge yourself in the beautiful scenery and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

you can also lie quietly on the lawn and feel the beauty of nature.

Let the sun wash away the tiredness, brush away the shadows of yesterday, and dry the tears from the corners of the eyes;

Let the wind blow away the pain, the loneliness and the sadness in the heart.

cultivate some interests

on a quiet night, make a cup of tea and go to the tea ceremony to understand life.

do a dance to release your worries in the graceful dance;

play a tune and melt yourself into melodious music.

Let the soul be washed and regain its original simplicity and happiness.

find the right way to release

of course, you can cry alone and let the tears wash away the grievances and troubles in your heart.

you can make an appointment with three or five friends and go to KTV to sing happily for a few hours.

you can also have a barbecue with friends and put all your depression behind you.

Life is heavy, but the heart is light.

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May you know how to be flexible in your fast-paced life, let go of the past, live the present, and go to a leisurely and comfortable future!



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