Leave your seat. Who are you? (good text in depth)
Leave your seat. Who are you? (good text in depth)
The best state of life is to recognize yourself and keep your heart.

once upon a time, there was a donkey who was grinding in a monastery. By chance, the monk let him carry something down the mountain.

on the way down the mountain, pedestrians all worshiped it.

at first the donkey felt panicked, but then he slowly enjoyed it and even got a little carried away.

the donkey who returned to the temple did not want to grind any more, so the monk had no choice but to let him go down the mountain.

after the donkey proudly went down the mountain, he was despised and beaten by everyone.

the donkey was very confused. when the monk saw it, he just shook his head with a sigh: "what a silly donkey. It was what you carried on your knees that day, not you!"

as the ancients said, "there is no priori experience in the world, and people have self-knowledge."

the greatest misfortune in a person's life is that he is not self-aware and cannot see his place clearly.

if you mistake your seat for your height, it is bound to be a disaster.

the first taboo in life:

mistaking the platform for skill

Laozi once said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

when you are alive, you should not only understand others, but also understand yourself.

only when you have a clear positioning and understanding of yourself, will you not regard the platform as your own ability.

Sun Maocai in Qiao's Courtyard was originally a poor scholar.

joined the Qiao family, with the continuous growth of the business of the Qiao family, he also became the shopkeeper of the Qiao family.

but conscious of his hard work, he was not satisfied with the current situation and wanted to seize the property of the Qiao family.

after being found out by Qiao's family, he was kicked out of the house.

Su Maocai is ambitious to find a competitor, saying that he can start the Qiao family business, or he can make the Qian family full.

Qian just smiled coldly and said, "do you think you made Qiao's business?" How smart you are. Without the Qiao family, how can you be here? "

when many people are in a high position, they think that they rely on their own ability to prop up all this, but they do not realize that it is not because they are tall, but because they stand high.

well-known host Bai Yansong once said:

"Let a dog appear on TV every day, it may become a famous dog.

but after leaving the stage, it will soon become the original country dog again. "

in fact, this is not the case with people. Most of the time, what others admire is not you, but the platform behind you.

Wise people will regard the platform as their own training ground and constantly improve their abilities, while fools will only regard the platform as their own ability and get nothing in the end.

therefore, do not take advantage of the advantages of the platform at any time, but to make yourself a real tiger.

find your own position, fix your skills, keep learning and make progress, so that no matter whether the platform is good or bad, you have a place to stand.

the second taboo of being a man:

take the wrong seat for ability

when a person is in a certain position, he will get the corresponding treatment, but once he leaves, the treatment is often very different.

this is what people often say: "when people go, tea is cool."

when you are in a high position, the stars are full of bright and beautiful eyes;

when you are in a low position, when there is no blessing of fame and fortune, human feelings are cold and warm, and the world gradually comes to the surface.

in history, Miao Xian, the favourite of the State of Zhao, made a big mistake and was afraid that the King of Zhao would kill himself, so he decided to flee to Yan, who had always been friendly to him.

Miao Xian thought: the King of Yan wanted to win over me before, and he would take good care of me after he went.

when Lin Xiangru, a doorman, learned of it, he blocked it in every way.

Miao Xian was puzzled.

Lin Xiangru said:

"before, the king of Yan flattered you because you were a confidant of the king of Zhao, but now if you flee to the kingdom of Yan.

instead of taking you in, King Yan will dedicate you to the King of Zhao to please him.


after hearing this, Miao Xian made a cold sweat and finally chose to apologize to the king of Zhao, which avoided a disaster of murder.

Lin Xiangru's words are still worth thinking about today.

left your original seat, who are you?

A bundle of straw tied to a crab can sell the price of the crab, and once separated from the crab, it is immediately worthless.

so, remind yourself from time to time: is everything you get now caused by your own ability, or by your position?

when you are in office, you are like a fish in water; once you leave, everything goes down the drain.

if you want to go steady and far, don't rely on your current position, but improve your ability to match it at all times.

the third taboo of being a man:

mistook circles for contacts

as the old saying goes, "the deep mountains often have the presence of dragons, while Wugao has its own Phoenix habitat."

itself is so powerful that it will shine everywhere. If it is of no value, no one will care even if you are in any circle.

circle is the exchange of value. If you can't have the same value as the other person, then you are always an outsider.

in history, on the question of circles, Zeng Guofan once said:

"if I aspire to be a saint, like Confucius and Mencius, and study tirelessly every day, how can others influence me?

on the other hand, if I don't make up my mind and get confused every day, then what does it have to do with living with Yao, Shun, Yu and Tiantian?


many people think that they have entered the circle., have a network, do not know the nature of the network, is determined by their own strength.

whatever level you are, you will have what kind of connections.

so, instead of wasting time in circles, keep a low profile and plow yourself.

when you are good enough and work hard enough, then you are your own network.

at a banquet for entrepreneurs, many people were busy exchanging business cards and hoping to have more contacts. Only Cao Dewang, the king of glass, sat in his seat and ate.

is it that he doesn't need connections? Is that he doesn't need to make contacts in this way.

there is no need for him to take the initiative to be nice, someone will want to cooperate with him.

in fact, the relationship has always been like this, when you are as humble as dust, since no one pays attention, when you are in a high position, there will be a lot of people coming.

only by making yourself strong and strong, can the network become stronger and stronger!

knowing yourself clearly is the greatest wisdom

someone once asked a philosopher, "what is the hardest thing in the world?"

the philosopher answered only five words: "recognize yourself."

all sentient beings have two eyes, which can see everything in the world and others, but few people see themselves.

there is a very famous painter who has a unique habit of painting, that is, only one eye of a character.

many people were confused, and the painter explained:

"We all have two eyes, but these eyes always stare at others and seldom look at ourselves."

it is true that people always observe and comment on others with a magnifying glass, but do not ask inward, but look for reasons from themselves.

as the saying goes, "when you sit still, you often think about your own mistakes, and you can't talk about failure."

only by keeping an eye to examine yourself all the time and constantly reflecting on yourself can you see yourself clearly.

when the famous crosstalk actor Yue Yunpeng first became famous, many crew asked him to shoot, and Yue Yunpeng's heart became more and more swollen.

at this time, master Guo Degang poured cold water on him:

"who do you think you are? It is because of the addition of crosstalk wrists that people come to you. Why don't they come to you when you wash dishes in the restaurant? "

Master's words thoroughly awakened Yue Yunpeng, and from then on he learned crosstalk in a down-to-earth manner and laid down his own skills, which led to a bright star path later.

so, at any time, do not regard the platform as your ability, do not take the seat as your ability.

only by keeping a clear understanding of yourself and constantly improving yourself can we achieve something.

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as it is said in "the combination of maxims": "if you have talent but slow nature, you must be a great talent, wise and gentle, and you are great wisdom."

the best state of life is to recognize yourself and keep your heart.

when you can find the right position in life, put yourself in the right position, be humble, constantly practice and improve yourself, can the road of life be stable and far away!