Learn to "FM" yourself (worth collecting)
Learn to "FM" yourself (worth collecting)
Take your time and live your life.



some time ago, I saw a heart-warming video on Weibo.

at a street second-hand book stall in Bozhou, Anhui province, an old man is holding a history book and reading it attentively.

not far away is a little boy, in the same posture as him, doing the same thing.

it turns out that Grandpa is the owner of a book stall, and he doesn't set up a stall to sell books, but more wants to share it with everyone.

to this end, he specially brought a lot of small stools, so that people who love reading can have a moment of free time, find a favorite book, settle down and read quietly.

and the little boy came with his mother. When he saw the old man, he chose one of the books and sat down to read.

someone passed by the bookstall, saw this warm scene, and recorded it.

the video has attracted the attention of many netizens, and some people sigh that this simple moment has given them an illusion of quiet time.

some people say:

"the old and the young under the street lamp are very healing.

now the pace of life is so fast that I doubt life. I really want to take a walk after dinner and stroll around the street stalls. "

Yes, in the fast-paced era, everyone is in a hurry.

some people work hard in pursuit of the desired results, but in the end the losses outweigh the gain.

some people are leisurely and relaxed, but they win applause from the whole house.

the difference is whether you know how to untie yourself.

Don't fill your life too full, don't let life run forever.

Don't let your body become a busy machine, change your channel so that your life can take a new turn.

have a moderate rest and change the "channel" for the brain

there is a question from Zhihu:

"how to get through the period of fatigue and maintain a lasting passion for life and work?"

A high praise replied, "learn to give yourself a holiday properly."

in life, we always say that life is constantly being introverted and experiencing mental internal friction.

I feel tense all the time, be careful all the time and be careful with everything.

I am afraid of being eliminated when I breathe a sigh of relief, and I am afraid that I will be left behind when I stop.

but in this world, no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone better than you, and no one can be really relaxed.

instead of worrying all day long, it is better to give yourself a chance to live a moment of peace.

No longer worry about whether the KPI is finished or whether the work is done well.

slow down properly and give life a cushion.

self-media blogger Liang Shuang once shared his story.

for a time, Liang Shuang was very busy in order to publish his new book smoothly.

every time I want to give up, I think about the painstaking efforts of the whole team behind the new book. No matter how hard it is, I have to keep going.

long hours of heavy work makes the body turn on the red light quickly.

one day I finally couldn't hold up, so I canceled all the work at hand.

give yourself a short vacation, sleep at home all day, wake up and go mountain climbing for exercise.

strangely, the body is no longer in pain, and inspiration for writing follows.

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later she realized that if she wanted to do her best, she must first learn to rest.

because life is a marathon.

if you are too eager for success, you will only walk more and more slowly.

only by knowing the combination of work and rest can you walk out of your own way unhurriedly.

as the writer Jiang Xun said:

"the best life is not a life with ever increasing speed, but one with a sense of balance between speed and slowness."

when we find the balance between fast and slow, we probably explore our own pace of life. "

do some subtraction to life to get rid of endless tension.

do something useless and change the channel for your brain.

find another self in the slow life, and also find the beauty of life.

slow down and let life change the "frequency"

A time management expert said:

"We are in an era of selling health to time and stress.

busyness, especially psychological busyness, may do more harm than we can imagine.

that kind of sleepless work is actually a suicidal life. "

I think so.

this era of rapid development, fast, has already become the standard match of the society.

everyone is busy working hard and moving forward, but they don't know that not everything can be solved "quickly".

learn to jump out of the existing framework of life in order to better see the essence of life.

in the book "Energy Management", Roger neglected his family because of his busy work, which his wife was very dissatisfied with.

the strained family relationship and the anxious work once gave him a headache.

later, he deliberately reduced his working time and went home every day to spend time with his family and chat with them.

will also set aside some time for myself to get away from work and relax.Body and mind.

on weekends, he is no longer obsessed with work, but focuses on urgent matters.

the rest of the time, relax and enjoy life.

this kind of change makes him better and better, his wife is more satisfied with him, and his work is more comfortable.

sometimes, only when one stops properly can one know the direction of life better.

only by standing still can you enjoy life better.

Cervans once said:

"the bowstring cannot be kept tight all the time. People are weak and cannot be supported without a bit of proper looseness."

learn to change your channel from busy to casual.

only by not being bound by the pressure of life, can we live a good life, accumulate strength, and go further.

learn to "FM" yourself

someone on the Internet asked: "what is the life of an adult like?"

one netizen said:

"the heart is not old, the head is white; the eyes are not dazzled, the tears are gone.

there is no shortage of food, the taste is tasteless; there is little time, and things are endless.

Old at the top, not always around; small at the bottom, unable to grow with it;

, you can say three kind words without heart; if you have friends outside, you can't get drunk. "

No one can easily escape from the adult world.

they dare neither stop nor relax.

afraid of being eliminated for a moment of laziness, for fear of being left behind because of a moment of slack.

the spirit is tight every day, bolting through the day.

make life rougher and rougher, and make people's lives more and more confused.

he Duoling once said:

"people struggle with the sense of relaxation all their lives. There has to be this' tight 'stage, and then' relax 'down."

people, the hardest thing is to learn to give up actively.

but only by letting go of the tension will life slow down and life will be more textured.

writer Li Xiaoyi once said frankly that in her early years, she was particularly persistent in writing, and often wrote all day.

however, her desperation did not get the result she wanted.

often stay up late, physical pain, emotional sensitivity, depression and insomnia.

many physical diseases followed, she could not continue her writing, and there was a red light in her health.

she no longer spends all her energy on writing, but returns her focus to life.

after a period of time, the physical condition gradually improved, and new progress was made in writing.

later, she sighed:

"Life is a long process. Real diligence is not a desperate effort, but a rush and a stop."

it's true that we can't control everything when we're alive.

instead of facing everything nervously, relax yourself and relax your life.

some people say:

"there are thousands of ways in life. If you can't get through, go another way.

there are thousands of things in life. If you are tired, live in a different way. "

make yourself a loose and tight spring and live a relaxed life.

just like everyone's life, there is no fixed pattern; people's life can also have ten thousand kinds of changes.

it is one's ability to keep moving forward, but it is wise to learn to pause.

allow yourself to live a flexible life for the rest of your life.

accumulate energy when you are tired, buffer when you run.

take your time and live your life.

, share with you.