Keep your mouth shut when you meet people, be patient when things happen, and keep your heart in the world.
Keep your mouth shut when you meet people, be patient when things happen, and keep your heart in the world.
​ really powerful people, never moved by external things, can always abide by the original heart, be themselves.


there is a saying in the Book of changes: "words and deeds are the cardinal of a gentleman. The hair of a cardinal is also the lord of honor and disgrace. "

words and deeds are the key for a person to settle down and settle down, and gains and losses are hidden in them.

only when you speak appropriately, act patiently, and be a man of principles, can you be stable and far away on the road of life.

the greatest wisdom in life is to keep your mouth shut, be patient, and keep your heart.

shut up to everyone

there is a saying in the secrecy of Little window: "one word can accept blessing, and one word can also lead to misfortune."

mouth is the door of misfortune and good fortune, careless words, it is easy to cause trouble, and finally ask for trouble.

you Heng, a famous scholar of the three Kingdoms, is highly talented, but he has repeatedly spoken out.

in the early days of Jian'an, Xudu gathered with sages.

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but Mi Heng never takes anyone seriously.

he ridiculed Xun or his appearance was suitable for mourning, humiliated Zhao Rong only to look at the kitchen, and jokingly called Kong Rong his eldest son and Yang Xiu his child.

later, he successively worked under Cao Cao and Liu Biao, but they were all given the cold shoulder because of their arrogance, and they were finally given to Jiangxia Emperor Taishou.

but even so, Mi Heng is still stubborn.

once, Huang Zu held a banquet on the warship, but Mi Heng contradicted him, making him make a fool of himself in public.

the emperor was angry and reprimanded a few words. Now Mi Heng became more and more exasperated and swore.

Huang Zu was thoroughly exasperated when he heard the words, and immediately ordered someone to kill Mi Heng.

the Book of changes says: "there are few words for auspicious people, but there are many words for irritable people."

Lucky people know how to control their mouths, while mediocre people tend to be talkative.

have seen such a story:

someone asked the Zen master how to achieve the highest state of life.

the Zen master smiled and kept silent.

the man asked, "what does this mean?"

the Zen master replied, "to keep your mouth shut is the beginning of spiritual practice."

someone has enumerated all the "silent words" in the world:

it is better to lie than to say nothing; it is better to say nothing about other people's rights and wrongs; it is better to say nothing about hypocrisy; it is better to say nothing than to follow others.

Life is full of "words you shouldn't say". The more you talk, the more likely you are to get into trouble and stop.

it is better to be silent at the right time and be cautious in words and deeds so that you can avoid misfortune and be safe and smooth.

durability in accidents

Laozi has a saying: "when the spirit is fixed, the mind is settled, and when the mind is set, things are done."

in the face of danger without panic, in case of emergency without chaos, we will be able to see the move and save ourselves from danger.

one winter, Sun Jian set up an account for drinking outside the city. Suddenly ran into Dong Zhuo's cavalry.

everyone was stunned at the dinner, but Sun Jian, as if nothing had happened, put the troops on standby.

after three rounds of wine, there were more and more enemy troops. Sun Jiancai got up calmly and led the officers and men into the city in an orderly manner.

when the enemy saw that his army was well-trained and felt that he was not an opponent, he finally retreated without a fight.

"Heart Phase" says: "do things late but not in a hurry, late blooming; know the machine to decide and can hide, high ability to start early."

A person who is on guard against arrogance and rashness and plans to move later will surely rise abruptly based on his accumulated strength and point to success every day.

on one occasion, Li Yuan was summoned to an audience, but he was unable to go because he was ill in bed.

when Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty learned of this, he became more and more dissatisfied and asked the people around him, "is he sick and dying?"

when Li Yuan heard this, he realized that he was no longer allowed by the emperor, so he kept a low profile and waited for the future.

his superficial behavior was shapeless, which tarnished his reputation and made Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty let down his vigilance.

secretly, however, they are recruiting and contacting everywhere to prepare the big plan.

until the time was ripe, Li Yuan made a splash, deployed troops in Taiyuan, overthrew tyranny and established Datang.

Gui Guzi said, "determination is the foundation of success, and calmness is the foundation of doing things."

people who are impatient and impatient are apt to lose their ground and cause disasters.

if you are calm and devoted to practice, life will give you everything you want at the right time.

keep your heart in the world

have seen such a story:

the disciple asked the Zen master, "Master, if thousands of scenes appear in front of you at the same time, what will you do?"

the Zen master smiled and replied, "the black is not white, the red is not blue, it is what it is, I am not in it."

the disciple was puzzled.

the Zen master saw this and went on to say:

"I am neither black nor white, red or blue. They are what they are. I do not have to be bothered by them to keep myself clear and clear."

being steadfast and loyal to yourself is the highest state of life.

during the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Jian was an official with Ren Ouyang Xiu and served as his superior.

born in a loyal family, he is fair, abiding by principles, and dedicated to the imperial court.

can be such a loyal and sage man, but he was repeatedly ridiculed and ridiculed by Ouyang Xiu, and even played many times in private.

but Zhao did not change his mind, but recommended Ouyang Xiu to Renzong and gave up his position to serve the country.

until once, Ouyang Xiu was implicated because of the guilt of his relatives, which made the emperor furious.

people around him took the opportunity to remind Zhao Jie that he might as well take this opportunity to participate in a book and express his evil spirit.

but he still stands firm, never seeking public gain for personal gain, and pleads for Ouyang Xiu many times..

although Zhao Gao's opinion was not accepted in the end, this sincerity and firmness made him an inexorable friend with Ouyang Xiu and won the admiration of everyone.

Wang Yangming once said: "everyone has his own fixed needle, and the root of Wanhua is always in his heart."

truly powerful people, never moved by external things, can always abide by their original intentions and be themselves.

as the saying goes, "keeping the heart is the golden key to success in life."

No matter what happens in the world, as long as you stick to the principles, you can finally get blessings and joys and sorrows.

in Caigen Tan, there is a very classic saying:

"he who is tempered with one bitterness and one joy, and becomes blessed by extreme practice, his blessing begins for a long time."

things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart. Only by understanding in life and tempering in growth can we see the true meaning and get happiness.

keep your mouth shut: only by swallowing superfluous words can you avoid unnecessary misfortune.

patience: hold back a moment of anger in order to stabilize the current situation.

keep your heart in the world: only by holding the ruler in your heart can you take the road to the future.

I wish you and I could be more calm and transparent for the rest of our lives, and make our path smooth, happy and peaceful.